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    Was testing out some various builds on the PTR since I can salvage all my gear every day to try some new combos. Perhaps this has been tried before, but I didn't see anything on the builds section with this setup. It's a way to WW and a bit of a different take on it. I'm sure there are plenty of other better WW builds, but this is was something I was having fun with while trying out different WW builds. This started out when I was trying a "pet" build with Taskers with FC a while back, to no avail, but decided to go another direction with it.

    This involves the use of The Furnace or Maximus, Hexing Pants of Mr. Yan for extra dmg and Fury building, Tasker and Theo for pet attacks, and a Cindercoat to help supplement Fire dmg and resource cost reduction. Let me know what you all think of ways to improve this build, whether it be for more damage or survivability (yes, I need better optimized gear).

    Video guide and gameplay:

    Skill setup and gear:
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    Hi, while I haven't posted here officially under this account, I have been a longtime follower of Diablofans. I started contributing to the Diablo community on YouTube a while back and I know that some of my traffic has come from this site and users on this site. A friend of mine, Banndit (from Bannditgaming), and I are doing a Holiday giveaway right now for the Diablo community and those that have been a part of our channel in some form through either commenting or liking/subscribing. Please be sure and stop by and check out for a free chance to win some of the prizes we are giving back to Diablo players.

    (links removed)

    Feel free to check out both of our channels for lots of Diablo 3 content as well. Thanks to all!

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