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    Quote from "Zoobi" »
    Blizzard has stated that there will be no guns. That is why there will be no guns.

    This is Highly disappointing.

    But im still gona need a link on that statement in a news read or something plz.

    And even then im not gona take it horridly serious cuase well......blizzerd does whatever they want whenever they want just as long as they see it as a Progressive turn twoard a great gaming expierence, not that they do it often cause they usually only do it for good reasons, but still this wouldnt be the first time Blizzerd has gone back on there word.
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    Quote from "Kalypso" »
    I'm down for a Pirate class. :D

    Well, no. But the typical pirates were known for using flintlock pistols, which doesn't fit in the Diablo universe.

    Why the hell dont Guns fit into the Diablo Universe? And i dont mean Mahcine Guns or anything. But Why the hell not the Flintlock or Even the musket here and there?
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    Quote from "Shatterer" »
    The problem is that there are not guns.

    And who says that?

    The ABility to make Guns were available Thousands of years ago to the Real human race.

    Everyone knows that Ancient China Invented Gun Powder in 850 AD which is essential part of guns, They even made the first make shift rockets back then.

    Guns did not become Extemely popular till roughly the 1500's and only the Rich had true access to them cause only they could afford to buy them.

    To say there are no guns is not a problem, who says there's no guns in the Diablo World? Just cause we havent seen them yet doesent mean they dont exist, they could be a VERY rare weapon type.

    Meh my arguement is basicly, guns are a easily added weapon into this kind of world. especially if 25 years have passed since the last game, alot can happen in that time.

    New Technologies, new weapons, new well.......everything. Just add some crazy genius scientist into the mix and who knows what might happen.
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    I say the Engineer Gunmen.
    Engineers of Sanctuary are credited to great feats such as the building of the Horadrim cathedral and every city we call home. They create the much needed technology we need to live our daily lives. However recently a few of Engineers have used their skills to create works in the art of war. Things that no person in this world has ever dreamed of. Large Iron Tubes that release fire and smoke at the ends when a trigger is pulled, or a Crossbow that need not be reloaded every single shot, and bows that have such immense power behind each shot they can break down a wall. They have also created other things such as strange iron balls that explode when thrown at the enemy tearing them to peices or another small ball that when thrown at the ground engulfes the user in a cloud of smoke.

    They have even created a new fighting style they call the Gun Arts, a fighting style that focus's on keeping distance between the user and his target and when is watched in motion by a master, is like watching wind flying around. I once watched a master take on a drunken man in a bar once, the master said that the man had 60 seconds to lay one hand on him and if he didnt he would knock the man out with a bottle. needless to say that man had a concussion at the end of the night.

    A Physical Ranged class that Rely's on Pistols, Crossbows, bows, and Rifles.

    Three Talent Trees.

    Engineering, Weapons, Gun Arts.

    Engineering will basicly mean the Gunmen relys less on his Weapons and more on clever use of Tech and abilities such as Traps/ Bombs/granades/ Missles and maybe even small stationary Turrets.

    Weapon Tree will be what it sounds like. This tree will focus on making the Weapons the Gunmen uses more effective, giving them incindiary rounds. Ice rounds. Rapid Fire. Faster Reloads. Ect.

    Gun Arts is a tree that focus's more on movement around the battlefield, the gunmen doesent have alot of armor so hes gotta keep moving or trip up his opponents. Such abilities i have in mind are quick leap, Dash, trip, Smoke bomb, Flash Bang, Sprint.

    And thats my entry. Possible? Meh i think a Crazy Engineer in the game would be a funny character. Make him extremley smart, but also kind of......not there. Like Captain Jack Sparrow! lol. He should be a Mix Between a Scientist and a Fighter is what im trying to get at.

    This is just getting started off the top of my head, i thought of this class months ago had it wirtten down to every detail on a note pad somewhere around my apartment.........but it seems i lost it ><. Got bord at work one day lolz
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    posted a message on The Three and the Angiris - Are they equal?
    Quote from "Humungous" »
    A controlling figure? Papa D? lolz :P
    I made up a thread about that a few months ago, look a few pages into the lore forum and youl find it and i beleive that still to be possibly the best expanation to the three's cooperation.

    Course if theres a Controlling figure in Hell, then shouldnt there be a equal in heaven?

    These questions have been asked before on the forum and as far as ive been able to figure out, cannot be answerd with current information.

    But it is fun to ponder eh? :D

    To answer alot of the questions being put forward on these forums we can realy only wait for the actual game to come out.
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    Quote from "3CXOD" »
    Army Basic is really that slack?
    I was thinking about enlisting into the Army, but I would rather go into something that the training is worth all the time away from home.

    I don't wish to take a vacation.

    Can anyone on here tell me about Army Basic?

    Kid, NO BOOT CAMP is a Vacation. I dont care what Boot Camp you go too. Boot Camp is a Rude Awakening for ALOT of people, but of course its job is to turn you into a Military person, and throw out of your head all of the Delusions you might have about life. Not to mention it is also one BIG giant Mind game. The Trainers will fuck with you all the time. It can be funny sometimes juuuust dont let them catch you laughing.

