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    Quote from Halfdead14

    but i plan on putting in 40 hours a day

    10/10 post. Would read again,
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    Release date is almost here. Almost considered trying out for it but I'll wait for release.
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    HC RMAH would be more profitable than SC. I would actually make my first HC char just to get into the market for profit there.
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    I just have an obviously female name. I'm sure there are several more. I'd say a lot of female gamers hide behind male avatars and names to avoid unwanted attention,

    Low profile is the way to go.
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    Precure DX3 - 10/10

    Sweeter than Kaoru's crepes, cuter than the trinkets from the Nutz House and more beautiful than the bouquets from the Hanasaki Flower Shop. Animation budget always seems higher for this series every year. Must be the benefit of having dual demographic targets.
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    There are no girls on the internet. - Rule #16 of the internet.
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    To add on to the graphic benchmark test. Would like to see what are the different graphic settings (like SC2's low to ultra) and what hardware is needed to hit 60fps. If you don't have that many different hardware profiles to switch around, a benchmark of fps with your current system on different settings over a modest period of time will really be useful.

    D3 might be Nvidia friendly, ATI friendly or even processor friendly....
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    Econsfag here. Take it from someone who spent too many years studying Econs, that Blizzard is hitting some serious platinum in this idea.

    Gold. Resource generated by D3. Tradable for money.
    Money. Resource generated by the banks. Tradable for gold.

    They are going to create a system by which the virtual goods (gold, items, etc) generated by D3 is given a money value.
    1. Every item, gold piece or rune you find in D3 has an equivalent money value. You will earn real money when you play D3!
    2. Due to arbitrage and the gold/money exchange rate, they will be able to generate a stable market. The central bank has tricks they can pull if there's too much or too little money, Blizzard has tricks they can pull if there's too much or too little gold too. They are gaining the powers of a central bank with respect to gold.
    3. This is all going to be financed by people who put real money into RMT. These people, are going to be giving you money by financing this system. Previously they paid 3rd party sites, now they pay you.

    TL;DR -- D3 lets you get richer when you play it and gives a stable economy for both gold or RMT trade.

    Successful company is successful.
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    Opinions can differ greatly. From what I can see, mine differs greatly from the vocal members of the community.

    My wish list for D3 is that there should be

    a) Less disturbing imagery. (Reduce blood, spikes, entrails and other gross things)
    B) A item roll system. It was hard to party when everyone just wants to clink on the item at the end
    c) More marketplace features like a WoW style AH.
    d) An infinite stash. Item collecting is one of my greatest joys.

    I find it significant to note that many people have different views from me. The petition for darker lighting, requests for more horrific ambiance and calls for further randomization of game environment all suggest that the vocal members of the community have specific preferences. However,

    #1 I like the brighter colors. D2 was way too dark for me. The circle of light made it hard to appreciate the background and colors.

    #2 I like the reduced level of macabre. In fact I would prefer it far more reduced. D2 had some truly gross effects and backgrounds. There's still quite a bit in d3 as well that I find too visceral. But that rainbow helps.

    #3 I like the fact outdoors are not random. I would hope indoors are not random too. For me, randomising only increased frustration and irritation rather then replayability.

    To some, these are ... against what they define Diablo to be. For me, that's not an issue for consideration. I enjoy its action based gameplay and find item collection extremely fun. Those are aspects I associate with diablo intrinsically, not the ...somewhat disturbing imagery. I'd like it less bloody and more colorful but I can accept it if it isn't. I ignored much of the background in d2 that I didn't like.

    Is there no one reading this that shares my views? Or are the vocal members of the community more then simply the majority but relegate those like me to mere outliers on the statistic distribution.

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