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    The Hybrids

    Our idea for creating this clan were making social-active and helpful team for seasonal gameplay. In the past as a clan leader (you consider me as a clanmate anyway) we created social (competitive, high competitive) clans for different type of games like Heroes of Newerth and Ultima online. Played the games as competitive as possible, at the same time we were hungry for fun, learning and teaching also and being team-friends together as one.

    Project Epoch, which was one of the best clan at Heroes of Newerth. Since they had players who are highly competitive and also had with lots of knowledge. At the same time (which is really hard to make it) clan had casual players inside. Since elders were mentoring the players who wants to learn more about the game. And it was amazing experience for me as a part of it. So wanted to make different version of this idea at Diablo 3.

    In conclusion, we have clanmates just for talking and hanging out with friends together. we have visioned-competitive players who they can gladly help your journey for being a better gamer. We are together as one with breaking the rules inside and outside for our gaming experience.

    That's why we are The Hybrids.

    We are recruitting: (Recruitments are open)

    - Friendly - Social players

    - Competitive players

    - Active players.

    Classes we need; All

    Requirements for joining our clan; (Recruitments are open for S16)

    - Minimum paragon requirement: - Minimum 4 man GR clear- (Season 16)

    Note: Now you can search and request directly from ingame clan finder for a limited time (13/11/2018)

    What we expect from our members;

    • Social Interaction.
    • Seasonal Ingame Activity (Just enough playtime)
    • Always open for sharing, teaching and learning.

    What we expect from our officers; (Recruitments are open)

    • High activity.
    • Inviting new active seasonal players.
    • Problem solving - friendly approach
    • Taking look and giving short reports for what's going on in clan.
    • Bringing the new ideas to the table.

    Application form for Officers: https://tinyurl.com/hybridofficer

    What we can bring to you;

    • Friendly atmosphere.
    • Daily and highly active members for almost everything you need.
    • Careful and fair clan managament.
    • Voice chat for you, your clanmates and friends.
    • Can provide 4 man team with same level/expectations of players.

    Our Voicechat Server:

    General Updated Information

    Clan Name: The Hybrids

    Clan Language: English
    Total Members: 80
    Average Online Members: Will be updated. (Day-Evening Time)
    Region: EU
    Type: Softcore
    Game Mode: Seasonal
    Clan Age: 3 years (Season 4 - Season 15)

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    Dear D3 Community and Blizzard Entertainment,

    We want to talk about something which affects our community, our gaming motivation and mostly our game joy. And the thing is, everyone knows there is a big silence about this issue when it comes to developer side. But with a little hope, we thought it’s time to raise our voice about;


    For D3’s current state, there is a huge difference between botting and playing legimately when it comes to competition. The advantage of botting is significant and cannot be ignored. We know game’s current state is not like the other popular Blizzard games, but at least we deserve an answer or improvement-solution about it. For our community and Diablo franchise..

    Because this discussion not only affecting the leaderboard and unfair competition, also causes our legit players being desperate and having argument with whoever using bots. Even our clans atmosphere and friendly spirit is getting destroyed only because of botting discussions.

    In conclusion;

    As European clans, we are gathered to show our state against botting, and here is the list of our clans which are against botting and expecting a solution about it;

    [WQW] – Quantum Warriors

    [Hybrid] – The Hybrids

    [ZE] – Zero Emphaty

    [PiratE] – The Pirates

    [DoW] – DemonsOfWind

    [EoD] – Eye of Demons

    [VoiD] – VoiD

    [D3OC] - The Outcast

    And hopefully many mores are on the way..

    All of our listed clans are approved, and not accepting botters (still and no more) And we did our jobs which were extra weight on our shoulders if you consider..

    Lastly, we are appreciated about patch 2.6.1 changes. Game balance is getting much better, and we thought it’s not too much to expect same thing about having fair competition environment from our game developers aswell.

    Best regards.

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    Apply during off season friend. We can't break the rules. Sorry :/


    We can talk ingame.

