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    Very nice thread dude...

    I hope there wont be too many cities either... And i hope there will be alot of monsters added too -.-

    anyway thanks for the info.
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    Upon playing Diablo 2 LOD I noticed that there is no point to exploring random location or caves, hear me out on this one.

    The reason it is a waste of time is because it is completely random, which means if you miss a random dungeon in the first area you can just go in another in the second area and you will have missed out on nothing whatsoever.

    This means that people start to "rush" the quests and only do the required dungeons because well, what is the point when you can get random monsters, drops and random chests in any other quest dungeon?
    @Hot_To_Go: I dont know about you buddy but im gonna explore those random dungeons, and guess what? you will be missing alot if you wont.

    Random is not boring, Random is Random and its always different, so thats a good thing. There is no such thing in diablo as waste of time when it comes to monster killing (only if the area is for a lower lvl than yours) every time you explore you encounter monsters, and everytime you kill you got a chance to get good items, and gain xp, and have fun... i dont see how you think you are right... seriously.

    Edit: Daemaro i like that gem in your sig xD ''omfg what does that gem do!?!?!''
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    tbh i just noticed this thread and i was like, duh?

    I mean im sure there will be a great battle scene in d3... im just sure, you can all count on me :)

    ((btw i think dynasty warriors suck big time....))
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    the wizard is fucking crazy... imagine if they keep Tal Rasha's set in d3 (which i hope they will... its sounds logical too). you will probably look so cool with a male wizard compared to the sorc from d2 xD

    Cant wait...
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    I seriously don't think that the WD is a black sheep, he is fucking awesome. I cant think of any other games that had something similar...

    But to be honest, i expected blizzard to make something more unique than a wizard and a with doctor. I mean something that we haven't seen and heard of yet, something new that they made up... They still have a chance though, they got 2 unannounced classes and the expansion :D
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    I also think there is no blacksheep class in d2 basically because iv'e played all the classes and none of them seemed to me as a 'blacksheep'' because they were all really fun to play and strong at the same time (pvm or pvp) . But if it comes down to choosing one class, then i'd say that the amazon in the latest patch is a blacksheep class (in the older versions of d2 the amazon was not a blacksheep, maybe the necro tbh...).

    In diablo 3? a blacksheep? i dont think so... Atleast i hope not :)
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    I really like everyone's arguments, it gives me even more ideas and stuff... Yes, with the Havoc physics arrows / bolts will have a whole new visual effect i think, and that would be cool.

    I must say that i agree with some of you who said that a ranged character like the amazon can not come back, i think that is pretty obvious because it wont be anything special anymore.

    If blizzard will make a ranged class in d3 im sure it wont be anything like the amazon, although i can imagine some kind of a jungle warrior, like a barbarian but from the area that the WD comes from... He will have different types of projectiles and cool survival skills using nature and terrain to his own benefit (i could make a new thread about this guy).

    So for a ranged class in d3, its either gonna be something like a rogue or something like the amazon, but definitely nothing as we have seen before ( bow, arrows, shoot, kill).
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    I would have to say that my first pick would be one of the unannounced classes but as for now... Male wizard probably... or a barb...

    I just hope they will make like a signature class that will be based on fire and will look like a knight or some shit... a ''Diabolist'' that will definitely be my first pick :D
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    Quote from "Pwcca" »
    Spelling Rogue correctly would go vast distances towards making the class successful..

    I think

    Maybe your right, maybe your not... who knows!


    Edit: it was just a typo, i spelled it right later in the text -.- Why dont you comment on what i said instead of just pointing out mistakes?
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    I read most of the first post and its nice, good thinking.

    I recently discovered ''what makes diablo 2 look horror-ish''... go play d2 and look at EVERY object and EVERY piece terain and notice the black color. Everything in d2 has black in it, even just simple dots or stripes, but theres black in everything.

    I dont know if blizzard is gonna make d3 like this, cuz it dosnt really look like it on what we have seen so far.

    Simply, the black adds to the horror element in the game, without looking at the blood bathes, blood and gore.
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    Lol... When i was 6, yes 6, 1996... Me and my brother went to our neighbor's house to play with our friends on their computer. They were very excited and they told us that theres this kickass game called diablo. I was like diablo? whats that? so the guy (who is 5 years older than me) said you dont know diablo?... This is diablo.... It is hard...

    So he went to kill the butcher with his warrior and the butcher (AHHH FRESH MEAT) pwnd him cuz he was a noob 11 years old xD

    then when d2 came out i bought it (i was in the 6th grade) then i bought the expo too, and since then i haev been playing d2 for ATLEAST 3 months a year for 7 years.

