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    posted a message on Diablo 2 resurrected skill calculator app

    I Agree that need some feedback when starting working thinking that is okey but when you launch it will always see some issues etc. Next plan I think during free time create Web app instead Android app more wide use and less bugs than native development.

    First Idea in my mind:

    1. The Horadric cube with some filter and recipe filter With chance to add to favorites and later use custom filter from favorites or similar.

    Amulet, ring or Crafter items: Blood, Caster etc. will be more interesting when you able to hit click transmute and see output with affixes.

    !! Not sure about freely picking materials like gems, items, runes and drag or click to add to cube I think is add a bit control but more complex system for new players and there is no reason to do it :)


    2. Add some more tools not sure about tools which already in development from other devs. Because if you already played diablo 2 basically all builds in mind and starter classes is by default picked if you more oriented farm alone :)

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    posted a message on Diablo 2 resurrected skill calculator app

    In post there is android app only and exists in play store by that ID.

    Main reason why I started creating Android App because I'm programming teacher and testing new frameworks which is new for me, diablo is only for test purpose.

    Another reason When I saw data file is like 100kk different cells really hard to implement in any platform.

    I reduced and created my own JSON file with simple objects and basically static data with some Synergies.

    Some new Expansion classes is pain and synergies basically not working well with same algorithm because those really different.

    P.S. I think for web need all in one but Maybe blizzard will create or add in game some info.

    Basically only for new players will need some guides etc. but there is a lot youtubers and Maxroll.gg site preparing something.

    Still waiting for release because there is a lot of web version calculators already exists:

    - TIER 1 WEB APP for D2 CALC exists: https://betweenwalls.github.io/portal/

    Plenty other calculators:

    - https://www.diablo-2.net/skill-calculator/druid

    - http://www.diablo1.ru/poleznoe/calculator.php

    - https://knights-bg.com/en/calculator.html

    - And google also more

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    posted a message on Diablo 2 Skill Calculator for Android

    I created an Android app during free time main idea is to create simple tool which is working offline too.

    • Basic Idea have all 7 classes and skill trees which is display basic descriptions and some synergies.
    • You able to make and save your build to favorites. Also you can share those builds with other users.
    • Copied from clipboard code is base64 encoded text and you can encode and see class, skills from left to right moving from tab1 and row by row.
    • basically 30 numbers you can change and then encode to base64 to make custom code with some online tool if you need it :)
    • But basically is oriented to Mobile phones and if you need share you simple send code to your friend which will open your build in his phone ofc need an App install and import to app your build. Play Store Diablo 2 Skill Calculator

    All critics and features suggestion for feature releases are welcome :)

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    posted a message on Diablo 2 resurrected skill calculator app

    Already added to Play store v1.0: Skill Calculator - Diablo 2 (package name: id=eif.viko.lt.shortguidediablo2)

    At a moment there is options to:

    - Add points to skill tree.
    - Save builds to favorites.
    - Share base64 code for other app users (No need to sign in at all).

    Basically you able to decode and encode to base64 online and enter random numbers to import from copy clipboard.

    For example :

    Decoded Text:

    0 6 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

    > 1 line class

    > 2 line points left

    > 3 line skill tree 30 skills from tab1 to tab 3 each tab has 10 skills for each class moving from left to right in each row.

    for e.g. first is JAB skill next one is power strike and so on :)

    > 4 line must to include

    > 5 line is name of build

    Encoded Text:


    - Import base64 copy clipboard codes.
    - It oriented to offline users.

    Need some feedback: about app and which functionality is missing because I see a lot of similar web apps already exists and decide create skill calc only not sure what to add more will be great because I believe that developers will create Like runewords in game or something :)

    Also was Idea to create web and save all builds to database to view in browser or mobile app, but not sure is it needed or not.

    Screenshot Image

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    posted a message on What do you think of Season 18's Theme?

    same content and game is more casual then ever this theme really not help at all. Rewards always is crappy Cosmetics ? similar image with changed color for portrait ???? this is really useless. Played most of seasons with monk at start because single class can progress solo best and speed top 1. Why i should pick this class for speed progress at season start. Gear getting in 2 first day as monk game over only augments need to add to char. without group game is useless paragon break game. Casual game style helps botting a lot of bots at a moment not fair at all.

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    posted a message on Diablo I, II, III ect. dungeon run game android application suggestion

    Hello another try to implement something here is only prototype in college project:

    - Added simple game find deckard cain: idea is choose correct images which is similar to deckard cain if u will find correct ones u will get reward.

    - Also implemented simple gamble system, free gift and some items.