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    Hey friends,

    We are working on to provide starting teams for our members. (Season 10)

    In this era period (March 17- March 31), we decided to recruit members without spesific requirements yet. Cause we know some people can start playing the game this season only, or they can have a comeback. So we don't wanna lose the potential.

    If you are dedicated to play Season 10 and you have willingness to compete and join our actions, You can message us from ingame or you can reply to this topic with;

    -Your nonseason paragon

    -Your battletag

    -Your goal for season 10.

    Also we will be active at Hardcore after season 10.

    We are all excited with the changes of the game. So, have a great season 10 from now!

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    So, after tons of bad rifts, i'm getting good rift and acceptable progress. What's happening here is;

    I'm dying only once in entire rift and cannot get revieve button for some reason. Checking my latency, trying to figure out it's lag spike or not and waiting for a bit but yeah. Ending with leaving the game. So crucial imo.


    This is another bug aswell: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sqp0EJm49pM

    Wyatt Cheng: Who cares whats happening on the leaderboards.

    Indeed. It's also obvious to me after trials, rng, different progress of mob types, density grind, layout grind, stonesinger grind, pylon grind, ancient weapon grind, broken builds, bugs, bots aswell. This nonsense-frustrating grind starting to be pain for me really. Time to move on and accept being horrible in this game for a while.

    Hope they can see the bugs and fix tho.

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    posted a message on Please Blizzard, take seasons seriously.

    We talked about these problems a lot before. And Blizzard said ''we learned a lot from Season 1'' But i don't think they learned a lot. Or i don't know they are playing their own game competitively or not. Since there are many problems that still exist and it will be if they don't focus on fixing these problems;

    1- Season Long

    We know Seasons are different content of this game. And it should be race with limited time. So our goal is gearing/leveling/greater rift progressing as fast as we can for competition. Season 1 lasted almost 5 months and it was so boring after 3 months. So 2 months were just completely empty for most of the players who focused to achieve their goals as seasonal players. Season 2 started February 13 and April 5 is ending day of Season 2. So lets compare our current Seasons;

    Season 1: 5 months

    Season 2: Almost 1.5 month

    How we can compare those timings and how we can truly gear up our characters at Season 2. We are all suggesting keep that Season long stricted. Yes everyone is excited about Patch 2.2 but you are taking your own decisions again. And one of the reason why leaderboards are mostly clunky is Season long. I don't talk about RNG, everyone knows RNG is big factor of this game.

    But in competition you are adding more and more RNG with way more limited time. Since even gear progressing cannot be end in that short time with Ancient items that you added recently. We'll lack items even if we play a lot compared to other competitive (RNG GODS) players.

    As a result keep the Seasons for 3 months long please. So we will know what we need to do in that time with our plans.

    2 - Ancient Items - Weapons compared to non Ancients

    So how about that. We stopped playing the game cause of no gear progression. And you introduced ancient items to fix that problem and keep the players in game. But there is something wrong with ancient items. Specially for Seasonal players.

    If we talk about Season 2 long, we got 1.5 month to gear up our character. And those items are enough rare to complete our gear progression in only 1.5 month! What was the reason behind introducing ancient items with waaaaay short Season long. You should imagine how leaderboards are completely clunky cause of this reason aswell.

    Ancient weapons. Hell yeah! If we got no Ancient Weapon there is no way we can truly compete with others who got Ancient Weapon. Cause damage ranges are way different. And it will effect our Greater Rift Progression no matter what.

    Lets talk about most rare legendaries that we need to compete truly.

    The Furnace (Barbarian leaderboard)

    Needed bloodshards: 98,250

    Needed bloodshards to get Ancient Furnace: 655,000

    If we can think we are getting 100 bloodshards to calculate average gameplay time to get Ancient Furnace at T6 rifts, we need to complete 6550 T6 rifts to get that. Let's say we need 2.5 mins to complete one T6 rift. It's almost 272 hours play time which is almost 1.5 month with 8 hours play in a day, no joke. So even if we play 8 hours in a day we have a chance to not getting ancient Furnace. And we have a chance for not being in competition if we focus high competition. And this example is only bloodshard investment. And there is more items that we need to get to compete truly.

