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    Quote from Mysticjbyrd

    Quote from grothesk

    Quote from Mysticjbyrd

    He has as many posts as me, he can't be a troll.

    I could easily see an atheist in the US lie about his religious beliefs to better fit in. That country is absolutely dominated by religion.

    Click on Antirepublican's name and peruse just a few of his recent posts and tell me he's not a troll. Let's take a look:

    "That test is completely and utterly randomized gargled horse shit. Its worse than horoscopes."

    Getting to the point: do you really think it's a good idea for someone to intentionally mislead someone else about their personal religious beliefs so they can "tap that"?

    Since this thread has been moved into off-topic forums we may as well roll with it. In a country where abortion is legal in every single state, homosexuality/bi-sexuality is rampant, and we are actively oppressing poor people, how can you declare "that country is absolutely dominated by religion"?
    I would have to read the threads in which those comments were made to make a decision. Those comments alone without context, does not make anyone a troll.

    I am also an atheist, so personal religious beliefs don't hold a lot of water with me. It sounds like to me he has put a lot into the relationship, and gotten nothing out of it thus far. I also know what its like being a young man, and the insatiable urge to spread your seed.

    The US is the 2nd most religious country in the world, only following beneath turkey.

    Quote from kdt05b

    It sounds like this girl was raised in the church and probably was instilled with a certain set of morals and ethics.

    You appear to have none.

    Yah, atheist's have absolutely no morals....
    Nice American stereotype....

    The religious people of the US would vote for a nazi over an atheist.

    I never said atheist's have no morals. I said this person has none. Does nobody else think this is a horrible thing to do?

    Also, is sex the only gratification that can come out of a relationship? Is there no joy to having a relationship with another person? You might as well not have any friends unless they are willing to have sex with you.
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    It sounds like this girl was raised in the church and probably was instilled with a certain set of morals and ethics.

    You appear to have none.
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    My desktop has an Nvidia 7950...I can't even run D3 on it.

    Luckily my work computer is a Thinkpad W520 which has an Nvidia Quadro 1000M. I should be able to run High at least...hope I don't get fired in the next 10 days...
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    Box for me. I'll get it at midnight, go to bed, then play at a reasonable hour 'cause I'm a "responsible adult"...whatever that means.
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    posted a message on The Sword of Justice Comic Book Giveaway

    I've never posted a picture before...may have to edit this a few times to get it right :)
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    posted a message on What's your Diablo 3 Weekly Play-time budget?
    Just for the sake of curiosity, how are you spending your time when Diablo 3 comes out? I kinda have a good work schedule so I only have to work 3.5 days a week; meaning I have 3.5 days a week to myself. I'm thinking I could get around 4 hours in for 3 days a week and maybe another 2 or 3 hours on my half day. The part of the week I'm working is 12 hour shifts so I usually come home to tired to do anything.

    4 hours of play time will be an average on my days off, and that is assuming that my wife doesn't feel "neglected" since she is a non-gamer and will not share my diablo passion with me.

    In all ~15 hours a week is what I suspect I'll be able to do.

    What's your diablo schedule like?

    (I tried making this a poll...we'll see how it plays out)
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    Quote from Sabvre

    Quote from Trebis

    Quote from Sabvre


    It was reported, and sent to the Dev team to fix. This blue post was on march 23rd ... so 1 month ago... I overstated... sorry lol.
    Aha, well apparently it has not been fixed yet, which I find quite surprising.

    It's not game breaking... From what the metrics say.. its less than 10%

    And it may have been fixed in the retail build.

    I bet there may even be people on this site who would consider 10% to be game-breaking.
    Some people care only for the metrics.
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    I think Benegesserit wants you to use the word "entails."

    I hadn't heard anything about there being two versions of the CE. I still by hard copies of games because I love reading through the manuals while it installs. I guess with all the other CE stuff I won't be short on stuff to read. Hope there's a manual there anyway.
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    posted a message on Am I the only one that feels this way?
    I agree with the OP. The monk is a very underwhelming class.
    He can be very powerful, but I don't think he's very fun to play.
    I think the problem is simply the lack of AoE skills at the low levels, so every enemy needs to be clicked on and chased.
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    I use a logitech G700...
    Normal mouse clicks, 4 thumb buttons for 4 active skills, and 3 buttons by the primary mouse button; the easiest to reach of these will be Shift+click...I may make one of them town portal.
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    My wife thinks video games are dumb. the only thing I can talk her into playing is mario kart...and that is only really fun for a couple months. But before we got married it was understood that I would spend a portion of my free time playing. The best time of the year for me is actually when the Bachelor/Bachelorette is on, because that's 2 hours a night when I can play without "neglecting" my wife.