    - Character inventory able to equip items, but a moment there is no connected another taping game where you able to fight against different bosses in text manner.

    Here is current implementation in google play: Diablo mini games


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    posted a message on The Future of Diablo

    Nintendo switch :D D3 is really dead :) To generate money from game where bots around 50-70%. Is it hard to create new Items each season?

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    posted a message on Diablo I, II, III ect. dungeon run game android application suggestion

    Thank for your feedback, I have a Developer API for D3 but is really limited, then i suppose to use my own images which is really nice: Armor

    Ty u Again, i need some changes then o start new project :)

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    posted a message on Diablo I, II, III ect. dungeon run game android application suggestion

    I dont need a profit is only as a school project, copyright is free colors is not a restricted to use, same as diablofans also use brown color for text is also copyright same as IF statement or Google Page Rank. (I use Diablo II sounds because i Like it and i have Copy of game bought from Blizzard Why i cant to use it ? ???)

    MenuDungeon Run

    What i suppose to do if Diablo 3 fun game is now bot friendly ???? There is no point to make games which have controls Like mouse, keyboard ect. because everything is programmable and is hard proof that u play fair or not. Without any programs i can do a magic, look to leaderboards when reach Grift WD Rank seasonal character without any group play, but some unfair players 2k+ paragons cant clear that high !!! i wait till Diablo 4, and here is google play education app: Diablo (I, II, III) app which ill try to make create mix any Diablo I, II, III versions whichs is good Blizzard game (a bit stop breath) and at a moment is great, but need a mix up to players shout WOW Diablo game is awesome :)

    Battle tag: PAUKSTIS#2917

    Google play: Diablo (I, II, III) edu app.

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    posted a message on Diablo I, II, III ect. dungeon run game android application suggestion

    Here is another project for android:

    Current implemented functions:
    Inventory -> view your gear and stats. Equip items view your inventory and sell items from inventory.
    Shop -> to get some loot bet not the best one which is able to get from bosses. If you would like to get some gold as free gift first you need watch video ad.
    Combat-> use 4 different type attacks: poison, sword, shield attack or heal. When you fighting every second refresh any type of attack. When you finish fight you have chance to get some loot. If you have more power attack and hp you have chance get better damage weapon.
    Experience -> when you fighting and win you also get some experience points and able to Level Up your character.

    Current implementation in Google play store: Old town in Diablo

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    posted a message on HOTS event with D3 reward

    go /reddit channel and find rush group

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    posted a message on Really blizz, the buff again...

    FIrst - LIVE have a lot resources. PTR - LOW RESOURCES,

    LIVE - Implemented features tested in PTR +some updates+tested on live few month = more stable version,

    PTR - first stage testing thats why some bugs is appearing (connections issues ir really important for game LIFE CYCLE), before realease to LIVE fixiing that problems. IF u really need to understand that process read some books, watch video, or start create own mini game and share with friends for testing purposes and u see whats going on when u updating new content.

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    posted a message on Season 3 monk conventional elements + unity

    Conventional elements + unity really not bad build for those who dont have focus + restraint, also if have low dmg FD or dual wielding really dosent matter, build is strong enough, for greater rifts 53+, ofc need tune up for more survivability: here is gameplay from greater rift: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_Gxr0Akxk0 first try really not the best attempt, but FD proc really alot if density not crappy and u have alacrity + withcing hour belt. i tried that build with furnance and dual wield, FD wins.

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    posted a message on How is Quin69's video/network lag totally non-existent?
    Quote from Jayce9»

    I just watched the latest video of his G-Rift 58 clear on his monk and I couldn't help but notice how he has absolutely ZERO video or network lag. His game appears so ludacrisly smooth it doesn't even seem possible. I run a very high end PC and my game lags, jitters, and freezes all the time, especially during fights where there is a lot of things happening on the same screen. Are there some kinds of tweaks that I'm not aware of to get your game that smooth? I'd be really interested to know.


    Here my specs.

    Only on few patches and multiplayer games was a fps drops, now everything is okey :)

    Here is my video from 55 grift clear as monk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmW5h-tucbo

    Ofc my internet provider not the best bandwith: 100mbps. but recording HD + gaming solo always smooth. On mutiplayer games if there is huge density and a lot projectiles, but only for short period fps drop down.

    Vertical sync also can call some fps drops, because when i view leaderboards in game it drops to 14 fps for 30-60sec + idk why if not vertical sync on everithing just fine.

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    posted a message on Cow Level found in act 1! (Video)

    cow level first bounty run: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZXxApC63YY

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