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    This is getting stupid.
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    posted a message on What I would've liked to see
    Straight writing, no rude words, no grammar issues, and you're drunk?

    Your complaint are valid if a little old for some. But I still agree. I consider this entire process streamlining and consolization. I rarely use that word for a pure PC game, but sadly, it fits here too well.
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    posted a message on You think you are so sly.
    And thats why I hate people putting gems into items.

    Its simple. It gives a false value to the item and just confuses me. It can screw up the DPS and make comparison harder. It can make it show up on specific stats it doesn't have which makes say, everytime, I DON'T WANT YOU.

    If I want sockets, I want empty sockets, and I search for sockets.

    Frankly, I think items with socketed gems should not be allowed to be put on the AH. They should have to be removed.
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    posted a message on Royal Crypts Farming nerfed?
    Quote from Stormz

    they nerf it due to the simple reason they don't want you do "short and sweet" runs like remaking a new game for crypts or chain spawn games for the possibility of a goblin two steps away from a way point. Blizz wants you to farm via actually going through a map and then the next area. Essentially getting 5 stacks then hunting down a boss is what they want to push the player too.

    Yes, they have this stupid, delusional view that people will never keep farming the same spot over and over and over again.

    Its pretty much the same as them changing WoW so much constantly, thinking they'll hit a PvP balance.

    Guess what, they never did.
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    Quote from Simca

    As somebody who farmed the Royal crypts, I'm glad they nerfed it. It was the reason the AH prices have risen to absurd levels (people running 200 bots doing it 24/7).
    They totally can't run bots somewhere else.

    You don't think its that hard do you?
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    posted a message on Act III Inferno Farming, Treasure Creatures Drop Rates, RMAH ToS Update - Authenticator Required, Commodity Auctions, Blue Posts
    Yeah, cash in with forced authenticators. Smart, uh. Can never get enough.
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    posted a message on Screenshots of Equipped Legendaries
    Since most people don't want them in the slightest, I'm not surprised there aren't many pictures around.
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    posted a message on I am so disappointed in crafting...
    Quote from Ixir

    Crafting is meant to be done slowly, if your power leveling it in hopes for a good item right off the bat, your doing it wrong.

    Whatever floats your boat though.

    This isn't wow where you power level to max level and make "x" item where you know what your getting.

    In my eyes crafting is the new gheed from D2.

    Good luck!

    Yes its the new Gheed... except in a world where that gold has purpose. Making the gamble absolutely pathetic. This rips you off and turns you to pieces more quickly and efficiently than a casino.
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    posted a message on Can color blind people not see Legendary items?
    I played what, 60+ hours? Probably 70. And never had one drop.

    I mean, if he missed any, he did not miss many.

    And if he did, chances are they were crap.

    But doesn't this game have color-blind options?
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    posted a message on Diablo III Developer AMAA, Update on Auction House Commodity Sales (Working on US servers), Account Security Alert: LinkedIn
    Quote from Molster
    • The Auction House has no effect on drop rates. They are actually tuned for players that will never use the Auction House.
    • The game was tuned without the Auction House because there weren't enough players to make it work during internal testing.

    Joke post? April's fool?

    The moment I read that line, I actually believed I was reading a troll post in the wrong section.

    Bashiok stated the exact opposite, they conveniently delete it and now they're saying this.

    Come on. Lying through your skulls here.

    Quote from Molster
    • When Legendaries get an upgrade in a future patch they'll have many interesting proc abilities.
    While I really like the news, I'll just BET that it'll only be there when the RMAH is up. For a reason. Yes conspiracy theorist boohoo, deal with it.
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    posted a message on SFJake's Whining Topic. Today: Blizzard's Broken Design Philosophies.
    Quote from BigEd781

    Quote from Adon

    What I wrote wasn't against you Jake. It was against the guy that tried to call you out on programming because hes a "professional".

    Im with you about 90% of the way.

    Yeah, one more person who has no clue what they are talking about running their mouth just adds to the noise in this thread...

