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    Quote from Tunafish»
    Discussing Area Damage on shoulders is pretty retarded, tbh. Dex/CDR/AD/Sentry or Dex/RCR/AD/Sentry. Sorry to shut down discussion but why would you pick one or the other when you can have both?
    Because you can have dex, cdr, rcr, sentry - which is ideal imo for most setups.
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    Quote from bozocv»
    @Jamoose You are a bit wrong.

    You do more damage then your sentries do. Your own shot is 100% + 500% boost from each sentry placed on the ground. That is 600%. And 5 sentry hit for 5*100%=500%. So out of 1100% total damage you do about 55% and sentries about 45%. Getting CA on the offhand is smart because that way you buff bigger part of your damage and that is your own shots.

    Also Attack speed on weapon is nearly useless in almost any type of setup.
    Pretty sure that's not how it works. With 5 sentries out, your damage is boosted by 500%, that's it. You don't deal 100% damage + 500%... You deal 500% of your original damage. Attack speed is the best roll on weapons and gloves when you have a 0dog wd in group and you are doing trials or 4p with a crusader too that can consistently pickup health globes.

    Quote from dzajko»
    @Jamoose the reason you don't want sentry dmg on shoulders is because im looking it at a point of view of aoe dmg> single target because that means you will clear faster the trash and the elites. Now because your sentry cant proc area dmg and they also only deal about 40% of ur dmg buffing that 40% by a further 15% is next to nothing compared buffing the other 60%, this is because this 60% dmg can actually cause area dmg which scales really well.
    So for instance you have 70% area dmg and say you hit for say around 700M cluster arrow and there are no other mobs around area dmg does nothing as we know but the second there is 2 mobs and your hitting those 2 mobs for 700M and area dmg procs from both mobs that 700M cast goes from a total of 1400M dmg to 2380M dmg. Now lets make it 3 mobs 700M cluster arrow and area dmg procs from the 3 mobs thats 2100M with out area dmg and with area dmg its 5040M.

    So this is why area dmg is a very good stat compared to buffing that 40% dmg from sentry, in reality that 40% dmg from sentry isn't actualy 40% is actualy like 20%. but its too hard to explain to people because they don't want to listen or take into account the area dmg affix.
    If your numbers are correct, then it still means that sentry damage is better for the RG. Which means that your statement "means you will clear faster the trash and the elites" is wrong. In high gr the biggest obstacles are elites and the RG and often times you are left with just that one big elite with 20% hp after everything around it already died, this is a scenario where sentry damage will beat area damage by a 100 to 0...

    It's off topic but i was talking about when you have a 0dog wd in group, you can give up on rcr on shoulders and go for area damage (also on quiver). According to a psot Shinna made where he tested what's better, ias or area damage, it is concluded that going for ias on gloves + weapon is better than area damage.

    So in summary, sentry damage is more consistent throughout the rift including on single elites and the RG. Aread damage is an awesome dps stat roll but there are simply other stats that are too valuable for you to give up on in favor of area damage, that's why you usually don't see many people running it. It's not because "they don't want to listen or take into account the area dmg affix." but mainly because it's hard to get perfect quivers and on shoulders (in solo mainly) you really want both the rcr and cdr...
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    Quote from dzajko»
    just a small tip its a higher DPS gain to get area dmg on shoulders as your casted Cluster arrow hits for about 1 billion compared to like 50M from the sentry so getting sentry dmg on the shoulders is a dps/dmg loss.
    1 billion compared to like 50m? That has to be wrong. the sentries deal the same damage as you are if they are all hitting the same target. Sentry damage is still very useful and required for optimizing dps output.

    Area damage is useful when you have a 0dog wd in group and you don't really need the RCR anymore so you go for area damage instead of RCR on shoulders and quiver only. On crossbow and gloves you go for attack speed.

    Generally speaking though, all of this is unrelated to the OP. You want sentry damage on chest + shoulders. You want CA/MS damage on quiver, boots and helm. %Sentry damage boosts all of the damage done by your sentries.

    The only reason why CA dmg is better than sentry damage is because for your own CA shot, you can accurately aim where you want it to hit and spam it, actively bringing down specific mobs. Sentry damage will only work that way if there is exactly one mob and all of the sentries are in range, shooting it. It can also work similarly if a group of mobs is bunched up together, as long as they are all inside the range of the CA shot which is about 15 yards afaik... When there are multiple monsters on your screen, the sentry damage becomes scattered and not as reliable as your direct CA shots.

    In short, %sentry damage will boost all damage done by your sentries so that includes spenders too. Sentries will deal 50% of your total damage output if they are all hitting the same mob so %sentry damage is a good roll to go for on shoulders and chest.
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    Quote from Monsrud»
    Thanks again for the Quick reply, is it 13% ms total? Meaning i Will only have to get 1% from paragon? And my mara has str,Chc, cdr and socket. Not optimal but its the only One ive gotten so far, always looking for upgrades :)
    No, it's 25% ms maximum. So if you have 12% on boots, you get 13% more from paragon. If you got 0 on gear, max out movement speed in paragon before putting anything into STR. Movement speed should always be maxed on every character on any build. The only time i can think of where you don't need MS at all would be as a demon hunter in trials since you are basically standing still and shooting.