    But I give special Respects to the Marines, 12 weeks of hell.(they have the longest Boot Camp)

    Army and Marines however get more Combat training i beleive though, so youl get to learn all the infantry combat operations and stuff.

    P.S. If you fucking fail at Boot Camp THEY WILL keep your ass there longer, its called a ASMO....i think.....something along those lines i forget.

    Yes Some people will say Boot Camp is easy, and for some it is, but for another.....IDK 85% its a rude awakening to the real world.

    OH and i almost forgot, Thanks Johny for serving, I have a few friends in well....every branch of the military XD.
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    posted a message on Help me remember a game please
    Day of Liberation was part of a title of a Rebel Third Person Shooter game i played for a short while.

    The story consisted of Soviets Invading New York and you and a few Civilians rally up a Rebel army and try to push em outta the city. Never finished that game tho it was only a rental and i was kinda bizy at the time returned it when i was only just a few levels in it.

    Day of Liberation however was only the second part of the name i forgot the first part.

    If you can remember at least a few words out of the game title or even a few character names, Im sure you could google it and find it pretty easily.
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    Quote from "Turmobil" »
    You're going to rape a game? How is that even possible!?
    I guess you could stick it in the small hole but..
    Oh its possible, its very possible, I dont physically rape it, but i deffinitly Mentally do.
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    posted a message on Dragon Age: Origins
    This game looks awsome, Im am ready and willing to spend many hours playing this game over and over again, raping it, getting every peice of kickass gear/ ability/ anything else of value.
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    Quote from "applesoffury" »
    i dont think my intel media accelerator destroys any xbox

    anyways, no one uses a pc as much, laptops ftw!

    back ON TOPIC!! i really hope they make a halo movie :) btw i think thats an old celtic song and the language is turkish?
    The Halo Movie was in the making for the past like....2-3 years. However it was canceled and replaced by District 9.

    Peter Jackson Was supposed to be the Director for it, however the halo movie project was scrapped and District 9 toke its place. The Movie was too replace Halo Movies Release Date, and it was in fact scrapped so close to the release date that they didnt have a whole lot of time to make District 9.

    And being a rushed movie, D9 wasent all that bad, tho it still didnt appeal to my taste in movie all that well.

    However, after the success of D9 There have been rumors of a resurrection of the Halo Movie, though nothing id consider concrete as of yet.

    Oh and heres a QUIZ for you Halo Fans and its a Easy one:When Is Halo Reach Taking place?

    Get this wrong, and ill slap you lolz.
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    posted a message on Videogame Guilt! Do you suffer from it?
    Whenever i start playing a game with Evil and Good options like this (fable 2 for example) I Tend to play the game the first way through As I myself would deal with situations, weather it be EVIL or GOOD.

    Then the other 2 times i beat em i go to the extremes of both.

    Evil tends to make me laugh more though i must admit lol.

    Good makes me feel accomplished.

    But honestly, i usually on the first time around end up being more good than evil. Im kinda of tired of that. In some future RPGs i plan to be a little more......evil. Example, im pretty sure when the Kotor MMO comes out Im DEFINITLY gona be a sith. Not to mention the Siths looks just fit my style waaaay more XD

    Evil Dudes always get the better looking crap! I mean WoW Warlocks COME ON! I WANT TO LOOK COOL TOO ON MY MAGE!
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    posted a message on Dante's Inferno
    Well considering the Circle of hell they put him in Hes fitting.

    Ah yes, of course ,that where the poem puts him i forgot.

    Its been a few years since i even read over that poem last lol, had to read it in High School"went to a catholic Highschool" never realy read it since, but i did like it, mostly cause as we read it my Class of Theology/Philosophy would discuss every Circle as we read discussing every detail and bla bla bla.
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    posted a message on [Art] Global avatar/sig request thread
    Id like to make a Request.

    Id like a A Sig and matching Avatar featuring the Grim Reaper Or Infernal or something like those two things.

    Pick and choose one I dont care be creative, I like Surprises.

    As for the Name on Both of them.

    Meteor of Death Plz. On the Avatar you can Put M.o.D if you want to shorten it up in a smaller space.

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    Quote from "Bhaal" »
    Well the first two god of war games are for the ps2 so its not just for the ps3. Btw i just saw a video about the game and its totally a mirror GoW i mean they even gave the dante guy the same tortured guy effect that kratos has. Kratos has the ashes on his body and dante has that tapestry thing he sowed on himself to show their sins.
    Theres even Cerebus in there lol......a kind of REALY fucked up version of him and Hes not in the circle of hell id Imagine a 3 headed dog to be, i dont even think id consider that to be a dog but....lol hes...diffrent thats for sure.
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    Quote from "Bhaal" »
    I liked this game at first but then i realized that its basically God of War with a different name and story. Their just trying to take God of War head on with this game and it wont work. Im not saying that its a bad game ill probably still play it for the hell of it.
    This is true, but i dont care lol.

    This game actually stole GoW's level designer so i knew immediately it was gona mirror GoW in ALOT of ways, but im still interested in just how this game will project the 9 circles. Not to mention the kind of ass kicking i can do in them lolz. Not to mention i never played GoW alot seeing as i never owned a PS3 only a Xbox i never played it much, and seeing as this is going to the Xbox im excited.
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