    If you're going to make claims like "I can add 10 features in 30 minutes" then prepared to be called on your bullshit when someone wanders by who actually has a clue.

    It was kind of an exagerration.

    But it is pretty easy in theory.

    I get however, that a professional process is.. more complicated than just one guy changing a few lines.

    I'll concede whatever point you want at that stupid line, my only point was that adding options is NOT a difficult task and they can be added in bulk. If adding a simple option is hard because of everything it has to go through, then everything else is a thousand times harder.

    The only point is that they could easily do it, and openly refused because they don't want too many options. And in most case, those options could just be .ini-style/console command options.

    Its not far fetched to add options for the most wanted nitpicking stuff and their "philosophy" is to deny options for the sake of denying them, which is what I disagree with.

    Now you can please just get over the fact that I'm not a programmer.

    Quote from ruksak

    I think "Jake" just likes to hear himself talk....or see himself type....or....anywho, dude is long winded as fuck.

    The fact that you, Jake, have more-or-less stated that you think one of the mistakes Blizzard made was making it too difficult to do hacks......ends any credibility you may have had going into this thread.

    Hacks destroy PvP. Hacks make PvM games very annoying when someone you're partied with is hacked up and being a douche.

    I love to hear the sound of my keyboard.

    And their -mistake- is over-prioritizing a security that barely affects me to cut important things that affects TONS of people dramatically.

    If the world over-prioritized security, everybody would be living in a cage.
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    posted a message on SFJake's Whining Topic. Today: Blizzard's Broken Design Philosophies.
    Quote from TheDFO

    Pretty much. They didn't want wow style raiding, so they chose to keep it "Diablo" by having the repeated difficulties. And since you max before Inferno, all they had left was a gear check. Similar to D2 Hell, in that it was a level check and gear check for resistances. I don't think anyone has figured out a good "end game" in RPGs yet. But if you have a good idea, I'm all ears (honestly).

    They didn't have to go raid-style but they could have added... something. Honestly, I think the quest for the secret level would be a more interesting end game, just because its a goal. Inferno also changes in no way besides stats (and ridiculous elites). No bosses present any new real challenge, no new moves, no new nothing.

    As a more expensive project, Inferno could include a bunch of new quests or things to do. Uber Tristram in Diablo 2 is a common exemple for me, its an end game possibility that is exciting and gives special reward. Special events of any kind could be very interesting and make inferno genuinly appealing.

    At the very least, Inferno should just present more core differences to the game. But it doesn't. If I knew every boss had new attacks or new patterns, that anything was new, then I would be 10x more interested. Heck, I'd care more about Inferno if I knew I'd find ITEMS worth using -> but thats not even how Diablo 3 works.

    Quote from TheDFO

    Because if you could use as many skills as you wanted, there would be no "builds" at all. If you limit the number of skills usable (just like you were limited in skills in D2 by the skill points), then people are forced to come up with good combinations of skills, instead of whatever they want right then. Can't speak to why they limited the number of hotkeys until you level. I mean, I can see how it makes sense, I just don't think it was a great idea.
    You misunderstand.

    This isn't about increasing the amount of skills you can have at the same time. Its just about more versatility in how you can set up the hotkey and use them. If I want all my hotkeys on 1-6 and not on the mouse, why don't I have this option? Its mostly about being forced to use the left mouse button for a skill, yes you can use shift, but thats still annoying. I'd rather have it on 5. Simple thing, but not possible. In fact, it WAS possible, but they removed it.

    Quote from TheDFO

    But...people DID ask for it. In the internal testing they did, some people didn't really understand how the skills broke out. Besides, aren't you the one who said:

    Elective/non-elective mode is to give a suggestion as to what combination of skills you should have, with the option to turn it off.
    Fair point -> but the option is backward. It limits people and hides what they can do by default, creating more questions than it is actually helping anyone. People are still, to this day, randomly surprised that Elective mode exists, and that they can put any skills they want in any hotkey.

    It was added to make people's life easier. It did the opposite. At the very least, the game should present it to you as part of a tutorial right away, and ask you if you want to activate it. THEN, nobody would be missing out.