    And thanks @Kamui for the confirmation.

    Edit: Some classes can have more than 25% base MS iirc but not the barb. Your MS as a barb can only go over 25% with buffs like sprint, warcry with chilanik, fleeting shrine, speed pylon, etc...

    Edit: @OP check my previous post i did some corrections regarding the rings.
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    Yeah i also went over the blue posts to see if they clarify this anywhere but couldn't find anything. To me it only makes sense that the items will become available on the 3rd.
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    Quote from Monsrud»
    Thanks alot for the great feedback jamoose, havent really considered "hunting" for specific rift guardians before now as i find it tedious to just give up on a rift if i dont see certain bosses, but surely i'll give it a try, anything to push the leaderboards.changed arround some gear and looking at the poison resist neck it comes with 8% cdr on it, rolled ias -> socket. so now ( without changing my vile vards fc damage ) and changing leorics to reakors im running with 33,33% cdr.

    Out of curiosity, is the 33% a cap of x mobs needs to be hit for 0 cooldown?

    and do you have anything to share regarding my question of movement speed? Is it worth investing paragon points in it aswell as having 12% on the boots?
    Max movement speed. Always. So if you have 12% ms from gear, get 13% from paragon.

    Not really sure why 33 cdr but that's just what "everyone" is recommending. You should test for yourself and see why low cdr can suck.

    The ideal amulet is elemental damage, chd, cc, socket. You can live without a 3rd socket so a possible good mara has str instead of a socket. So your mara amulet now has str, cdr, soc and? anyway, you need to replace this eventually.

    The thing with Ghom hunting is that you kind of need to use Mirnae's gem so 3 gems could actually be a requirement. I would rate the gems (when hunting for Ghom) as so: Bane of the trapped, Mirnae, Pain enhancer. If not hunting for Ghom, probably go for Toxin instead of Mirnae.

    If you use Bk ring + toxin + PE, your dot damage along with the dot from FC will be quite insane but this setup is mainly for groups. On solo you always go for a unity ring and the perfect stats are soc+chd (the cc and elite dmg are base rolls) and you really need the right stats on amulet and soj.

    I would link my barb but its geared for T6 atm.
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    It really comes down to the RG eventually. Run poison immunity amulet and hunt for Ghom. It is possible to clear gr 45 in 6-9 minutes consistently. While hunting for Ghom, you will possibly clear tens of grifts and get 0 items but the experience you get from trash mobs is really good so there's that. You need CDR on shoulders. Don't get rid of vile wards, don't sacrifice damage for cdr on weapon unless the damage roll is already high imo. Get an amulet with 100 chd. If you can't get 33 cdr without leoric, then reroll the furnace to cdr i guess. But get 33+ cdr and get rid of the rorg, use a bk ring and get a better soj, that one is horrible, don't ever roll off the elemental damage...
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    Quote from ShadyW»
    I wouldnt reroll anything. I would totally scrap that. Its complete shit.
    What, because it's lacking toughness stats? Who gives a damn. It's near perfect in terms of dps boost and that's what matters. Sure if he tries to go for high gr he might want to get one with vit too but it's not like 500 vit will make such a difference. It's mostly about dps with the DH and zerging shit down anyway.
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    Yep, reroll the chd to 50%. If there would ever be a build where you need hungering arrow damage, you will be king :P
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    Quote from Egtactics»
    This will do till S2 drops. Thank you! :)
    Oh and about "spell changes" as you've mentioned in the title, there actually are'nt any. What's live right now in patch 2.1.2 will also be when season 2 comes out. They might release a small patch to compliment the S2 launch but that would probably only include minor fixes and tweaks (if any).
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    Yeah even though this is obvious, still, thanks for the warning i guess.
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    Quote from XanderCat»
    LOL this thread is so funny from a Hardcore players perspective. Try loosing hundreds of hours of progress, not a mere 30 seconds. :)

