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    posted a message on Expansion, possibly new game in the works...

    If they are going for a Diablo based FPS game, I think it might be one of these options:

    1. A single player experience that would attempt to rival the stature of Half Life

    2. A survival fps game like ARK: Survival evolved

    3. A death match based game like COD/BF

    4. A mobs style fps game like OW

    I think the first two options make more sense... Option 4 doesn't make sense at all.

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    posted a message on Diablo 2 Runeword Search

    A while ago i was playing d2 and was looking for something exactly like this. I ended up copying all of the RW's names and item types onto an online sheet but i couldn't search by runes / abilities because those parts were images. Good job :cheers:

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    posted a message on Patch 2.4.3 RELEASE

    The patch contains nothing significant. Doesn't look like there will be more changes if they put out a second ptr patch and all they changed was bug fixes and minor balancing. Every time it's the same bullshit... People see the first ptr patch and be like "don't worry, they will put out more, it's just the first iteration". And then they don't put out anything and that's all we get. It's garbage.

    I've been saying this for a while but D3 is amazing for casuals and the devs understand that. Nobody gives a crap about your end game viable sets, face it.

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    posted a message on Ptr GR Density Problems

    They need to remove area damage from the game. Not only it creates an incentive to fight only big packs of mobs but it also creates lag. It's just shit.

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    posted a message on Diablo 1 Beezlebub Mod --- need help getting to work

    I recently installed it and i didn't have to copy anything manually. Just run the mod isntaller and when it asks for the data mpq path, give it the path to the CD / virtual image drive. Then you just run the mod exe and it works like a charm. Very simple installation and takes like 1 minute.

    If you still can't get it to work let me know.

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    posted a message on I think I enjoyed D2 more than 3

    Personally i feel like i can go back to D2 every year and play like an addicted maniac for a month. In D3 i have to force myself to go back for the new season and in the last season i didn't even bother...

    D2 has a lot of replayability but i can't really say that it's more than D3 because it depends on many things that mostly revolve around a person's own taste.

    D2 has more replayability because you can't create one character and have it run all builds simply by swapping your gear and skills. Also, the droprate f certain items makes the game take more time to "master".

    The most fun thing in D2 is creating new characters, farming gear for them and building them. Once you have a really well geared character on level 99 there's not much to do except for PVP which is why it is considered to be the true end game by many. Problem is that B.net ping sucks for certain people and PVP kinda sucks because of that.

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    posted a message on Future Character Packs

    It's funny to see how similar this fan art is to the actual necromancer showcased at blizzcon, especially the resource globe, it's almost in the same color:

    Here's some more cool stuff by this guy:

    And some other artist:

    To be honest the demonologist looks awesome but i don't think it could be an option after we have WD and Necro in game. The cleric is also too similar to the Crusader i guess.

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    posted a message on No Reason to be Mad
    Quote from Sabvre»

    That 2Bill number is all sorts of wrong.

    The 30M number includes diablo vanilla, reaper of souls, and combo packs. It also includes the console versions.

    You will need to assume that the average sale price is actually closer to $40. You will then need to assume that at least 25% of all copies are sold NOT by blizzard (so -25% revenue).

    30M * $40 = $1.2B - 25% = $900M.

    Thing is - that number above is still brutally high and in reality you should assume they brought in closer to $450-500M.

    Never said that it was a revenue figure but taking into consideration that the gaming industry has tens of billions of dollars circling it in a year, even the figures you presented are a decent chunk of that. The only supporting argument to the "D3 is a failure" idea is the fact that it took years of development and that possibly made it cost a lot and it possibly did not create a lot of revenue for Blizzard.
    Quote from Metropolis_Man»

    The thing is - there is the potential at least to make D3 a viable esport via top shelf pvp. I watched some amazing finals of WoW last weekend in 3v3 arena. It was damn exciting to watch. Blizz would have to really do serious balancing for D3 pvp, but why not? That winning WoW team got $120k. Amazing.

