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    lol i've said this in other threads.. can't stress it enough..

    be happy that the game is coming out- period.

    don't like it? simply don't buy it when it comes out
    One could obviously take the position of not purchasing the game come release. Should a sufficiently large number choose to do so, that would send a clear message to Blizzard that they are in error for ignoring their customer base.

    However, such an exercise would only ensure that Blizzard listen to their customers on issues pertaining to whatever game they are developing next. This will do little for what has already been released. Should the concerns of fans be found to be accurate, it would be too late to do anything drastic to improve the situation. The game gets released without the quality demanded by some of its customers. Whether this impact sales is irrelevant, a far greater damage would be made to the image of Blizzard. As such, the company will reposition itself better for future projects with respect to the comments of its fans.

    Many believe that by voicing their concerns at this moment, early in the development phase of the game, there is a greater chance that painful alterations can be made without jeopardizing either a successful launch or the quality of the final product. The game gets released with the quality demanded by some of its customers. Those who agree or disagree on the change will play it regardless. But Blizzard will not suffer as greater damage to its credibility as a result.

    On the other hand, should the concerns of fans be found to be baseless, the company will be vindicated of their original position. As such, future projects would be accepted by a more trusting fanbase. The game gets released with the original intent, and at the level of quality similar to past games. Everyone plays it, and Blizzard maintains its reputation.

    But should the concerns of fans be found to be wholly inaccurate, and which the company unwillingly kowtowed to regardless of their beliefs, the game gets released with a lower quality than was expected by the fanbase. The cannibalistic backlash to fan complaints as a result of this, will give Blizzard the vindication and newly converted fanbase it needs to ensure that future projects be made according to the company's own decisions. The game gets played no matter what, and the attention garnered from the fuss kicked up by fans will not hurt the company either, since those who have yet to experience the Diablo franchise, would be more inclined to do so due to the hype.

    In all those scenarios, there is this great tug of war between both Blizzard and its loud fanbase. Both strives for quality. Both want success. Both communicate in one way or the other their intent and position. So it does not matter should this project succeed or fail, either due to Blizzard or their fans, because both will ultimately come out triumphant in the end.

    This unfortunately directly contradicts your statement of where fans should 'stay quiet' and simply accept things as they are, and hope that the game gets released in a proper state. Fans will be unhappy, but rather than voice their concerns, they will simply walk away from both the game and the company. Blizzard meanwhile will be left to pick up the pieces. They will develop another game, and with more silent customers looking on, gamble on whether their game will be as successful as their previous ventures... all the while wondering what their customers are really thinking...

    Yes indeed, lets us do that instead.
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    Actually he's right, the image does match:

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