    Quote from Ginobli

    I would do the whole game after she goes to bed thing, but my wife gets all out of shape if we don't go to bed at the same time. She likes to be close etc.

    lol. This is my wife too. Luckily, my wife works Monday-Friday and I work 40 hours on Wed-Saturday. That leaves Monday and Tuesdays very open for me to explore extra-curriculars :)
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    posted a message on DiabloFans Calculator Build Contest (ONE POST ONLY)
    Here is my Barbarian. His skills offer him mobility more so than hard hitting power. He'll play more like a monk than the standard barb with Call of the Ancients and the Templar utilizing methods to draw fire from the character.
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    I think my first class will be the witch doctor. Contrary to what seems to be the general consensus, I feel that the monk is my least favorite class. I played this class at a demo (granted, a long time ago) and was seriously underwhelmed. Witch doctor though? Awesome.
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    posted a message on Prove to me that your God exists.
    Fun Quotes regarding the Origin of Life!

    “Life arose here on earth from inanimate matter, by some kind of evolutionary process, about four billion years ago.
    This is not a statement of demonstrable fact, but an assumption almost universally shared by specialists as well as scientists in general. It is not supported by any direct evidence, nor is it likely to be, but it is consistent with what evidence we do have.”

    Franklin M. Harold, Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Colo State U., The Way of the Cell, 2001, p. 236.

    “Oxygen is a poisonous gas that oxidizes organic and inorganic materials on a planetary surface; it is quite lethal to organisms that have not evolved protection against it.”

    Peter Ward (Ph.D. Geology) and Donald Brownlee (Ph.D. Astronomy), Rare Earth, 2000, p. 245.

    “Terrestrial explanations are impotent and nonviable”

    William Bonner, Organic Chemist, Stanford University (World’s leading homochiral researcher), UCLA conference on life’s origins, 1995.

    “If a particular amino acid sequence was selected by chance, how rare an event would this be?...
    The great majority of sequences can never have been synthesized at all, at any time.”

    Francis Crick, Life Itself: Its Origin and Nature, 1981, pp. 51-52.

    “The likelihood of life having occurred through a chemical accident is, for all intents and purposes, zero.”

    Robert Gange, Ph.D. (research scientist with extensive research in the field of cryophysics and information systems.), Origins and Destiny, 1986, p. 77.

    “A fundamental problem that science has never been able to solve is how to produce energy flow through the system to do this work of coding in order to produce, for example, a functioning protein.
    Living systems do, of course, harness energy for this purpose, but only because the required, purposefully assembled metabolic machinery is already in place and functioning.”

    Neil Broom (Ph.D. Chemical and Materials Engineering), How Blind Is the Watchmaker, 2001, 80.

    “The simplest living cell could not have arisen by chance.”

    Johnjoe McFadden (Evolutionist & Professor of Molecular Biology and Quantum Physics), Quantum Evolution, 2000, p. 85.

    “The origin of life is also a stubborn problem, with no solution in sight….”

    Franklin M. Harold, Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Colo State U., The Way of the Cell, 2001, p. 235.

    “More than 30 years of experimentation on the origin of life in the fields of chemical and molecular evolution have led to a better perception of the immensity of the problem of the origin of life on Earth rather than to its solution.”

    Dr. Klaus Dose, “The Origin of Life: More Questions than Answers,” Interdisciplinary Science Reviews, vol. 13, no. 4 1988, p. 348. (Dose is Director, Institute for Biochemistry, Johannes Gutenberg University, West Germany)

    “The chances that life just occurred are about as unlikely as a typhoon blowing through a junkyard and constructing a Boeing 747.”
    Chandra Wickramasinghe, “Threats on Life of Controversial Astronomer,” New Scientists, 1982, p. 140.

    "Nine-tenths of the talk of evolutionists is sheer nonsense, not founded on observation and wholly unsupported by facts. This museum is full of proofs of the utter falsity of their views. In all this great museum, there is not a particle of evidence of the transmutation of species." (Dr. Etheridge, Paleontologist of the British Museum)

    "I reject evolution because I deem it obsolete; because the knowledge, hard won since 1830, of anatomy, histology, cytology, and embryology, cannot be made to accord with its basic idea. The foundationless, fantastic edifice of the evolution doctrine would long ago have met with its long- deserved fate were it not that the love of fairy tales is so deep-rooted in the hearts of man." (Dr. Albert Fleischmann, University of Erlangen)

    "By the late 1970s, debates on university campuses throughout the free world were being held on the subject of origins with increasing frequency. Hundreds of scientists, who once accepted the theory of evolution as fact, were abandoning ship and claiming that the scientific evidence was in total support of the theory of creation. Well-known evolutionists, such as Isaac Asimov and Stephen Jay Gould, were stating that, since the creationist scientists had won all of the more than one hundred debates, the evolutionists should not debate them." (Luther Sunderland, "Darwin's Enigma", p.10)

