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    It sounds like this girl was raised in the church and probably was instilled with a certain set of morals and ethics.

    You appear to have none.
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    Just for the sake of curiosity, how are you spending your time when Diablo 3 comes out? I kinda have a good work schedule so I only have to work 3.5 days a week; meaning I have 3.5 days a week to myself. I'm thinking I could get around 4 hours in for 3 days a week and maybe another 2 or 3 hours on my half day. The part of the week I'm working is 12 hour shifts so I usually come home to tired to do anything.

    4 hours of play time will be an average on my days off, and that is assuming that my wife doesn't feel "neglected" since she is a non-gamer and will not share my diablo passion with me.

    In all ~15 hours a week is what I suspect I'll be able to do.

    What's your diablo schedule like?

    (I tried making this a poll...we'll see how it plays out)
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    Quote from Jetrall

    Quote from kdt05b

    Inspired not so much by the thread topic, but from the discussion that arose from Daemaro's post here, I thought I'd share a video I came across a couple months ago. Looking at it, it's actually been two years since it was uploaded, so maybe it's old news and I'm just really behind the times.
    I don't know how to embed the video, so if somebody else wants to, it's this one.
    What are your thoughts on this?

    Living in the US, the way I see it, in not too many years, we'll either be owned by China, or in not many more years, we will become a Muslim nation.

    Now before people tear into me (I don't think anybody here would, but all the "discussions" on Kotaku and Gizmodo and such make me want to add a disclaimer), I want to point out that I have nothing against Muslims as individuals. I do believe that as a society, you are in it until you die...or else. I also think that as a nation they are nothing more than bullies. You might have to dig to find information, but there is a reason why Nike is the #1 supporter of Muslims internationally, and in my opinion, from what I've read/heard, it is mainly due to threats of the infamous "jihad"

    Now, I have never made a formal study of any of this. I just find all the little tidbits of information quite interesting. I welcome any- and everybody to correct me on points that are incorrect. So...back on topic...what are your thoughts?

    Your errors and misguided ideas are quite numerous (esp. in regards to Islam). I myself am an agnostic atheist w/ no Muslim or Arabic ancestry, but I at least understand a few of these key facts:

    Islam is not a society. It is a religion. You are not in it until you die anymore than you are w/ Christianity or Judaism or Buddhism. You can convert out of it just like any other religion. As with any other religion, you may or may not experience backlash based on the sorts of people you know.

    Islam is also not a nation. Now, I'm pretty sure you knew this and weren't speaking literally - but then I must ask which nation you were speaking of. There are no nations that are 100% Muslim. There are countries with a majority, but to suggest that most of them are "bullies" anymore than most Western or Eastern powers is absolutely ridiculous. Look at America, Britain, North Korea, China. Those countries are dangerous bullies in their own rights.

    What on earth does Nike have to do with anything? