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    posted a message on Class Suggestion - Caster Classes (Towards Mages\Sorceresses)
    I would like to see caster classes (i.e Mages\Sorceresses) given the option to learn a specialized skill tree that would orient them towards what magic focus they want if you follow a quest line once you enter the first town upon entering the normal difficulty. So essentially 2 basic trees and the specialized tree for mages\sorceresses.

    1. Take Caster Quest(s)
    2. Choose your spell focus.
    3. Then tabs would look like BasicTab1, BasicTab2,[Enter Spell Focus Here] (Necromancy, Frost, Fire, Illusion etc.)
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    posted a message on Suggestion - Multiplayer Dungeons & Areas
    I'd like to see multiplayer obtainable only quests to be placed in the game that somewhat resembles the difficulty of a 5 man World of Warcraft dungeon, but scales to the amount of players that you have in your party when you enter a multiplayer only area. Accompanied by a loot list as well that scales.

    Quest: Slay The Gorgan Queen (Group)
    Description: Fight through a series of levels and then slay the gorgan queen. Then according to the number of players in the group it drops loot accordingly to its loot list.
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    posted a message on Suggestion - Normal, Nightmare, and Hell (Unlockable Areas)
    I'd like to see unlockable areas open up on the maps you revisit for Nightmare and Hell with side quests to accompany them along with a random quest generator to allow replayability.

    So here is how it is works:

    1. You just finished normal mode and advanced into Nightmare.
    2. Upon loading your first area the random quest generator picks from a list of 25-50ish that has a new area accompanied with it - But chooses 6 of them along with the quests that you have played in normal mode.
    3.The new quests will either lead you off the normal map or may unlock a dungeon or an area that was unaccessible before in Normal\Nightmare\Hell.
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