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    I just want to say thanks for this thread and the work that went into it. Quality post right here! Thank you!

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    I like this. My favorite part is getting an option to farm mats in story mode in addition bounties. I feel like the adventure mode in this game has gotten pretty great, and something along with the story to give it value again would be really fantastic. I'm sure it would be expensive for them to make this change and I by no means expect it, but if it did happen I would be a happy guy.

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    I'm researching to see if Mask of Jeram effects the damage of mimics from Grin Reaper and am finding mixed results. Can anyone confirm if they get the 100% pet damage buff or no?

    The reason I'm interested is that I'm currently running the Acid Cloud build, but since I have found a near perfect SoJ and decent CoE, and have yet to get good rolls on both F&R in season, I've been just pushing the SoJ as far as I can for now. In doing so I've found something that may or may not be worth exploring (I'm not a high level player by any means so I'm interested to hear from anyone with expertise). Since I don't have a generator on my bar, and the only skills on my bar that the mimics can cast are firewall and acid cloud (I took pirranahs off the build too just to give the mimics even more focus on casting the damage dealers since the mimics were just randomly casting pirannahs anyway with no intent on placement), the mimics are just filling the screen with the more useful skills rather than spamming jars of spiders and poorly placed pirannahs. With F&R I found that the mimics are often sitting there chucking spiders, which aren't proccing my F&R, and putting pirranahs in random bad spots, so its basically like wasted time for the mimics.

    So the second question becomes this, with only two skills on the bar that the mimics can cast, could that outweigh the benefit of F&R? If so, that opens up a ring spot to use RorG in the cube so you can wear a Grin Reaper and cube Mask of Jeram (Assuming Mask of Jeram benefits the mimics).

    Feel free to call me an idiot lol, I just like testing all my options off of the best gear I have, even when the pros are doing otherwise for top builds. Top builds are top for a reason though, so if this stuff is completely not viable I'd love hearing about why that is.

    Oh and just for reference, my highest Grift with this build right now is 51, finished in 6 minutes, and I know I can push a lot higher but I barely even have a completed set and am not even optimized at all, that's what made me think, maybe I'm on to something viable if I do get this optimized.

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