    Quote from TheDFO

    It's called force cast and force move. If you mount mouse one to be always move, bind it (you have the option) to force move, and bind cast/interact to another button. Also, this is the same it was in Diablo 2 if you chose to rebind the move key. Oh, and in Diablo if you clicked on a monster you'd attack do the physical attack, even if you were a Necro with a wand.

    You misunderstand me again. I actually believe (but I'm not sure) that if you tried to cast, say, Fireball and you were out of mana in Diablo 2, you would just.. do nothing. Instead, now, your Wizard will move forward with his melee weapon and smack the enemy in the head.

    Thats on HOTKEYS by the way. So even if the skill is on 1 and its out of mana, tapping it will make you move forward if you have a melee weapon. This should only happen on the Left Mouse Button, but NOT on the others.

    Quote from TheDFO

    Blizzard has never supported modding, so I at least hope you're not surprised. however, if it kills all hope of modding, how come you said:

    And no, it doesn't prevent anything. You can't PREVENT hacking unless you cut all access. However, it makes it more difficult, which is what security ultimately is. Further, one of the thousands of holes/flaws in Diablo 2 was that the user had access to the server code, and so they could A) reverse engineer it directly from code and B) practice on it. If they have to guess at what the code is to generate items/skills/mobs, then it is that much harder to hack.
    I'm puzzled then. Why would they give us the server code? The game does not need to include everything with the game to put its server at risk. SC2 for example, doesn't, and it has an offline mode.

    Quote from TheDFO

    Agreed. An .ini should have been included. I'm not surprised it wasn't, as Blizzard is the Apple of Game devs (you get our streamlined experience, and you can't personalize it - if you don't like it, go buy something else). And just like how I dislike Apple for it, I dislike Blizzard for it. The difference is I like the other stuff Blizzard does, and have yet to find an alternative that is good enough to make me skip Blizzard product all together.
    Yes, the gaming industry doesn't have a lot of good options, so its hard to overlook Blizzard's games, which amidts all their flaws, I've had some fun times with all of them.

    Quote from TheDFO

    You don't HAVE to do the same run over and over gain. People just choose too. That said, why are you complaining about this? It's been the Diablo "thing" since...ever, and, more or less, started the loot grind trend for ARPGs on PCs. I mean, if you don't like it, fine, but move on, unless, as I suspect, this isn't a "Blizzard's Broken Design Philosophies" it's a "why I don't like Diablo 3/Diablo series."

    Its actually part of a ridiculous amount of games, mostly MMOs. I don't think Diablo 3 is that grindy, but it still is, and Diablo 2 was excessively grindy. I have a BIG problem with excessive, pointless grinds, in any game, and don't believe its part of why Diablo was a good experience.

    Quote from TheDFO

    Yes, yes you do. If it were Blizzard selling items directly, I'd agree. But I fail to see anything wrong with A) people selling items they find in game, and B) giving people a legit way to gear up and play through the hardest parts of the game. I mean, it's not like a complete noob will buy the best gear and rofl-stomp inferno and brag about it, because, at least as it is now, you need some skill as well.
    What you just said here, is kind of the problem with grinding. If there is so much grinding that people are tempted to waste real life money on virtual item just to progress faster... well... there is something wrong, isn't there?

    Of course thats the point here, because it makes them money. But I fail to see how that enhances the game in any way. It just makes people waste more time and more money.

    Quote from TheDFO

    I never found a good unique in D2 either. Further, before LoD came out, uniques were pretty terrible (and I think Normal items only). They then changed it, so they best items in the games were Runewords and Uniqes (only some of those items, while most of the uniques and runewords where still 100% useless). People complained. The idea is that the best items are the best rolled rares. They are going to revisit and rebalance uniques to try and make them better though. And again, the whole disappointing to get a bad drop - that's part of the item grind mentality.
    I don't understand. Its part of the item grind mentality to finally see an epic drop and it fails to surpass the worst of your items?

    I'm sorry, I don't really know what to say. Almost nothing in this game is an upgrade when its dropped. Thats no fun.