    Best game ever.
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    I know that many people already suggested and talked about the rogue / thief / whatever class but i think it has some great potential when looking at it from a point of you that compares it to the other 3 already announced classes. What i mean is, that it could have many skills that can kill massively, allowing you to solo / coop the whole game.

    I have a few ideas that can actually (i think) make a thief class kickass:

    -First, obviously he should not and will not be named Rouge or Thief, it should have a special name that no other game had it before... I will leave that for blizz :P

    -The thief should be smaller than the other classes, his neck is leaning forward and his face is barely seen. With items and nice gear you can have him wearing a cloak covering his head, face and whole body...

    -He will probably use small melee weapons like: small swords, scimitars, daggers, or weapons like the assassin had in d2, blades and stuff... Im still not sure about ranged though.

    -The thief will have a main skill that will make him fade, with every higher skill lvl the thief will be harder to spot. He will have another skill that will make his movement blurred, something like wind walk, or walking and leaving smoke behind him.

    -With higher skill lvl he will have a trail of his own images on his tail as he is moving fast between the masses of enemies, those images will attack as much as they can and disapear, then reapear closer to the theif again... while he runs...

    -Did i mention that he has to be really fast.

    Ok so you come to a group of monsters, you start running towards them. Tey only spot you from a short distance because you are almost invisble, leaving them no time to react but to turn facing your direction. On approach, the thief will ''wind walk'' through the middle of the monster group hacking and slashing with his dual wielded scimitars, leaving a trail of smoke and his images behind him that chokes, posions, and attacks the enemies. After that most of the monsters will be poisoned so you kill a few with normal attacks ( maybe with chargeable attack skills) or you could wind walk to another side of the monster group and keep repeating that...

    I know the image is crap but it can help me show you what i mean. The black sqaure is the thief, the dark red dots are the monsters, the red lines are the route of the wind walking skill, its the trail that he leaves behind him, and the bright red dots are points that he casted the wind walk at... So it looks like some kind of an appocalypse star which is pretty cool.... xD

    -The thief should have a bonus when attacking from behind, that will encourage players to continiously wind walk behind targets, making the thief look like nothing but trails of smoke that can poison and kill anyone.

    -Ofcourse we can add some sort of curses / diseases / poisons / bleeding wounds that monsters will get their hp drained over time.

    -Maybe the ability to lay traps while wind walking, that if you can use the skill in the right time (leaving the traps in the middle of the mob clusters and stuff). the traps could be explosives, poison clouds, shocking, a ball full of 10 inch nails that explodes and blinds everyone, etc...

    -Ranged weapons... Ok so, i saw some ideas about automatic crossbows which will be kinda realistic in d3 because its 20 years after d2 and there was something similar to gunpowder in d2 so... A thief could have a two handed or dual wielded crossbows, shooting fast, low range. The low range factor will enforce players to get close to their enemies, and to avoid getting hit when standing still and shooting (since you are not a tank, you are relativly small and can get f***** up pretty bad) you will have to use wind walk, which will again make it look cool... you will wind walk around your enemies and through them, leaving traps and spraying them with you automated crossbow from every direction.


    Well, its kinda long but it could have been longer... I know it can sound like its really shallow you know, you can wind walk and hit... put some traps, then what?..... I think that the whole blinking / wind walking / invisble thing, and the fact that you must keep moving around your enemies, and the fact that you are fast and have cool skills with cool effects, and you are small, wearing a hood and a cloak with 2 swords or a crazy looking crossbow... I think that is enough for it to be a good class. And if Blizzard will actually make a class like this im sure it will have some elemnets that my suggestion contains, and im sure they will make him playble and enjoyable :D

    thanks for reading, if you did that is.



    -Well, balanced in terms of pvp could mean also that other classes have escape classes taht can help you avoid the thief hits and shoot him if you are a caster. Other skills for every class can be made which will kinda counter some of the stuff the thief can do, and also will have great use in pvm... You see, IF this class is created, it will be balanced into the game and not just thrown in it and creating unbalance.... Which is what probably happened on knight online, never plaid but they shurely aint blizzard.

    @italfoca: You are right, and the idea of the 3 trees is good also but it should not allow players to focus on only one tree, so we wont have a new version of an assassin, and a lame JUST traps build etc...
    I think that you will have to use wind walk (or other moving skills like blink or whatever you can think of) even if you wanna focus mostly on traps, maybe they can make it that you can lay traps only while wind walking? or on blink's impact point... :P

    @Reform: Well, yes its going to be a super hero, like the wizard and the barb are on what we have seen so far. I think that the abilities i mentioned can be compared in their power to the wizard and the barb, and even the wd. I didnt really say it should be invisble, it will be hard to be seen... for monsters it will affect the distance that it takes them to be from you so they can see you, and for other people it will look as a faded character you know... Its NOT invisble, because i know invisble in pvp is kinda fucked up.
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