    Totally agree. The original arena concept that was shown at Blizzcon 2010 i think looked decent. They just need to tone down some stuff like attack speed and CDR... Change some skills and items and try to level the playing field into a more balanced experience. I don't think it would be such a tough job that a small team couldn't tackle in a year time or so. Maybe they really don't want D3 to turn into another Esports game and they made up this stupid decision for some fucked up reason that they want to keep D3 casual, i really don't know.
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    posted a message on No Reason to be Mad

    The top 10 best selling games of all times are not Esports games. Not a single one. In the top 10 best selling PC games you can find Starcraft and Counter Strike that are considered Esports...

    Diablo 3 sold over 30 million copies across all platforms and it's actually in the top 10 list... I don't think that's something to be taken lightly. If every copy costs about 60$, then it totals to almost 2 billion dollars which is quite a decent number.

    Obviously other games can make a lot more money but is it true that Blizzard does not want to invest in Diablo anymore? I don't think so. I think that how Blizzard views Diablo and how the "fanbase" views it are two different things.

    People think that the devs don't realize that the paragon system is broken and there is no item hunt because it's too easy to get all the stuff you want adn it ends too quickly but i don't think that the devs are on the same track here. In their eyes, they are probably happy with the amount of content that D3 has at the moment. It can and has offered hundreds if not thousands of hours of gameplay per person.

    Let's not forget that the game is not actually aimed at a hardcore market or at the oldschool D2 fans that really appreciate a more punishing and complex game in terms of decision making in builds and gearing up. People who are down for grinding endlessly for that chance to win the lottery and drop a Zod rune or a Tyrael's might...

    Blizzard has indeed shit over us in the last few Blizzcons but to be honest, this year was a lot better than the last two. Maybe i only feel that way because this year i had absolutely no expectations...

    Anyway, some people just need to let go of D3. It will never become like D2 and that's a fact. It's more aimed at a casual audience and any effort in making it more hardcore just results in extreme frustration (grinding paragon and fishing rifts...).

    The franchise holds a great power which is the Diablo name. If they announce D4 or any Diablo game (Sanctuary fighting game / 3rd person action moba anyone?) and create hype around it, they can sell tens of millions of copies and later on add micro-transactions and they will be making a lot of money off of that for sure.

    Also, take a look at games like Skyrim for an example... Sold a lot and by no means a failure of a game. I don't think that we can say that Blizzard is going to be Esports only because market wise it just does not make sense.

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    posted a message on So i just watched this

    People always get hyped by shiny Korean gameplay videos and then it turns out the game is just another MMO with some added mechanics. It was the same with Terra online back when it was being worked on and eventually released - Sure it's a good MMO but still an MMO and not anything close to what it looked like in the beginning, more resembling an ARPG. Also, take a look at Lineage Eternal... The game was announced like 5 years ago and the beta is supposed to start in 2 days? I dono, something like that... Those Korean studios know how to make flashy videos that's for sure but i wouldn't get my hopes up unless you really like MMO's.

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    posted a message on Future Character Packs

    Pretty much stating the obvious but still, I wanted to collect some information into one thread.

    We all know by now that the new Necromancer class will be coming as a part of the "Rise of the Necromancer" pack and that would lead us to:

    2 Strength classes: Barbarian and Crusader.

    2 Dexterity classes: Demon Hunter and Monk.

    3 Intelligence classes: Wizard, Witch Doctor and Necromancer.

    In the Blizzcon D3 panel with the Q&A section, the following question was asked and answered:

    Q: Which other characters were under consideration to put in the game?
    A: Brand new ones, or fan-favorites like Druid, Amazon, all the ones you'd expect.

    I guess it's safe to assume that if there will be more characters coming after the necromancer, they will be 1 Strength and 1 Dexterity so the game could maintain the balance - And that leads me to the obvious part:

    The new strength class will probably be a Druid and the new dexterity class will probably be an Amazon.

    Why a strength Druid you probably ask since the Druid in D2 had elemental spells. Well, we already have quite a lot of elemental spells in the game coming from the Wizard and some of them from the WD. I think that a more shapeshifting focused class will make a lot of sense. Possibly a shapeshifter / summoner strength class. That still does not rule out the possibility of some kind of a strength caster. After all, in D3 the main stat is not inherently tied to the resource since not all casters use mana. they could just come up with a new resource that could work well with such a character concept.