    Quote from TheDFO

    You just don't like Diablo 3, or the Diablo series. Many of your complaints are either contradictory, down right wrong/ignorant, or about what is the core of the series. Honestly, I'm glad you don't like it, because when a company changes a game so much so that someone who dislikes this much about it starts to like it, you get games that abandon they're core. Sure, it might be a decent game, but it's not what it could have been. Take the Mass Effect series - each interation boiled down the RPG elements and other unique features (no ammo), until it's just Gears of War with magic powers set in space.
    Even the core of Diablo has been affected negatively. I'm not the only one hating on this new Diablo 3. I understand that I may not like some core elements of Diablo and you don't want them changed, thats fine, but if you ask me, Diablo changed a LOT from its core already, in many ways, no better than Mass Effect turning into Gears of War.

    Quote from CursedEmbrace

    I mean I can respect not liking the story but there is no depth here at all, not unlike some of the posts you just said you didn't like.
    Well, fine, I didn't develop every point fairly. The post was big enough already and some elements could have been cut completely from my first post.
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    posted a message on SFJake's Whining Topic. Today: Blizzard's Broken Design Philosophies.
    Quote from pskfry

    Stop ruining the forum. I came here to discuss a game that I play, not why other people don't play it. If you don't like it why do you spend hours writing an explanation for why you don't like it on a forum? You know what i do when I don't like a game? I just don't fucking play it. I put it away and go do something else with my life.

    Holy fuck you self-important, self-aggrandizing child. Go AWAY. NOBODY CARES. I READ 10% OF YOUR POST AND VOMITED.

    Then discuss. I'm not stopping you am I? Who is the selfish, egotistical guy here? The one that speaks up or the one that tells the other not to speak?

    This forum is full of positive topics if thats what you care about.

    Quote from emyln

    Quote from SFJake

    Lack of options in general. Their excuses being "we don't want to overwhelm the gamer with options" (not their exact words). This is the worst excuse I have ever seen. There is NO such thing as too much options. Advanced options (or ini options) and changing details to my liking IS WHY I LOVE PC GAMING. Not only that, but adding options is EASY. YES, its easy. I could add 10 of the most wanted options in 30 minutes and I'm not a good programmer. ITS JUST THAT DAMN EASY.

    SFJake is either 14 years old or a moron with absolutely no gaming design experience.

    Also, add 10 of the most wanted options in 30 mins? He has never ever been in a real programming project, let alone a multi-million dollar project.

    I've toyed around with modding in various games from C++ games to simplistic games. Adding options is almost always a breeze. It is rarely a complex operation unless the game is really designed like shit but I wouldn't know that about Diablo 3.

    Quote from ruksak

    You have no idea what you're talking about. Get it through your heads, people. There is no 100% omission of hacks and dupes, but it will be GREATLY reduced.

    Offline mode = open door to hacks/dupes. The integrity of the game has been protected by denying offline mode. Diablo2 was ruined online because of it's availability offline.

    Well, we'll keep going around in circles then. Its more an open door to hacking than duping. Duping is completely illogical in any half-decent server-client relation. It just should not be happening. No game that cares about some security has that big Diablo 2 duping problem and its not because of any offline only.

    Hacking is definitively easier, but who cares if some guy can hack a bit more easily? Those hacks get through either way, and for the most part don't affect me in the slightest, and in the end all have to be dealt with by Blizzard. The price we pay for such a thing is huge.

    I'm no expert, though, thats for sure. Please, bring an expert in internet security if you know any that can tell me how duping would be possible. Duping shouldn't be possible if they just take the issue seriously from the get go. Should it? Why would it be?

    Quote from BigEd781

    Only a "Programmer" who has no idea what the hell he is talking about would proclaim that he could make changes to an unknown system in 30 minutes. I am a professional programmer, you are a turd who ran through a couple of "Learn javascript in 12 hours!" tutorials. That does not make you a programmer.
    Oh oh, you are, aren't you? Of course I don't know anything about how Diablo 3 is designed and I don't know how to add options in THEIR system, but it has never been a very hard task, nor is difficulty to add them even the problem. They're just downright unwilling, that is the real point.

    Its not like I'm accusing them of not being able to add those options. The point is they won't.

    Quote from Adon

    Don't you question him! Hes a professional programmer! He went through not 12 hours of javascript...but 24!!!!

    On a side note, I can write a program for someone for as little as a penny and call myself a professional too!

    I never for even a second said I was a professional programer. I have modding experience, period. I've toyed with the source of some games and such. I've tried and tinkled with a lot of small things to see how hard and how easy some things were. Coding as a whole is VERY challenging. Adding options to a system that isn't designed like shit, is pretty easy. It does depends on the option, but most options comes down to changing a predetermined value or rather, make it changeable, and how is that hard?

    Quote from emyln

    The OP is not discussing the game. He's either very very inept at making a legible post or 14 years old. Sure you can post negative experiences, but a good post would give credit where credit is due.

    The OP's post, essentially is a list of collected bullet points that he compiled from many other posts and made stuff up. There's no logic or structure in the entire post. Much like you would expect from a pre-teen.

    Let me get this straight. My post is that of a 14th years old because... I don't post the positive aspect of it? I could... but that was not the focus of this topic, was it?

    Am I writing for the press?

    I didn't care about the structure. I basically presented in any order what problems I had with the game. Its not even a review. For the record, I'd give this game a 7 out of 10.

    You should stop trying to see whats beyond your eyes.

    Quote from EggoWaffles

    Whiny, and arrogant.

    You must be a real chick magnet.

    Oh please. I doubt your kind of women would interest me.

    Quote from GeNMaKB

    If you dislike Diablo III SFJake, quit playing the fucking game.

    You won't be missed.

    The anti-hate crowd and a bunch of people not even trying to counter anything.

    I mean what is this, kindergarten?

    I remember having so many poignant counter arguments in high school. Here, its LOL SHUT UP GET A LIFE.

    I mean, its funny the first time, but come on. You can do better than that.

    Quote from Bleu42

    I wrote this whole long thing, but screw it. I'm going to go play this awesome game, and I'll be glad to know that the OP hates it so much he's stopped playing and has deleted his characters. Right?

    Or... are you still playing op?

    I play every now and then... mostly only for 15 minutes at a time. I'm not having much fun anymore, for a lot of issues, some of which I have talked about in the first post.

    ---I'll answer the rest in the next post, damn, lots of people---
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    posted a message on SFJake's Whining Topic. Today: Blizzard's Broken Design Philosophies.
    Quote from NecroButcher

    Seriously, get outside, meet someone.
    That won't stop me from coming back and whining every now and again. Nothing can exclude games and whining from my lifestyle.

    Quote from ruksak

    As a result of the above, kills any hopes of modding. Obviously, even though games in 1999 had room for incredible modding, the heart of PC gaming

    "Modding" is hacking. You are disappointed there is no hacking?

    Does anyone else remember the flash hack' that some players would use in D2 that would make every players screen flash brightly a thousand times a minute?

    Denying the full client prevents duping/hacking, two things that RUINED DIABLO 2. Why do people choose to ignore this?

    Thats bull. Denying the full client doesn't miraculously prevent everything, and vice versa. It helps a little, but even if Diablo 3 as it is had some form of offline mode and modding support for some open battle.net, it wouldn't be "full of hacking and duping". Diablo 2 was hacked because it had a thousand holes and flaws. The game wasn't even designed in any way in the first place to prevent these things to happen, OF COURSE it was hacked to hell.

    Quote from tuuvaak

    roll yourself a nice spliff and put on the QVC shopping channel for background noise and pour yourself a nice beer and log in to ventrilo with your friends and just farm for some drops. just relax. have fun with it. not everything has to be a mega battle arena world invitational sponsored gaming hollywood event to be worth sixty bucks anymore.

    I had -some- mindless coop fun and thats over. Now I'm here for the art of gaming. I care DEEPLY about the art and I waste my time commenting on it because I believe it should be more than what it is. I'm here for more than a paid entertainment's worth, I'm here for the art that are games.

