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    i like pvp, and i like the coop option. currently everyone in pvp uses mods cuz they suck, and theres not enough time for people to do nice long walks, plus the parties usually become less dynamic and the game less challenging when someone decides they want to xfer items over.
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    this is a thesaurus:
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    its not lupus
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    play hardcore. ive never been rushed in hc before, and games are great. make a game called act1 start and in 5 mins youve got 8 people running with you in the moor.

    if u play sc, 99% of the people are there for 1 of 2 reasons: 1) pvp, 2) botting to get items for pvp. i also heard uswest is kinda lame too.
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    u could wake up
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    Quote from -Mephisto

    Apples is my perfect soul mate.
    stop denying your sexuality, your boyfriend Jim is getting worried.
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    he checks the arreat summit.
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    Quote from Jamoose

    There is an invisible energy that creates life wherever possible and we call it god. experiments that show this energy in proccess have been done many times before. One of the most known is this: Inorganic material forms into life

    This experiment is basically sterelized sand and water in vacuum that show life being created out of nowhere. Or out of inorganic material. this only bolsters the idea of life existing everywhere possible, even in space and on planets.

    there are many dubious claims within that article. I cant seem to find any peer-reviews of it and it is published on a website/linked with orgonics - widely believed to be hokum now. based on my reading, the first thing that stands out is that little to none of the matter in the test tube is 'inorganic,' last i checked, organic pertains to carbon and carbon-containing compounds; CO2, CaCO3 and others are 100% organic.
    second, why use a Gram stain to identify the so called 'bions?' A grams stain is almost indicative of bacteria, based on the purpose and function of crystal violet binding peptidoglycan - a compound almost exclusive to bacteria. it does not state whether the bions stained negative or positive, however a grams stain should not even apply to these vesicles if done correctly.
    thirdly, the paper claims these synthesized lifeforms could grow and replicate, yet provides no evidence of that. he does provide a graph showing increased protein concentration over time, but thats it. there should be other tests to indicated synthesis vs. background interference, or even the chance of contamination - as the graph is also close to the growth curve for bacteria. the claim of reproduction and growth implicates metabolism and genetic material, none where elucidated in the paper.
    although it is fascinating that the SEM picked up membraneous structures, there was no analysis of the structures other than physical appearance. those structures could be remnants microscopic ocean life/protozoa/diatoms and not de novo generation. if there is any followup, or conclusive results on this subject, please let me know. (although i would expect this to be widely reported if accurate)

    it does propose that life may possibly form from compounds and minerals found on a planetary ocean, however there are many more variables to forming and sustaining life than needing a fire and some water.

    edit: we can discuss what it takes for life on other planets now :)

    i for one believe that the more we discover about are own planet in terms of the robustness and tenaciousness of life, the more possibilities will exist elsewhere. which is why NASA or someone needs to fund more deep-water/ice/cave expeditions. however these surveys are probably ridiculously expensive and right now im sure there are higher priorities than cave diving for slimes...
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    - The Barbarian yells "Get over here!" when he uses the ancient spear. Okay, just kidding..

    puts on a yellow ninja suit and screams, "GET OVER HERE!" like a crazed and clingy teenager?

    im srs.

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    posted a message on Suggestions for Ugly D2 builds for Ladder
    Quote from Hans

    Quote from lMarcusl

    Try untwinked Enchantress. I'm thinking about trying one once I finish my Assassin, and I'm positive that build will suck in so many ways it will be just hilarious. :biggrin:

    I built one on Battlenet and was quite effective. I used the 1.09 Burrisa(spelling). I had Duel elemental damage.

    I might try a different style for the Sorc. A melee sorc that does not use Enchant and uses a Maul. I am thinking either all points into Strength or put all points into Energy since I would likely use Energy Shield and since she will be in melee she will take a lot of hits and will need the mana.

    She will likely need an Act 2 merc with the runeword that grants Conviction when equipped.



    she has other fun builds too
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