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    2 Zombies....or screaming for help?

    The infection spreads (no points for me)

    Does this count?......
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    Seriously!? Are you kidding me!?

    you and elfen are still invested in this?

    We have been sitting around for weeks waiting for you two to take this story somewhere, anywhere. And now you are blaming us for the lack of posts. this is ridiculous. You two are the leaders of this story, anybody's attempt to move the story forward had been met with deletion.

    You have us about to attack something, FINALLY, just to be stopped and taken for a walk. So we fill our time with pointless banter just to be told not to - quote
    "You would do well to abide by the customs of bramwell as best you can when we get there." said buliwyf overhearing the conversation of Kira and Warrick. "I will not risk outrage and undue attention being brought on us, if it can be avoided.

    What do you expect from us? You guys are breaking your own rules of not posting enough per week making it impossible for us to post anything and now you are blaming us. How dare you say that you and elfen are still invested in this and that we are not. All of us sit by everyday waiting for something new to arise only to be let down. The only thing that the two of you have had happen in this story in the last three weeks is have us walking to Bramwell. What do you want from us? Why don't the two of you give us something we can talk about and interact with? Before this walk we had over a month of sitting in a twon with nothing to do. Lets forget the fact that the beginning of the story started with nothing to do. since 8/09 (2 months and 10 days) we have gone from a battle that was already over, to a town already destroyed, to being caught and taken for a walk. What exactly are we supposed to do with this?

    I will be quitting this rp for the mere fact that the leaders of this rp have no idea on what they are doing.
    1. They disallow anybody else's ideas on what is going on. Anybody who has tried to do anything has been told not to and their posts have been deleted.
    2. There is no communication on what is going on in the story, leaving us clueless on what to do.
    3. This story is boring. Almost 3 months and no real fights or events to be had.
    4. The leaders of this RP are not complying with thier own rules on posting.
    5. Now we are being blamed for inactivity.
    6. I am sick of having to be a mere side character or object in THEIR story and ideas.
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