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    guys.... there are cops sitting outside my house O.O it's 11:37p.m and i got school in 9 hours... I just heard their radio in their car .....

    p.s. good guide ;)
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    hahahaha Diablo I moments... Gah, so many....

    1st off: playing the Diablo Spawn instead of the actual game, because i didn't realize that Spawn was not a expansion/sequal, but just a much shorter version of the game...

    2nd: Playing Multiplayer, Never before, and Never again will any Game-Producing company ever accomplish full-scale cooperation in a game, like Blizzard had in Diablo. Sure you could've got a lvl 50 to join your game, and carry you through, but that was boring.

    The funnest and Most memorable moments of Diablo have been going from lvl 1-16 in 1 night, with a good party of 4.

    - Butcher, run around and hope you don't get hit.
    -Leorick, Run around even faster.. and pray you don't get surrounded by skeletons.
    -lvl 13 in general (the one with the succubi(topless ;) ) shooting pink shit at you)
    -somewhere in there... getting really happy at the thought of killing topless succubi who shot shit at you....
    -Diablo.... Lmao... this was just stupid chaos, run don't get killed, and try to kill stuff all at the same time.

    -Entering the Main Chatroom at the end of a very long night of Demon-Slaying, /w xslayerx2 Did we just kill diablo?
    /w blackula Good GAME MAN!

    indeed, Very good game. i think i'm gonna go play some now =], and hopefully i won't encounter too many mods that brought that game, and it's multiplayer-ability down quite a bit.

    oh yah, just like last year (i'm 17 now) i whipped out the old CD KEY and diablo disk, and was playing through the early Cathedrals... and i had the surround sound turned up a bit, so you hear the moans and whispering and eerie sounds, and unending torture of the dungeon music...

    So, i'm just walking through it with my rogue, and i see a couple of zombies "twang twang" i take'm out no prob... and i'm really getting into the Sound effects... And as soon as i start to really believe im in this Dungeon...

    I hear the sound effects whisper my name....

    Shake of the head... uhh.. Wow i'm really really really starting to get into this game, and i ask myself "if you've gone insane how do you tell if you really are insane?" Shake it off... keep exploring... heading down to lvl 4... skeletons everywhere...

    The game whispers my name again... or so i thought... it is late... i'm just hearing it... after all the surround sound is quite loud and graspfull... The game whispers my name again... OKAY... I immediantly look up from my screen and around my shoulder! ... nothing... uh oh... So i sorta get up from my chair... and peer into the kitchen, the stove says it's 12:34... everyones asleep... no noise except for the muffled diablo background.. I turn around and peak into the living room... nothing, i can hear the snoring from my mom's room... but nothing, no ones here.

    ehh... uhh... i'll keep playing. So i sit once again at my chair, at my desktop, and stick my face into the screen again... the background sounds really get to your head, when you're alone... and you can literally get into the game.

    The game whispers my name again... I hit ESC, I get up from my chair, and turn around..... Nothing.
    I stand there for a while, in the dark, only the dim light from the monitor reflects any light at all. I listen intently... the background music is not as loud, now that the game is paused.

    The game whispers my name once again.... This time it comes from the window, and not the game itself! I run to the window TYLER YOU ASSHOLE! scared the shit outta me...

    I hear small chuckles from my friend, whose face is barely visible outside in the night.

    it was just a friend, who gets his kicks outta scaring skinny white kids... -.-

    God forbid anyone ever be locked in a completly dark room, with a surround sound system playing the background sounds and music to Diablo.... they will go insane from the sights and other sounds their minds create for them.

    =] <3 diablo none the less.
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