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    you still QQing egypt? lol. your pathetic kid. you've proven you know nothing about diablo and cant stop trolling to save your life

    Let me break it down for you on an intelligent level. First of all stop using the term troll so freely clearly you don't understand what it means. Secondly I can tell you don't know jack shit about the game because of the way you portray yourself on these forums. All of your topics are very theoretical and really have no point. Many people here have pointed out that you are pretty much clueless. Third, I am not a kid; that seems to be the only response you have to anything it appears you lack the ability to break things down on a more in depth level. INB4 "lol egypt still qqing kid??" I mean really your shit is not original.

    For instance

    True he has legit AOE in d3 and high def. But that may not be enough in inferno, most likely anyone will die insanely fast regardless because the monsters will hit so hard. So kiting will most likely be a must

    Does he really have "legit" aoe? If so define the variables of the skills that make him so legit for this concept. You making retarded open ended points like "most like anyone will die etc" do you know how hard they will hit? No, you don't. I have played Diablo 2 since and before v1.08 (v1.07) to be specific, when Wormskulls were few and far between. I have witnessed the high peaks of Diablo and the downfalls, the days where Hell Cows with a java/hybrid bowazon sporting Buriza were still viable. And the days where D2JSP and community sites like it destroyed the Diablo 2 economy. If you want more proof I can provide you with a lengthy summary of my entire experience in the game as a whole, from a personal perspective to a technical onslaught of information. Nothing irks me more then scub rando's who join these community forums and trash it up with their stupid "posting controversial shit and then agreeing with everyone who replies" posts, which is what 90% of your shit is. You really want to break things down and theorycraft then come at me.

    Anyway back to reality, as a glorified Diablo 2 veteran, it is solely my duty to seek out, identify, and destroy any bads who stand in my way. :d3d:
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