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    A scraping sound rouses you from your sleep, stealing what few hours of rest you are able to get these days.

    You know what it is, you don't kid yourself. Unlike those who died in the early days of the catastrophe, you've been able to easily cope with the changing conditions. What that says about your personality, you'd rather not know. You chuckle at this realization.

    The scraping continues as you are lost in thought, getting progressively louder and more violent. Do they know I'm in here? You ask yourself, wondering if your hiding place wasn't quite as secure as you had thought. You shift around in the trunk of the old battered car, reading yourself to attack if their rotting brains somehow remember how to work a handle. Thank god they're dumb you think to yourself, silently drawing your knife. You give your sidearm a loving pat, a habit you've gotten into whenever you decide not to use it.

    The scraping abruptly stops. Silence outside. No shuffling, no moaning, no anything. Several minutes pass before an ear splitting howl sounds directly outside of the trunk, and the monster sprints off. You wait what you think is an hour before popping open the trunk. Nothing outside, the coast is clear.

    You scamper out of the trunk, back into the desecrated cityscape of downtown Miami. You are immediately greeted by the warm sun, which sits at the 11 O'clock position in the sky. You note this, and figure that you have time to scavenge for supplies today. While the city was picked over in the early days, much of the population was wiped out and there are countless abandoned houses, stores, and hotels that still hide supplies for the inquisitive survivor.

    You quickly sheathe your knife, and give your Glock another loving pat on the handle. You sling your old Kalashnikov over your shoulder, thanking the sturdy Russian engineering for keeping it in working condition even though you haven't found ammunition in weeks. Your backpack is last, and you do a routine check to ensure that you have everything.

    Food, 5 days
    Cast iron pan
    2 lighters, one partially full
    11 meters of rope
    5 metal spikes
    Rubber mallet
    Folding shovel
    28 9mm rounds.
    Sewing kit
    First-aid kit, complete with antibiotics

    With everything intact and accounted for, you quickly brush your tangled brown hair, readjust your leather jacket, shoulder your backpack, and survey the area around you for any good locations. You are in the downtown core, which is largely abandoned. You see several zombies in the distance, but they don't seem to take note of your presence. Eyes must have rotted out by now, I'll be sure to be quiet around those ones if I can you think to yourself. You've had to get physical with the risen several times in the past, thanking the nature of the virus each time you have been bitten. From what you've figured, the virus only activates upon the death of the infected. Sadly, this means that you are an unwilling carrier waiting to expire from natural, or blunt-force causes.

    To the north is an old strip mall with several stores. Most stores of note have had their windows smashed out, such as the gun shop, mini grocer, and sporting goods store. The pet store, health foods store, and hardware store seem relatively untouched, though the doors are missing from each.

    To the west is the police station and the jail, you have a feeling that it will be picked clean, but you may find places that have not yet been touched.

    To the south is an old apartment complex. 7 stories high is all you can note from this distance, you have no idea how many apartments are on each floor.

    You do not know what is to the east.

    Of the various local factions, you know that the police station used to be the home of the gang of lawmakers that frequented this area. You haven't heard much of them since arriving in Miami, though it has only been 2 weeks since you got here.

    You know that a small gang of raiders makes their home somewhere in the suburbs past the apartment complex, and you have heard estimates of their gang being 4-8 in size from other passing survivors; the honest wastelanders often pass information whenever possible.

    What do you do?
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    Edit: Just as a heads up, this won't be like the old RP's. We won't all be typing out story. I'll be typing, you guys simply provide direction.


    Starting up a choose your own adventure style roleplay to breathe some life into this old forum.

    It's going to be set in post-apocalyptic USA, since it's a setting I'm sure we're all familiar with. Going to be the zombie flavour of apocalypse, since again, we're all quite familiar with it. I give so few shits about how overdone it is, we're gonna try our best to keep it as colourful as possible.

    I'll write stuff down, you will decide what to do based on either fixed options or open ended questions, we'll roll dice, and we'll have a gay old time.

    Since Dfans doesn't have dice rolling capability (Do we? I don't even know. Please correct me.), I'll simply roll a dice for each response to choose which one we go with if it is an open ended question, or a vote system if it's a set of options.

    For example.

    Let's say I start us off with "Where do you want to go?"
    Person 1 says west.
    Person 2 says home.
    Person 3 says kill all the humans.

    I roll a dice for each, P1 gets 14, P2 gets 5, and P3 gets 20. So instead of going somewhere, we try to kill all the humans.

    Now, let's say that I don't offer you an open ended question, and instead list those 3 options in the post, as the only 3 choices available to you. Vote system determines which we go with, and let's say we go with "kill all the humans" again.

    Since killing all the humans can be considered a skill based task, I will roll an ADDITIONAL D20 to determine how well our character does at killing everyone. Let's say a 2 is rolled, which would imply the character totally fucked up and killed one guy tops. Now let's say that instead, a 20 is rolled, and we already have massive bonuses to killing all the humans based on the events of our travels. We kill all the humans.

    1) I'm going to write stuff.
    2) You're going to decide what our character does.
    3) I'm going to roll dice, and write more stuff based on said dice.
    4) Continue until bored.

    Starting this up either tonight or tomorrow, put in any suggestions for alternate settings or ideas in the meantime. I am open to running this in basically any setting.

    Edit: Oh god, no interest so far. Starting anyways because fuck the police.
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    Eh, not sure we'd want to tell him how to get a torrent version anyways. You'd have to have THE wits of a PIRATE to keep the authorities at BAY if you download too much shit, so iuno if he'd want to risk it. Bud of mine still insists that some of the larger torrent sites are run by the FBI. Love dem conspiracy theorists.
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    Quote from Jackzor

    Its purely speculation about the storyline. We don't actually know any of this stuff. Or at least nothing beyond whats already been revealed through BlizzCon and the like.

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    Quote from Turmobil

    I'm a huge fan of the Norse theme, but the fact that there are no crossbows or spears in the game is just bad. Hell, even some mods managed to implement spears in Oblivion even though they were incredibly buggy.

    .... So?

    2 weapon types, oh god no, the game has been rendered unplayable.

    Still has a pretty tits ass landscape, what APPEARS to be some nice changes to the UI, and while the whole 3 stat system is kinda odd, it does make sense given that everything in Obliv/Morrowind/others basically boiled down to "stealthy, beaty, magic-y".
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    Pretty chill dude, seems mature and never really flips shit on anyone. Calm and collected.
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    That is all.
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    Man, googled this at the perfect fucking time.
    Was checking up on the game to see if any new developments have come out, when BAM!!!

    Apparently in 17 hours, we'll be given our first in game look at the next elder scrolls game.
    I for one, will probably start masturbating as soon as it's shown to us.

    Thoughts on the footage coming once it's out, guess we can use this as a discussion thread as well.
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    Dune, oh my fuck.

    The Dune game for the Sega Genesis was the first RTS I ever played, it blew my face backwards.
    As for more recent ones, I'd suggest Dungeon Keeper. Recently remembered this game, and have been meaning to play it again. Definitely a sweet game, though it's not a TRUE RTS, though it borders on RTS gameplay.
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