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    The point is that people think Paragon points is something everyone should have and easy to earn. That is not what a paragon point is. Your paragon level shows your dedication, power, and the way you spent time ingame. Nobody accepts your 300 paragon points for a 60GRift because, let's be honest, you won't even have two of the four main stats from offense finished. There is a huge difference between having + 700 mainstat and not having it. Having a high paragon level requires you to do stronger and harder GRifts, and people just want to do 60 GRifts like it was a normal rift, and that's not okay, because you're not dedicating yourself to the leaderboards, even. If you don't dedicate yourself, you won't get good at a game. The principle applies everywhere else.

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    I'd like to talk about how easy it seems that spambots register and post useless, space-consuming threads and spam people. Maybe a way could be arranged to stop this from happening? Maybe a registration confirmation email that had a code you'd have to type in a registration box, or something. Though not as effective as certain other methods like reality check and captchas, it could be a good start.

    (Thank you for moving this thread to the right Sub-Forum!)

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    Upvoted! Definitely helpful to see how much you're going to advance in Paragons after season ends!

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