    Absolutely irrelevant... Hardcore is a completely different mode that i never play and totally disregard when talking about the suggested idea in the OP.
    Quote from AsHeavenIsWide»
    If you die too much you need better items or more toughness, its fine the way it is.
    This is simply false. There is unavoidable damage in the game. Even with max toughness on all of the possible pieces on a DH, you will still get one shot in high gr when awareness is on cooldown.
    Quote from MeritClips»
    get better gear ya noob
    Funny because i looked at your profile and your gear is garbage.
    Quote from MagnesMilen»
    When you die , you are automatically kicked from the g rift and the portal closes,you lose your key stone and you get no bonus exp and gold. Thats what i want.
    This is actually an interesting idea that i've thought of myself but i think it might be too "harsh" for today's average gamer. Maybe a separate mode and leaderboards of GR with this option enabled or something, could be nice.
    Quote from BlacKcuD»
    The lose 30 seconds is just an option for singleplayer in which I would gladly take it.
    It would be awesome if it would work that way in solo. Not only for actual progress but also as stated in the OP, it will be good for testing purposes.
    Quote from Sonnyxyzz»
    And what about CDs? If you lose 30 sec, does your CDs lose 30 sec too? Because barbarians need all their CDs to kill rift boss on GR40+. Without them we are just stupid mountains of muscles hitting for 20mil with frenzy once per sec. It means 70/0,02=3500 sec needed for kill Guardin. I prefer wait 30 sec...
    This is a flaw with the barb and not an inherent flaw in the game imo. You will lose 30 seconds and your cooldowns will be as they always are when you ressurect.
    Quote from oldschool_2o4f»
    This isn't an issue. I've never went downmore than once a Grift. Does it really top out at a fixed 30 seconds?
    If you say you never went down more than once in a grift you are either doing only low lvl grifts or you are simply lying. From your gem levels i assume that it's the first rather than the latter.
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    All of the information about the Season 2 exclusive items is already available but i'm not sure if it can be found in one place with images and all but all the info is available from the 2.1.2 ptr patch notes (see spoiler tag - might change untill release though). Also, there's some partial info here: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/16607841/first-look-season-2-11-7-2014

      • New Seasonal Legendary Items
    Note: Seasonal items will be available exclusively to Seasonal characters until the conclusion of Season 2
        • New Legendary Gems have been added
          • Esoteric Alteration

              Gain 10% non-Physical damage reduction

            • Upgrade rank grants: +0.5% non-Physical damage reduction
            • Rank 25 unlocks: While below half Life, your resistances to Cold, Fire, Lightning, Poison, and Arcane are increased by 75%

          • Gem of Ease
            • Monster kills grant +500

                This is multiplied by the difficulty multiplier

              • This is intended to be an exorbitant amount of experience for a low level character
              • For example:
                • A level 1 monster grants 40 experience

                • A level 55 monster grants 8,700 experience
                • A level 60 monster grants 18,700 experience

            • Upgrade rank grants: +50 +1 experience per kill
            • Rank 25 unlocks: Level requirement reduced to 1

          • Molten Wildebeest's Gizzard
            • Regenerates 10,000 Life per Second

            • Upgrade rank grants: +1000 Life per Second
            • Rank 25 unlocks: After not taking damage for 4 seconds, gain an absorb shield for 200% of your total Life per Second

        • Class-Specific Items
          • Crusader

              Belt of the Trove

                New Legendary Belt

              • Every 6-8 seconds, Bombardment is cast on a random nearby enemy

          • Demon Hunter
            • Odyssey's End

                New Legendary Bow

              • Enemies snared by Entangling Shot take 20-25% more damage from all sources

          • Wizard
    Ranslor's Folly
    New Legendary Bracers
              • Energy Twister periodically pulls in an enemy within 30 yards
    An enemy can only be pulled in this way once every 5 seconds

              • Note: These are currently still using the place holder name "Energy Twister Bracers"

            • Halo of Arlyse
              • New Legendary Ring

              • Your Ice Armor now provides 50-60% Melee Damage Reduction and automatically casts Frost Nova whenever you take 10% of your Life in damage

          • Several existing class-specific Legendary items have been updated to include a unique Legendary power
    Note: Existing items will not be affected by the following changes. Only new versions of the items will roll with the added Legendary power.
            • Barbarian
    The Undisputed Champion
                  Legendary power added

                    Frenzy gains the effect of every rune

            • Monk
    Gungdo Gear
                  Legendary power added

                    Exploding Palm's on-death explosion applies Exploding Palm

            • Witch Doctor
                  Legendary power added

                    Locust Swarm is cast on a nearby enemy every second

                • Now rolls with +20-25% Poison skill damage as one of its four primary affixes
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    This is a fan site so you can't directly address Blizzard here (even though a blizz rep might be readin this, who knows).

    Do you have any ideas on how to make the sword and board passive better? I think if you would present some of your ideas it would open up a discussion and people might post possible suggestions to make the passive more appealing. I agree that it sucks at the moment but personally, i don't feel like a barb shield build is missing from the game.

    However, if they do want to buf the snb passive, i would like to see something that makes you even more tanky. Something to make up for the lack of a second life passive and somethign to compliment any zdps / tank barb build people might come up with.
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    posted a message on US servers down for about 30 minutes
    The "We" part could have been an attempt to type "We are bringing down the servers for..."

    Might have been a miscommunitcation between the person actually restarting the server and the person who wanted to send out a message to players, giving them some sort of a warning. Oh well...
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