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    Quote from SuchFear

    Why do you care, I think Blizzard is fine with RiF..You still need rift fragments and you have to farm them by killing monsters so there..problem solved.
    But you have to ask yourself, do you think it's responsible to balance and set up a Ladder system that depends on RIF to be successful? Currently it's not an issue, that I can agree on and in fact, in Softcore, it should never BE an issue or care for anyone. Hardcore has always been broken, so honestly that doesn't even matter until they decide they actually care enough to build a game around Hardcore too. So we have what's coming next, Ladder/Seasons. Personally I do think it needs to be "nerfed" for Ladders. It shouldn't be possible, but as a result with Lazy Design, they'll probably just lay out the flat changes across the board (if they decide to remove the ability to RIF). So, knowing what to expect from Blizzard we should expect one of two things in the next patch:

    1. Diablo Ladder system is dictated by things like RIF (among other persistent things like Clans having obvious advantages, people working together to glorify a single person) and everyone continues to enjoy standard Softcore (if people even still end up doing it as much)

    2. No more RIF. Ladder is now strictly dictated by people excelling through concerted efforts (another perceivable problem) and everyone else in Softcore goes back to playing the game the longer/drawn out way and the developers (or people making decisions) will adjust 'gear acquire times' and difficulty based on the wealth of complaining in the forums, and their own personal preferences.

    We can argue what we prefer. We can... attempt to argue what's "proper" (Hint: No 100% Good solution, must choose BEST POSSIBLE solution). But in the end, I think we know what we can likely expect. I'd imagine it'll be nerfed in some way such as Rift bosses are now entered events like normal bosses (except you can revive) and if you die in the fight at any point you're no longer "guaranteed" blood shards and excellent loot. Players only get one shot to kill him. (typically not a problem, unless you're undergeared or trying to cheat! or testing your limits; which to me aren't problems) Only seems appropriate in a scored competitive environment. Otherwise they probably should just give up on the Tiered Rift system because I'm sure this would ruin the true competitive spirit of it entirely. I can only imagine the hundreds of posts per day complaining about how people are cheating the system to get ahead in the Ladder.

    Edit: Forgot to mention botting, botting will be an obvious challenge in the success of the Ladder system. Once you begin looking at all these problems... it starts to make sense why it takes so long for these things to get developed. If only they had someone on the team who could accurately foresee most (if not all) of the problems and concerns regarding most of the changes and fixes they work effortlessly on to apply. No one's perfect, some people suffer more shortsightedness than others in this regard... so I guess we can only hope for the best... or hope someone's listening so they don't make these (what I hope would be obvious) mistakes.
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    Actually, from what I gather from the two pictures.

    He sets them up nice and neat, for everything to be seen in the first picture. Then destroys it all and shows it all again messed up in the second picture. That doesn't suggest rage, impulse, or anger to me. So for everyone out there saying "How pathetic must you be to get so angry.. etc" I think you're way off on that assumption.

    Seems like he's trying to make a point, and a funny one at that. Something along the lines of, "I paid $100 for something I thought I'd really enjoy, turned out I didn't. So I found a realistic way to enjoy it since I can't get my money back. :)" within the tone of "this game is garbage lolz, let's move on now"
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    Blizzard should just offer rewards for discovering loopholes in their game. Find a way to dupe? Report it to us and receive $200 or something. Wonder how successful that method would be.
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