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    The story of a scammer who got scammed :)
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    Quote from "Turmobil" »
    Well you're ain't the thread creator.
    Ask Zhar if you wish to change the game.

    Lmao I'm not changing the game. I'm making things easier. I said just copy and paste it so we can read the entire story.

    Changing the game would be like:

    Zhar: Let's make up a story one word at a time.

    deathMars: FUCK YOU! Let's play hide and go seek.
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    posted a message on I'm Back... Again....
    So after many adventures involving a "C" in government and me getting thrown out head first through the kitchen window, I am back to this beloved forums where I am sure you all are going to embrace me with love and joy. Many of you might me like "Who the hell is this kid?", but I was the kid who pissed you off countless occasions because I proudly lived up to my reputation as being a complainer. But hey, I need to get the new record for infraction points so the more the mods hate me, the happier I am! :thumbsup:

    Also, this is the second time where I left and came back, so go ahead and post hate words and a nice picture of a mutated penis monster with a nice "FUCK YOU" attached on its head because I really don't care. I'm just glad to be back and I want to say that I missed you all :)

    Please tell me what happened in the time that I missed as well (approximately 2-3 months). I will try to be a more frequent poster but my computer time is limited so I'll probably get a good 8-10 posts a day.

    Anyway, I missed you all very much. Glad to be back!!!!
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    That's because no one would ever PM you anyways. :D

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    Quote from "rifter" »
    I voted NO!
    and really, it's the parents fault! we need to start looking after our children!
    kids are overexposed to things they're clearly not ready to deal with... whether it's TV, the internet, real life or video games, we have to try & minimize their contact with such material and watch over them whenever we can

    Lol. I have a mental image of you already, and it kind of relates to what Kyle's mom looks like in South Park.

    Creating a taboo over such material will only make it worse. What you should really do is to tell them it's not really a big deal. Why do kids start to drink in high school? Because they want to be a rebel and show it by doing something "bad".
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    Don't listen to crap about other people saying it's bad. I thought it was amazing. The fighting was spot on, the plot was awesome, the acting was... okay.... (but who cares, it's a Transformers movie).

    Megan Fox needs to shot for being so hot.
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    posted a message on brookeeeeeeee
    Er.... Welcome to the site.... Won't it be kind of wierd being on the same site as your brother?
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    posted a message on Infractions?
    Quote from "Jetrall" »
    Anyways, to answer DeathMars' question (since he's one of the few members posting in here I actually feel like interacting with right now)...

    What will earn you a ban...

    Multiple Accounts w/o Explanation - Perma Ban (Never Expires)

    Porn / Other Adult Content - Perma Ban

    Trying to (or talking about) hacking this site - Perma Ban

    Posting personal information about another user w/o their permission - Perma Ban

    Being a spam/porn bot - This one is obvious. Perma Ban.

    Requesting / Posting Hacks, Warez, Torrents, etc - Ban length will depend on level of infraction

    Discussing hacks for Blizzard games with the intent of making it easier for the player or disrupt other players' gaming experience (discussion of modifications like Eastern Sun are OK) - Ban length will depend on level of infraction

    This being said, other ordinary infractions can earn you a ban if you break the rules frequently enough. Essentially, if the staff decides that you warrant a ban, you will get one.

    Hmm... Makes sense. But, like you said, I guess most of it is also based on how the moderators thinki about the offense, meaning if you make an April Fools joke about hacking the site it won't really be bannable. Or is it?

    I noticed that starting fights wasn't there. Can trolling or "flaming" someone get you a ban? or is it one of those things you have to do a lot of to get a ban?
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