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    posted a message on Will someone ask Bashiok....
    Quote from "Bearsman113" »
    No, I am well aware that Bashiok does not post here which is why I asked someone else to ask him. The blizzard forums are confusing with the CD keys and it keeps yelling at me and I don't care/have the time to worry about it.

    I just thought it was a cool question if someone wanted to post it on Blizzards website.

    I don't recall Blizzard doing anything such as Free item with pre-order, or an early-start program thing.

    Blizzard will never give out actual items to make leveling easier etc. But what they will/currently do is something like they do for the World of Warcraft collectors editions and give out mini pets and other random thing that dosn't affect game play little things like that.
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    posted a message on Warcraft 3 patch 1.24b released, D2 Patch hopefully getting worked on now
    There is already a thread on this subject. Feel free to continue this discussion there.

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    posted a message on Lookin for some people to play D2 with
    I am currently on west and my Sorceress is now level 75 :D
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    posted a message on No Blizzcon 09 gameplay vids
    There is a thread at the very top of this page with a lot of game play videos :)

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    posted a message on [Comics] Disney buys MArvel for US$4billion
    Quote from "Jetrall" »
    Batman vs. Mickey Mouse. It's a-coming!

    Not gonna lie, that was my first thought when I read this earlier today on gamespot.
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    posted a message on Lookin for some people to play D2 with
    I started playing again today on US west to get back into the swing of things for 1.13 characters name is Zoltrix currently a level 16 sorceress
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    posted a message on deleting threads (original post)
    Hey Blood-Doll,

    So we have quite a lengthy discussion on this topic over the last few days in the moderator forum and unfortunately there is a few problems that we don't think we will be able to solve in order to get this to work correctly.

    1) We can't seem to find a plug-in that would allow this
    2) Even if we were able to find a plug in there would need to be a lot of changes in the web site code in order to accept a change like this.
    3) There is possibly a lot of problems that are caused from a change like this here is just a fast example:

    Someone posts about how they hate "Insert race here" and there is no mods/admins on line they leave it active till there is about 30 seconds before the cut off time is before they can delete their own post. they delete it, we have a bunch of angry forum members and we have no official record on what was in the tread. Because the person decided to hard delete it so no one can see it after the fact.

    Thank you for the suggestion tho, and if we are able to find a good way to implement this we could look back into it in the future, but for now just continue to report a post if you made a double post etc.
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    posted a message on Hi all...Are Guild forming yet?
    <3 thread necromancy.
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    posted a message on email updates
    There is already a thread on how to fix this problem. Please in the future use the search feature or take a look in the forums to see if anyone else has had this problem.

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    posted a message on Should I Play Again
    It really depends on what you want to do. I recently quit myself (3 weeks ago) if you are into the whole raiding scene the new raid instance is a joke. When I was in there with my guild we were 1 shoting every boss as they were released. But then again that was a high end raiding guild (top 500 North American servers). I never tried the new BG ( I was never into the whole PVP thing) but a lot of people seemed to like it if you have yet to experience Ulduar in all of its glory you should at least go through it once Blizzard did an amazing job with it.
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    posted a message on Φ Thread Subscription Problems & how to fix it
    So, it has come to my attention recently that there is a lot of people who are having problems with subscriptions and getting mass e-mails there are a few ways you can fix this. For each of these methods you need to go into your UserCP and change a few things around in there this is how you get there.

    Click on your UserCP (very top of the forum page just under the main banner to the web site)
    Click on Edit Options (it is located on your left side bar under the sub area called ? Setting and Options?)
    From here scroll down to "Messaging & Notification"
    In this are there is a sub-section called "Default Thread Subscription Mode" there is a scroll box
    Now that you are at this spot in the scroll box there are 5 different options they are
    Do not Subscribe
    No E-mail Notifications
    Instant E-mail Notifications
    Daily E-mail Notifications
    Weekly E-mail Notifications
    Alright now that we are here there are 2 options that it seems that is what people use

    "Do not subscribe'" you subscribe to no threads at all. and will get zero e-mails

    "No E-mail Notifications" You still subscribe to threads but should get no E-mails

    Now if you decide to use this option to check your subscriptions you just need to go into you UserCP and it will appear on the main page of this. you can also edit your current subscriptions and delete what you don't want to show up there by clicking on "List Subscriptions" (it is located on the left side bar near the bottom of bar) and you can edit them to your hearts content.

    I forgot this part.

    If you are subscribed to ANY threads at all currently and you are receiving these e-mails you need to delete those subscribed threads for this to work :)

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    posted a message on since i cant send this to bashiok i hope he still sees this.
    This discussion has been done a million times over just like the d3 art debates.
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 obliterating Cataclysm in public interest?
    *sigh* this thread has taken a turn for the worse closing this.
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    posted a message on I need new games !
    Games I can recommend are
    Mass Effect (Sci-Fi RPG)

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    posted a message on Ranger class sort of confirmed?
    Moved to the correct forum.
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