    This isn't about my 60 bucks, this is about the art. I don't care about 60 bucks, I wasted triple that on bad F2P games trying to have fun with them.

    And believe it or not, arguing and whining about the art of gaming is a passion of mine. I'll not let it go.
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    posted a message on SFJake's Whining Topic. Today: Blizzard's Broken Design Philosophies.
    ---This topic presents heavy amounts of whining against Blizzard. Everything written here is opinion, despite some emotional statement that would make you think otherwise---

    Welcome. Today (don't worry, its not a daily thing), I'm going to be sharing what I believe of Blizzard's broken design philosophies. I have such a huge amount of disappointment toward Blizzard, but also toward gaming in general, and I just HAD to point out what I wholeheartedly disagree with.

    The order on this is a bit of a mess. Some issues are very small, some issues are big.


    End-game = Copy-paste difficulty, boost number, make it a giant gear check. The harsh truth is, they thought about what sort of end game to add for months on end and came up with NOTHING AT ALL.

    Limited amount of hotkeys directly linked to skills, one of the most absurd thing I've seen. Why am I forced to 6 hotkeys? Why am I forced to use a skill on the button used for movement? Why am I denied to use some hotkeys until I'm level 19?

    No other methods of hotkeys. You could once use TAB to switch between 2 skills on the right mouse button. It is gone. So can't you use the mousewheel to switch between skills. Where are the options, there are none whatsoever.

    Elective mode is easily the dumbest addition to the game. Added as an excuse to make the game easier for players, it actually makes them completely ignorant to what you can do in Diablo 3. Bravo, Blizzard. Nobody asked for such an option and nobody is even close to needing it. You just think your clientele is a bunch of idiots, and thats all there is to this. So much streamlining is incredibly unneccessary.

    When out of resource and try to cast a long range ability, your dumb ass self will walk toward their enemies with his melee weapon and compromise himself. Thats why the left mouse button should be a dedicated movement button. *sigh*

    The story... is horrible... ouch... how did this get pass quality testing... thats right, they don't do that at Blizzard...

    No alternative control. (WASD)

    Always online and everything that comes with it. There is no excuse for it, always online is forced for their profits on the RMAH, nothing else.

    As a result of the above, kills any hopes of modding. Obviously, even though games in 1999 had room for incredible modding, the heart of PC gaming, developers don't care now. Willingly opposing modding in any game is a travesty. Get out of PC gaming if you don't care.

    Lack of options in general. Their excuses being "we don't want to overwhelm the gamer with options" (not their exact words). This is the worst excuse I have ever seen. There is NO such thing as too much options. Advanced options (or ini options) and changing details to my liking IS WHY I LOVE PC GAMING. Not only that, but adding options is EASY. YES, its easy. I could add 10 of the most wanted options in 30 minutes and I'm not a good programmer. ITS JUST THAT DAMN EASY.

    Another idiotic design philosophy is the following: Why some melee attacks can hit you from 20 meters? Because "its intended". Because then the "most effective" way is to dodge attacks, and thats "not fun". Guess what, getting hit 20 meters away (melee range + always online + lag makes it absolutely huge how far you can get hit from), now THATS what is "not fun" about it. You can't see that, you have the worst design philosophies I have EVER SEEN.

    Auction House made the focus of the game. Drop rates adjusted in consequences. As a result, the loot metagame is less satisfying in this game than it was in any other games I have played with loot. Because of this, the auction house is a sin.

    Grinding-based gameplay. Nothing logical about doing the same part 100 times just to get new items. This is both a stupid design philosophy, and something a lot of people need serious psychological help with. No, you will not tell me you're having fun doing the exact same run a hundred times in a row. You're just addicted like a drug addict, thinking his drug is making his life better. Excessive grinding is evil, period. Go get help if you had fun killing Baal 1000 times a day. You seriously need it. Even if Diablo 3 made it more bearable with gold and not having to farm one area, you're not going anywhere in Inferno without it.

