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    Quote from DOOMSD4Y

    NICE, I just need a ring like that so I can stop farming for one.

    I just need a decent ONE so I can go back to farming whole acts.

    I just include key runs as part of my farming. Do the run, then go to the keywarden.
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    Well, pretty much what the title says. With the bonus XP to Monster Power levels, what do we think the best (quickest) way to level a character will be?

    I'm thinking having 1 or 2 Monster Power just to start off, or maybe a bit more. Get to level 15, obviously get a socketed weapon and socketed helm with +21% XP or more Gem in it, then grinding Leorics Manor with Monster Power 10 until it stops being productive.

    I've just been levelling a Witch Doctor and it seems like a pretty linear pathway at the moment (reached Level 50 with a 23%XP helm) at the start of hell, although I've now just picked myself up a 890dps 2 hander with +260 int and reduced level requirement, so if it goes live in the next couple of days I might try a high Monster Power Leorics Manor run in Hell.

    The important thing to note is that if the difference in Monster Level and Player level is less than 5, then there is no XP penalty

    Leorics Manor (Level 12 monsters, viable up to level 16)
    Progress Storyline

    Leorics Manor (Level 33 monsteres, viable up to level 37)
    Progress Storyline

    Leorics Manor (Level 53 monsters, viable up to level 57)
    Progress storyline

    Or, will there be any point at all? If you set Monster Power to 1 or 2, will the bonus XP you gain (and similar difficulty) be worth doing any runs at all? Is it possible to be rushed through the difficulties and then go back and level your character?

    +160% XP with 10 monster power is tempting, but if you gain the levels doing the storyline, is it really worth it for a lower level character?
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    posted a message on Echoing Fury mechanics
    Enchantress has a 3% attack speed buff.
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    I think I have a contender, here.

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    The Seige Breaker can still pick you up :Thumbs Up: :Thumbs Up: :Thumbs Up:
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    Legendaries are basically rares, but you have less chance of getting a crap one. Which is a good thing. The best rares will be better than the best legendaries, but the worst legendaries will be so, so much better than the worst rares.
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    Real Madrid react to this mornings result:

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    posted a message on Removal of CoJ/Neph cube
    I was originally opposed to getting rid of them, but I now see the logic.

    Okay, fair enough, white's aren't going to be used for crafting. That makes sense, because there's always a load of white items, so when you needed to craft something that used the salvage material for white items, you could go and get those in an instant.

    Given white items aren't going to be used for crafting, then the only thing the thousands of white items that drop could have, is to be traded (which, at any level after 10 isn't going to happen) or sell for gold. With the Cube that turns everything into gold, and the ease of shift-clicking to easily sell what your want in your inventory, I'm sure most people, even at higher levels, picked up everything and sold it, because "There are a lot of gold sinks, you'll always want more gold."

    With the Cube, the amount of time it took to clear your inventory was what, 5-10, maybe 15 seconds with a bunch of clicking? With needing to go back to town, you have to cast the portal, go back into town, go to the blacksmith in the town, then do all the clicking. It adds (essentially) a fixed time to how long it takes to convert items into gold. I'm not sure how long this will take, maybe 15 seconds, maybe 30 (depending on where the portal is relative to the blacksmith, and walking back to the portal) which could easily double or triple the amount of time it takes to convert items into gold.

    So, now, it takes 3 times as long to turn all your items into gold. If you compare drop rates of white vs magic/rare etc versus the amount of gold you get for the item, it should work out that you are better off only picking up magic/rare etc. items, and travelling back to town to sell them, as opposed to continually filling up your inventory with everything that drops and selling it straight away.

    (I hope that makes sense)
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    Quote from Radacci

    how many games out there are hard at lv 1? really?
    not many...cause ppl would immediately leave, if you died on 1st mobs.
    so most games are intentionally very easy at low lv, so you can take your time to learn the game.
    anyways, it's not very easy, i seen ppl die in streams, and mobs do quite alot of damage sometimes, it only looks very easy, cause of some elite ppl playing with good gear at low lv, so they dont even take any damage, but for new ppl it will be a bit of a challenge anyways.

    Demon's Souls' / Dark Souls's
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    Quote from Designation15

    Also I was just thinking about this problem, but maybe it could work like this.

    The game drops all 5 runes PLUS unatunned runes that have a random effect. So you have the chance to find all 5 regular runes, PLUS the chance to get an unattuned one that has the randomly selected effect to the power. I find this idea far more attractive, though still BAD, than the "Every rune is random" idea.

    Just a thought....

    I like this system. For example, all ranked coloured runes can drop, but so can all ranked uncoloured runes can drop. The uncoloured runes, when put in a skill, get locked to that skill, + a bonus.

    For example, Wizard's meteor. Put a level 7 Crimson Runestone in there, and it does what it says in the skill calculator, which is, "Increase the damage of the meteor impact to 990% weapon damage as Fire and the molten fire to 143% weapon damage as Fire over 3 seconds."

    If you get a level 7 uncoloured rune, put it in Meteor, it could do the same thing as above, but also give you an additional random stat bonus, such as faster cast rate, maybe 1050% weapon damage instead of 990%, increase the length of the molten fire damage, or give an attribute a boost.

    If this occurs, then it is much easier for new players to decide what to get, but in the end game, the most valuable runes will be uncoloured level 7 runes, as they will have this random attribute on them, which could make a build so much better.
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