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    posted a message on Alternate ideas for a different kind of ranged character for Diablo 3!
    Quote from "Walleye" »

    Huntum sea monster wif sharp stik. Good aim. use bow and arrow wif rope to use drag and knife technique. Makeum healthy paste from water plant. Useum shell and bone from dead sea monster for armor. Commandum the power of the sea. Makeum and sail ship for faster travel. Swimum and dive under water hold bref for long time. Commandum sea creature when near water. Findum treasures better than other. Sniffum enemy wif good smeller. Catchum fish for eat and feel good. Fire monster run in fear.

    That's excessively focused on water, and I'm not sure if that's a joke.
    But, I do like the idea of having a character who used to be a sailor. Problem is, I don't know what his skill trees would look like, and marksmanship wouldn't be one of them.

    Samurais and other mounted warriors are known for being as well trained with bows as swords. However, I think we've got our oriental classes fairly well covered (Wizards oriental in ethnicity, Monk a hybrid of things). Then again, what's wrong with more Asian? Asia is a bloody big place.
    Problem with samurais specifically is I think they'd end up too similar to the Monk in the fast but weak melee DPS theme.

    So I think the rogue/thief or amazon angles are more likely.
    Problem with rogue/thief: I don't think stealth works well at ALL in the Diablo style hack and slash gameplay. So really it'd have to be a ranger or assassin or something along those lines
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    posted a message on I Will Be Impressed With D3 if...
    Quote from "italofoca" »
    -If it's turns out more a horror survivor/dungeon crawler then a arcade hack n'slash.
    -If they put just a little bit more realism, like heavy armors decreasing movement speed.
    -If the Barbarian have a good active defence skill like Monk's shield.

    Horror survival rather than hack and slash? No thank you.
    Heavy armor decreasing movement speed? No thank you.
    Plus, I think the Barbarian will be tough enough to not need an active defense.

    I will be impressed if every weapon looked different in the animation, rather than some weapons with different art having the same model.
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    posted a message on Level of Difficulty
    Is that concept art, that showed the cathedral in normal and hell difficulties, and actual visual differences in the hell version, still around?
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    Quote from "Carloseus" »
    True they are on a mission by a seeming higher power, but they make it more of a personal endeavor instead of a crusade.

    I don't remember the paladin crusading with anybody else either. The monk's your holy class, it's just not your typical Western Christianity class (I forget what he was based off of, I think a mix of Eastern European and something Asian).
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    posted a message on I miss something in D3 classes...
    Quote from "italofoca" »
    The very traditional civilized hero. The fair guy, the protector of the inocents and virgins, the "lawful good with 18 CHA". The guy who's dream is become a city guard and protect the people from those vile bandits and beats.

    Boring and one dimensional. We have a fairly holy good-doer, called the monk, even if he is a "selfperfectionist." And I'm fine with that!
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    posted a message on The Druid
    "Life magic" is already covered pretty well by the WD, methinks, so switch that with summoning wolfies and other creatures (stronger than in D2) and it looks good
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    posted a message on Old UI vs New UI
    I can do without the filler space in the old one, but I like the old inventory page way better. It looks like there's an arrow to move away from the preview of your character, if you just want to look at the item cliparts, and I think that's a nice choice. Even without the arrow, I still really like the preview, so I can look at me char + items while selecting skills. Finally, I like the art better - the new one feels to plain. I like the Gothic window feel.
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    posted a message on Magic Find, very short suggestion
    Sorry if this has been discussed before, but I was reading this

    "For Magic Find, we like the idea of Magic Find, it's cool, something happens and all of a sudden I have a better chance of getting gear. But what we don't like is that it changes how you play to such a degree. I dump really good items because they're not Magic Find items. I play certain classes because they're the best classes for Magic Find. So we want to keep Magic Find, but we want to pull that out of the balance. The easiest way might be to not make it item-based, or if we make it item-based, to make it something you could put on anybody. Maybe there's some way to grant your items Magic Find on top of something, but then that maybe has some kind of inherent cost to it. So we haven't decided yet, that's why we're kind of talking in riddles, but the key is, we don't want players to play that way. We don't want players' items to be dictated by Magic Find. That's not fun. So the next one will be the fact that you probably used a sorceress, is my guess, and the reason you probably did that was because items were less valuable for the sorceress."

    And I was thought, why not just make a Magic Find Scroll? Activate it, and you get better items for a while.
    Or better yet, I think, Magic Find orbs? By orbs, I'm referring to the same type of orb as the health orbs and mana orbs already in game.
    That's my 2 cents. Thoughts?
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    posted a message on Fifth Class Brainstorm
    Quote from "Kikhu" »
    here we go:

    So lets look at what we have got. The barb, simple... nothing changed from d2, character wise. Wizard, is just a revamp of the sorceress. THen there is Witch Doctor, i consider him a Necro with more badass abilities.

    Now we have Monk, and if you look at the concept art, and the idea behind him, he is really a mix between assasin and paladin. He holy, and sneaky, fast and also uses claws of somesort.

    Now logically, the only two classes left from d2 are Druid and Amazon. So i belive that the next class for D3 will be a mix between thoose two. Im thining a ranger with elemental abilities, and summonig powers, but also a darker character. Kind of like a Theif, you know with the hoods and the cloaks.

    I cant really think of a great name for this char....

    What you think?

    They intro'd the monk with Act 2, so they'll probably intro the next class with Act 3, and if the Acts follow the same order as D2, it'll be a jungle.
    I think an Amazon/Druid mix would be pretty likely, like an Amazon with bows, javelins, and pets as her three main skill trees.
    In this case, I think they'll probably leave the mysterious hood and cloak class (like the rogue, or to some extent the necro) for an expansion.
    Then again... a rogue could be pretty cool.
    Too bad demonologist is out, seeing as how the final class has almost got to be physically ranged (and a demon summoner needs more than just one or two trees devoted to his evily spells)
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    posted a message on Characters won't expire.
    Huzzah!!!!!!! The expiration date was the only thing that kept me from playing battlenet, and isolated me to single player. No more worries! I AM AT PEACE WITH BLIZZARD!
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    posted a message on New class idea...
    Ever since the beginning, I've predicted and wanted to see a demonologist class, like a warlock but melee ranged, with these skill trees:

    1) Demonic transformation - turn into one of several choices of evil beasts, each with their own separate advantage (maybe one could be ranged, one high hp, one high melee damage). You miss out on the fun of seeing your character's armor, but maybe weapons could still be visibly held.
    2) Dark magic - anything that the Wizard and Warlock don't get to, mainly necromancer stuff, like bone skills and corpse explosion - monster explosion anyone?
    3) Furies - furies would be unholy spirits that follow the demonologist and give party wide boosts (like the Paladin's auras), and you have a limit to how many you can have out at a time (2 or 3)

    And then the fifth class could be the ranged, agile one
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    posted a message on Bashiok on "Skill Trees" in Diablo 3.
    I have a simple idea. Chances are something like it has been suggested already.

    How about keep the skill system just as Bashiok has described it's current form, but add this: every point you have in a skill tree reduces the mana cost (and for those with fury, maybe increase the damage) of all the skills in the tree slightly. So you could potentially see a teleporting sorc with hydras and cold orb... but if the sorc decided to go all fire, she'd be able to do more impressive fireworks, albeit less varied. And by more fireworks I don't mean it's a better build, just higher rate of spells per minute, at the cost of lack of variety (which tend sto be useful).

    So it's more efficient to go into one or two trees only... but there'd be no clumsy synergy system cutting down on variety.
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