    To clarify a few things about what I think is bad grinding: I don't even think some MMOs like WoW do it so bad, because you're constantly doing something different, which justifies the fun of it. Until you get to raiding. Then you raid the same thing a thousand times. If you didn't quit after the 50th times you've done the latest raid... well, whatever.

    The RMAH is a travesty. Do I need to say more? Such things should be legally punishable. This is absurdity to its highest level. And its all the more a sin when the entire game is designed with it in mind. Thats all they care about, to feed the RMAH.

    The itemization is absolute crap. The entire process that I go through to find new items, could actually be a stat system. A dumb, straight-forward stat system but at least, it wouldn't ruin my items. Thats exactly what items are, right now. You look for main stats and thats it. The game should have been designed with main stats in mind, you put points where you want to yourself, and that would replace the over-abondant stats on the items. Then, items could be interesting by having GENUINLY INTERESTING EFFECTS to look for, with various options that makes me compare items as a whole and not just "this item has bigger numbers than the other".

    I shouldn't even start talking about legendaries, how they could not even see how bad they were, and how if 99% of the people finding legendaries are DISAPOINTED from their drop.... oh guess what... THATS NOT FUN. *facepalm*

    4 years old trailer showcase more features than the game has 4 years later. With that kind of development time with an engine that was already finished, with the kind of budget Blizzard can have and the amazing opportunities they have, here is the simple truth: Almost nobody has been working full time on this game for a long time, budget was ridiculously restricted... anything along those lines. The product lost features, focuses on the same things a thousand times, cut things up... in the end, they did almost nothing in those 4 years. I don't know exactly which of the above happened. I just know they wasted a HECK of a lot.

    Which brings me to their philosophy of "over-testing" everything. In the end, everything "cool" and fun and special that could be added was cut, because they could not CONTROL it quite right. Thats all it really is. They want the experience to be pre-determined to a very strict level. Thats why this game literally has nothing new or special. In the end, they cut everything interesting. Thats now how you make fun and deep games. They thought the same about SC2. Oh god, what an interesting meta game did it have since its release! LOL! Fortunately their expansions looks a bit more DARING.

    Thats right, daring. Diablo 3 dared NOTHING. Except a money-making RMAH of course. Now thats how you dare! Except, you're going the wrong way!

    I could go on and on about how I disagree with everything Blizzard does. Their philosophies are ridiculous. I can't even things I agree with. Nothing they say or do make sense. They're close minded, limited. They don't deserve to be in the position they are. Of course, the one key Blizzard philosophy I hate is the truth: They're only in for the money. When art is art for its own survival and it succeeds, it becomes a business. When its a business, its no longer an art. Diablo 3 is not a work of art. Its just a corporate joke designed to suck the money out of people with an uninteresting, non-innovativate game that cost little to produce.

    I have to applaud their business skills, at least. They do know how to make money. Now, I probably forgot to talk about a bunch of other design philosophies I disagree with, but... I think thats enough for now to make my point.

    And yes, I will stand here and say, with extreme arrogance, that I would make a better developer job at Blizzard than they did. Of course, maybe not, if Activision was the one killing the game from behind. But nobody would admit THAT.

    TL;DR list:

    -Bad end-game, no originality in it, no thought, no true challenge
    -Limited hotkey system
    -No alternate hotkey options (especiially for pure mouse users)
    -Elective mode is the dumbest addition to the game.
    -The story is a joke
    -No alternative control (WASD)
    -Always online
    -No mods, the heart of PC gaming
    -Lack of options, Blizzard openly stands -against- having too many options
    -Cannot dodge normal melee attacks "by design"
    -Auction house is the focus of the game, which has a lot of bad side effects.
    -Grinding-based gameplay (yes, I do blame D2 for that, even more in fact)
    -Horrible itemization
    -Unsatisfying legendaries
    -Simple stat system could ALMOST COMPLETELY replace the current itemization
    -Game had more interesting features 4 years ago than now
    -Over-testing, streamlining, controlling the game too much = bad.
    -Diablo 3 dares "nothing", except the RMAH that is.
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