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    Quote from "luc1027" »
    Recover all skill points back are very very bad... I don't see anyone said that ?!?! it's just a bad idea.

    almost reasons why people doesn't want respecs are (completly change your build) but why do you think a bad idea like that will be implement ????

    I never said anyone said that. That's just the impression I get from people who are totally opposed to respec.

    I also never said that my example was a good idea (I said the opposite) and I also never said i thought it would be implemented...I said that is what people seem to be assuming will be implemented....sigh....

    The point is. We don't know anything about the new skill system and we don't know anything about the respec...How can we assume anything, and if we are going to make assumptions why would we assume that it's going to be terrible. Why not hope for the best?
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    Resident Evil 1 & 2. My buddies and I pulled all nighters taking turns playing those games. They were freaky.
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    Quote from "Kiserai" »
    I think this is one of the least thought out and most pointless posts I've ever read.

    The. Game. Is. In. Development.

    This is why there will be playtesting. And Beta. They will balance as needed. They aren't stupid. If you saw it, they saw it. Most blatant issues will be fixed before beta, and post-beta things will be re-balanced.

    Saying it's taking forever because they have to re-do everything because they don't get it right the first time...what does that even mean? Why don't you, being so enlightened, point us to a game that was made perfectly the first time and was released with a rapid development cycle?

    Thank you.... :thumbsup:
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    Quote from "Comedian" »
    If they are auto-stats and differents items (swords, armors, shields) have strenght requirements for example, there will be only class equipments.

    I remember hearing they didn't have stat requirements on items. Probably just level.

    But that could always change.
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