    "The more one studies paleontology, the more certain one becomes that evolution is based on faith alone; exactly the same sort of faith which is necessary to have when one encounters the great mysteries of religion... The only alternative is the doctrine of special creation, which may be true, but is irrational." (Dr. L.T. More)

    "I have come to the conclusion that Darwinism is not a testable scientific theory, but a metaphysical research programme... (Dr. Karl Popper, German-born philosopher of science, called by Nobel Prize-winner Peter Medawar, "incomparably the greatest philosopher of science who has ever lived.")

    "The fact of evolution is the backbone of biology, and biology is thus in the peculiar position of being a science founded on an unproved theory -- is it then a science or faith? Belief in the theory of evolution is thus exactly parallel to belief in special creation..." (Dr. L. Harrison Matthews, in the introduction to the 1971 edition of Darwin's "Origin of Species")

    "What is so frustrating for our present purpose is that it seems almost impossible to give any numerical value to the probability of what seems a rather unlikely sequence of events... An honest man, armed with all the knowledge available to us now, could only state that in some sense, the origin of life appears at the moment to be almost a miracle... (Dr. Francis Crick, Nobel Prize-winner, codiscoverer of DNA)

    "Once we see, however, that the probability of life originating at random is so utterly minuscule as to make it absurd, it becomes sensible to think that the favorable properties of physics, on which life depends, are in every respect DELIBERATE... It is therefore, almost inevitable that our own measure of intelligence must reflect higher intelligences.. even to the limit of God." (Sir Fred Hoyle, British mathematician and astronomer, and Chandra Wickramasinghe, co-authors of "Evolution from Space," after acknowledging that they had been atheists all their lives)

    "The chance that higher life forms might have emerged in this way is comparable with the chance that a tornado sweeping through a junk-yard might assemble a Boeing 747 from the materials therein... I am at a loss to understand biologists' widespread compulsion to deny what seems to me to be obvious." (Sir Fred Hoyle)

    "The fossil record with its abrupt transitions offers no support for gradual change..." (Dr. Stephen Jay Gould, famous Harvard Professor of Paleontology)

    "The fundamental reason why a lot of paleontologists don't care much for gradualism is because the fossil record doesn't show gradual change and every paleontologist has know that ever since Cuvier. If you want to get around that you have to invoke the imperfection of the fossil record. Every paleontologist knows that most species, most species, don't change. That's bothersome if you are trained to believe that evolution ought to be gradual. In fact it virtually precludes your studying the very process you went into the school to study. Again, because you don't see it, that brings terrible distress." (Dr. Stephen Jay Gould)

    "To postulate that the development and survival of the fittest is entirely a consequence of chance mutations seems to me a hypothesis based on no evidence and irreconcilable with the facts. These classical evolutionary theories are a gross over-simplification of an immensely complex and intricate mass of facts, and it amazes me that they are swallowed so uncritically and readily, and for such a long time, by so many scientists without murmur of protest." (Sir Ernest Chain, Nobel Prize winner)

    "Evolution is a theory universally accepted, not because it can be proved to be true, but because the only alternative, 'special creation,' is clearly impossible." (D.M.S. Watson, Professor of Zoology, London University)

    Most all of these people consider themselves atheists :)
    Hope you enjoyed!
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    posted a message on What gender will you pick for your first character and why? Also, what gender are you?
    Quote from nemesis2252
    Quote from Xago
    Quote from Designation15
    Male because I'm a male. It always creeps me out when a guy plays as a girl character. Makes me think that they're living out some f*cked up fantasy.
    This times infinity. Hated it when men in my guild would play female WoW characters...seriously...
    you know why? because you know that you saw a female character, assumed it was a girl, and flirted with them..... only to find out it was a guy IRL. now youre starting to question youre sexuality, but you dont want others to know it. So now when you see a male playing a female character, it angers you. so you call it weird. you play it off as if theres something wrong with it and you start accusing THEM of things. no, im joking. but seriously. nothing wrong with a dude playing a female character, or a female playing a male character. its a game and its not like someones cross dressing IRL. its just a game. on topic: im a male, and will play a female demon hunter first. as a side note, i plan to play each class as they were announced: Male barbarian, male with doctor, male monk, female wizard, and female demon hunter

    "as a side note, i plan to play each class as they were announced: Male barbarian, male with doctor, male monk, female wizard, and female demon hunter"

    This. Also, 10 character slots, 5 character types, 2 genders...adds up to some variety right?
    male and female of each class eventually.
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