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    It's mind-boggling to me that people are raging hard about the PvP announcements so far. If we use Diablo 2 as the bar for PvP so far, it still sounds completely to me like Diablo 3 will be better in every way.

    Was Diablo 2 balanced for PvP? No
    Did Diablo 2 have a ladder system? No
    Did Diablo 2 have any stat tracking for PvP? No
    Was there a convienent way to duel in PvP in Diablo 2? No

    Why are people acting like Blizzard is ruining something which was never good in the first place? From the sound of things, PvP in Diablo 3 will be quite similar to PvP in Diablo 2 except there will actually be a level of support outside of needing to duel people outside of the town, worrying about monsters and shit getting in the way.
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    I sort of understand people's complaints about simplicity, but from the sound of it they haven't actually made it any simpler. Strength increased damage for melee classes. Willpower increased it for spellcasters. Now they merged the two into Attack. It's not any simpler from a gameplay perspective at all, it's just more straightforward.

    Also, it seems like none of the stats increase the accuracy of melee attacks. Is it possible to miss when using melee attacks?
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    Game | Year Announced | Year Released
    Warcraft 3 | 1999 | 2002
    World of Warcraft | 2001 | 2004
    Starcraft 2 | 2007 | 2010

    Typically non-expansion games that have an all new engine and are basically being created from scratch are released three years after their announcement. I would predict a 2011 release for Diablo 3, or early 2012 if it goes that far. Diablo 3 was announced in June 2008.
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