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    posted a message on Collect any sets? What was your favorite?
    Just curious to see what Sets everyone completed or if anyone was even interested in them (obviously I was).

    In all honesty I only completed one set, for my Necromancer - Trang-Ouls Avatar, for a tasty necro boost. I worked on a few others for a time with some friends and such and traded some good items for what I would consider crap to help 'em out...

    Had almost everything for the Immortal King set with the exception of: the belt and maul. These items I also pawned to friends................. don't know what I was thinking at the time but there was probably a cute nerdy gal involved
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    posted a message on Diablo Animation (school project)
    Yeah that was actually pretty funny, though I do agree that Sean is alot cooler than portrayed, though who knows on the big screen he just may be a great selection for someone like Leoric :)
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    posted a message on How did you start?
    I was playing some silly game on the computer, I can't recall what, and my brother and his buddy came over (trashed from the bar). His friend passed out on the floor and a few hours later woke up and said ever heard of Diablo? Next thing I know he runs out to the car grabs himself more beer and just gives me Diablo and Hellfire... All the other games were pretty much forgotten from that point on :)
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    posted a message on I just can't contain the beast within!

    I started playing these addicting games when I was like twelve. Freaked when 2 came out and saved all my cash to get it. Freaked when I heard 3 was on the way and came here for support over my addiction... :)
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