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    Quote from Laevus

    As someone else who is also unemployed at the moment, the amount of thoughtless comments about "just get a job" in this thread are as surprising as they are insensitive. For some people, getting a job is not as easy as picking up the phone and asking for one, and just because someone is unemployed does not mean they are being useless lazy people on benefits that are taking from society instead of being productive members. So, Stinkfist, I'm glad to hear that you've got enough money to keep you going and wish you luck when you decide to search for a job again.

    :offtopic: rant over with...

    I agree with this rant. I'm currently unemployed, but only because I'm going to finish school in December. My classes start back up end of this month, so I'm currently in limbo, but I don't consider myself unproductive.

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    I don't really expect to get in because my system specs are so low. I'm waiting for the official release of system specifications of D3 to get a new machine. I know the beta specs are out, but I want to wait for the full game.
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    This thread is for discussion of anything Dark Souls related.

    So earlier this year, I pre-ordered Skyrim and was extremely excited for it's release on 11/11/2011, until I heard about Dark Souls.

    Dark Souls is everything that I have been looking for in a game, and more. It's a forbidding, dark, harsh rpg in terms of story, violence, etc. But what makes it even better is that it is difficult (hence the website name preparetodie.com). Probably too hard for little jiblet players. This makes the game a challenge, and gives more of a sense of accomplishment while playing.

    Consoles: PS3 AND Xbox 360

    This game is preceded by Demon's Souls, which is a game that came out in 2009 on PS3.

    Awards for Demon's Souls
    In their 2009 Best and Worst Awards, GameSpot awarded Demon's Souls with Overall Game of the Year,[69] Best PS3 game,[70] Best Role-Playing game[71] and Best Original Game Mechanic for the online integration.[72] Game Trailers awarded it Best RPG[73] and Best New intellectual property.[74] IGN also awarded the game Best RPG for the PS3.[75] X-Play awarded the multiplayer Best Gameplay Innovation.[76] PC World awarded it Game of the Year.[77] RPGamer awarded Demon's Souls RPG of the Year 2009, including Best Graphics and Best PS3 RPG.[78][79][80]

    Awards Source:

    Official Website:

    I have included some of the latest and best trailers below:




    Dark Souls will be released Oct 4, 2011 in North America.
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    The stock market. I'm dreading looking at my brokerage account after yesterday.
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    Between Skyrim and D3, (if D3 is released this year) I think D3 would win.

    However, I was really looking forward to Skyrim, until I heard about Dark Souls coming out October 4th. Here is a link to the latest trailer,


    Dark Souls is a "spiritual" sequel to Demon Souls, which won Gamespot's 2009 game of the year. The problem with Demon Souls is that it is only offered on PS3. Dark Souls is offered on PS3 and xbox 360.

    After looking at Dark Souls, I think it has more of a chance at 2011 game of the year than Skyrim does. But, I still think D3 would beat them both... :)
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    ha ha. I only have 13, which means only 3. No bragging over here...
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    I know that Bashiok would like to make money worth more in Diablo 3 than in Diablo 2, so I think a good way to kill two birds with one stone is to have a blacksmith system. Upgrade weapons with cash. Better blacksmiths cost more, and would be found in different areas. You could pay more for magic upgrades, maybe also have some kind of system in which you can only upgrade a weapon so many times.
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