    Why an Amazon? Aren't Amazons female only? Well, it is not too unlikely that Blizzard would just not give a damn about this fact because the Amazons from the Greek mythology are not the Amazons of sanctuary although the Amazons come from the Askari civilization which is a matriarchal society just like in the Geek mythology. but there is also a possibility that they would invent or bend the lore a little bit. If you read about the Amazons myth on Wikipedia, there's this part:

    In some versions of the myth, no men were permitted to have sexual encounters or reside in Amazon country; but once a year, in order to prevent their race from dying out, they visited the Gargareans, a neighboring tribe. The male children who were the result of these visits were either killed, sent back to their fathers or exposed in the wilderness to fend for themselves; the girls were kept and brought up by their mothers, and trained in agricultural pursuits, hunting, and the art of war. In other versions when the Amazons went to war they would not kill all the men. Some they would take as slaves, and once or twice a year they would have sex with their slaves.

    So i don't think that Blizzard can't make up something with that. Just change a few details here and there and we got ourselves a male Amazon - Possibly a slave / wilderness survivor / whatever.

    We already know that the Skovos isles were iterated upon during the initial development of the game (Some cool information about all of that here) and Skovos is the homeland of the Askari people.

    The Druid will possibly look something like this:

    A strength based shapeshifter and caster that can summon spirits and animals to aid him in combat, granting him buffs and debuffing his enemies. Temporarily shapeshifting into a werebear / werewolf in order to boost his strength and burst potential - clawing, gnawing and howling at his enemies as they either get shredded into pieces or run away in fear of getting rabies.

    More cool concept art:

    We even have general Torion in game in act 5 that kind of resembles an armored druid character (possibly an early development model that wasn't eventually used but polished for this npc?):

    And the Amazon could probably look something like this:

    Some male concept art - More of a "Nomad" style and not really an Amazon:

    Mainly focused on Javelins and possibly scimitars. Probably ditching the bow but that could still be a possibility. I don't think that the DH having a monopoly on ranged weapons must be a permanent thing.

    I know that some people are not really excited about the fact that blizzard are adding a new class to the game when there are so many problems in the game already but i think that the dev direction is pretty clear and i also think that we might be seeing a new class every 6 months to year or so which will come as part of a pack jsut like this Necromancer pack which includes some cosmetic items, banners, etc.

    Get hyped! (Or not :ph34r: ).

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    posted a message on What will happen at Blizzcon?
    Quote from Wiz Bornstrong»

    I still don't understand how can people react in such way. Are you that blind that you can't see all the hints and information we have that Blizzard is really doing something for the Diablo franchise. Something new is happening on BlizzCon for Diablo, not old or what else, but something new. Its so obvious it hurts me when I see people that just refuse to believe that. Especially when I know that those people were ones emotionally attached to the first two Diablo series. Show some hope guys.

    People know not to get their hopes up because they are used to getting screwed over. You might have not been around for the last few conventions where Blizzard literally took a dump on Diablo fans with nothing but panels of bullshit. But people who have seen those with very high hopes got burned so bad that there is really no reason at all to be hyped for anything Diablo related. I like to be an optimist and hope for some cool fighting / 3rd person game but i know deep down that if Diablo gets anything new, it would be a retarded mobile game with a fucked up micro transactions business model... Maybe something like the Scrolls game by Mojang.
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    posted a message on What will happen at Blizzcon?

    My money is on a fighting game in the Diablo universe. Something like Mortal Kombat i mean.

    Either that or something 3rd person action like a God of war game but with multiplayer or some shit.

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    posted a message on Input lag...I promise I hit the key

    Well yeah, you need to time your skill button presses in order for them to actually be cast. You can also spam the clicks of a certain skill while the animation of the first is running and then once it's done, the second one (that you are currently spamming) will be cast. You can also hold down one skill button and then press a second skill in-between animations while still holding the first skill down... That also works but is only useful in certain scenarios...

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    posted a message on Input lag...I promise I hit the key

    Are you sure it's not just you spamming skills while the first skill is being cast? Skills do have an animation you know... And some skills have a longer animation than others. Also, kind of depends on your attack speed but that also depends on the skill you're using.

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