    Lemme give an examples about that;

    730 paragon player. Doesn't matter who is. He only got 1 ancient Furnace and he will stick that weapon how matter bad it is compared to other ancient Furnaces. We talked about damage range difference so he will obviously use that instead of non ancient version.

    This is just Barbarian only and other characters are almost same except Demon Hunter's cheap ancient Weapon. Currently i'm 801 paragon and only got 1 ancient pair of weapons for my greater rift progression and i need to stick with them no matter what stats they got. It feels sucks deck sorry.

    And there are many players who play even more than us if you think about it.

    You should imagine how it's frustrating for players.

    RNG, RNG and RNG.

    Actually it's math but i prefer to play the game and get reward, then compete instead of sucking at MATH and RNG.

    - Trials

    Best part of the game. Seriously i'm having a lot of fun when i spent my time at trials more than greater rifting. Is that you want still? What's the point that you are testing me and others at trials. We gonna do which Grift level want to do no matter what. But trials. You are forcing us to spent our time to get just key for greater rifting. I can understand you are testing our gear/gameplay level. But why we have to do again and again and again even if we have tons of trial keys.

    I don't understand reason behind the trials truely. Yeah you don't want us to spam keys and leave when we see 1 hard situation at Grifts maybe. That's okay. But what's the point for doing trials again and again and again. And sometimes we need to make a group plays for even trials. And i can imagine how many players are just searching group for just only their desire greater rift key.

    Trials are completely unacceptable in current situation. Since, Making group for trials and wasting time to get just one key is unacceptable.

    We gave a lot of feedback like;

    - Please let us choose how many trial keys we want to spent for that trial. So we can take it way serious and we can spend less time at that garbage design.

    - Or lets us unlock our Greater Rift Desire when we complete highest greater rift. Example we completed 45 as solo or 2 mans, what ever. Let us unlock 46 key and let us activate those with our trial key.

    But no. RNG, Suffer a.k.a RNG, more time, more frustrate.

    - Greater Rifts

    So lets talk about how many RNG factors we got here. Season long (short time) RNG, Gearing RNG, Ancient Items RNG, Trials RNG,

    And greater rifts. As potatoe player i'm starting to be amazed when i see people are getting their high ranking with zombies, unburieds, goats, perfect open area maps, Stonesingers. Since i'm thinking how good they are in this game and how i suck as a player. Stonesinger? Ofcourse. it's really skillbased boss and it has %50 less hp so even if i'm garbage player i can finish that grift in time maybe who knows.

    %5 chance to get %50 less hp boss at high grifts. Lets say 7 mins left, no joke, we finished that rift in almost half of time that we need to finish. He can complete with decent timing. But i can't even kill boss in time. My or other's excuses are not getting Stonesinger, not getting good mob types and not getting good map and being horrible in this game according to leaderboards.

    You told us that you balanced experience progression of mob types at Grifts. Do you even play your own game or what?

    Can you imagine how many times we are leaving the game when the rift is completely worthless? And did you realize that you didn't even add ''close rift'' option still?


    Competition = RNG*RNG = Beating RNG, not exactly beating the game or player. Ofcourse skill will matter, but you are adding more %rng gameplay with a lot of rng factors for even competition.

    And we need to suffer with RNG to achieve something that you putted together for leaderboards instead of playing more, getting reward and competing. Not fun in my opinion when we have nothing to do except just keep trying more and more for just getting RNG.

    In short period season with a lot of RNG factor, ofcourse we'll see more QQ posts. It's basically same for non-season aswell. Not that much difference. Only difference is we need to be more active when we choose seasonal competition. And keep in mind you did fix/patch thing in the middle of the season again like you did before. 4 man high competition is completely over cause of that.

    There are a lot to say. Way more than that. But they simply don't care. Yeah it's also like QQ post but i'm pretty sure there are a lot of players who feel same way with me also.

    Meanwhile; (TL:DR)


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    Guide and all videos deleted. Sorry about it.
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