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    Quote from Kblavkalash

    Yeah Number1337 is right. Even though you get more mf, you lose precious time when trying to kill mob with mf gear. I personally die a lot when i change my gear in last seconds.
    But the rest of us are doing it right and switching to mf, killing the elite or boss quickly, then switching back in a matter of seconds.

    And I find it stupid and ruins the flow of the game. I'm glad Blizz is going to do something about this..
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    It would take me years then. Have the Jews forgiven the Germans yet?
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    lol so you're complaining that people exploited the game with a certain OP build, and you were well on your way to acquire that same build to do the same exploiting?


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    Patch 18? Dammit, e-peen shrunk...
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    posted a message on New Blizzard Kidzz Series to Offer the Most Epic Learning Experiences . . . Ever!
    Kids helping defeat Diablo by reciting their multiplication tables? Epic.
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    Quote from serrie

    I understand that it's really hard to let go of one's vision of what Hardcore is supposed to be...but even with the Gold AH, your vision no longer exists.
    The same principle always applies in any trading game, whether you can trade through an auction house or by player to player trading. If you're good at making an income that way, then so be it, but at least you've only been taking advantage of your gaming assets as opposed to getting your real life assets involved.

    Quote from UberN00b

    Quote from maka

    Yes...so let's bring it into the very thing we use to escape it (and other things)...that's using your head.
    Oh, so you're saying that saying "no" will actually keep it out? Ah k, I see.
    No, I believe maka is trying to say that just because something works the way it does in the real world doesn't mean it needs to happen in the game.

    Quote from UberN00b

    Quote from mko0nji9

    I also get the feeling that there's a lot of people that found refuge in HC just because they thought there was no RMAH.

    That's what just doesn't make sense of any kind. I guess once people believe the sky really is falling, there's no stopping the stampede...
    I'm quite amazed at your ignorance. Even after all the points I've given, you just shrug them off as if they're invalid. Everyone feels the same way you do huh?
    I understand why you want an RMAH, but you can't comprehend why myself and many others don't want it. That speaks volumes about your inability to acknowledge the psychological effects that an RMAH will bring to the table.
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    I feel like they've crossed a line by trying to make more money at the cost of losing what a game should be about - its virtual reality. It should be as distant from any real life influences as it can be, as it has always been, but Blizzard is welcoming real life and our gaming lives to come closer together.

    You need to be careful though. Supporting a company's monetary choices completely isn't always that wise. I mean, while I find the RMAH to be a breach of gaming values, sure, I can understand why so many others don't see it in the same light, but at what point will Blizzard realize that enough is enough and if they try and squeeze anymore money out of us, they'll begin to lose their credibility?

    What if they decide to sell bot programs to you to use for short periods of time? You might think that's preposterous, but the next guy won't. He could argue that he doesn't feel like farming for the next two hours, so why can't he be given the luxury of a bot to do it for him if he's willing to pay for it with cash?

    I just hope Blizzard decides to draw that line before the HC-RMAH.

    Oh and as for selling an item for $50. Me. I wouldn't want to sell it.
    Why you ask? Because I can make $50 in 2 hours IRL, but I could've spent weeks farming for that item. It's just counter productive for me to farm in a game to earn a few bucks an hour at best. Gaming isn't a job to me, so I don't expect to be making money off of it, but if it was, it would have to be the worst paying job possible.
    Conversely, it's the exact reason why I don't want an RMAH present in my game mode, because buying items would be very productive use of my time. I don't want to fall into that trap.
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    Quote from 1up_Mush
    - Using fast dualwield 1H weapons to generate fury and then switching to a big 2H to launch attacks.
    - Using sword and board to mitigate damage while closing gap on the ennemy and then swapping for a 2H when close.
    - Using Bow and kite and then switch for sword and board or 2H when you are getting closed range.

    I will surely miss it... i remember the old WOW days when no macro or tools were out yet and i was building my own macros and owning newbs wondering how i was swapping in there face or how i could spam 4-5 abilities so fast. Taking out this feature simplifies some of the strategic aspect of the game and this is a shame.

    So what you're recommending is to make fighting optimally so complex that only a highly skilled veteran or a macro can do the job properly? Gotcha.

    I never liked weapon swapping. People only used it to increase their buffs which was a sad result to a theoretically good feature.
    If they gave us weapon swapping again then why not just give us whole body gear swaps so we can turn fully defensive/offensive or to pop out our MF gear once the rare monsters are nearly killed?

    It's silly to have and for the same reason the nephalem altar was introduced to stop swapping skills in the middle of battle to counter each situation. It's much better that Blizzard went with the "you're going to be encountering monsters of all different types, so make sure you have a balance between all different kinds of abilities" approach.
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    Quote from BenAlpha

    Quote from Puttah

    because we will be re-killing all the bosses for their first time drop loot.

    This is exactly why they are not doing this.
    They already stated that they are against "Boss Farming".
    I wouldn't exactly call it boss farming if you're completing the game over again.
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    Quote from Frozenkex

    Quote from Harmonica39

    it was actually pretty common in D2 to have MF items in your second weapon slot and changing it your weapons for the last hit.
    Sounds like an unfun chore that should be avoided by design. Removal of weapon switching button was step in right direction, for many other reasons as well, imo.
    But if its gonna be 'optimal' to open up inventory and equip mf gear for the kill, thats also no fun, because ill do it if i have to but i wouldve preferred not to.
    I totally agree with you. I don't care what was common practise in D2 (I even did it myself), it's just a mechanic that forces us to do so that we can stay competitive amongst the rest. In fact, I even did it in single player because if taking those few extra seconds to per run to swap into MF gear meant that I could do a much smaller fraction of runs compared to if I didn't swap, then yes I'm going to do it.

    Not saying I like having to think about swapping gear...
    Not promising that I won't make a macro for this kind of thing in D3 if it isn't fixed...
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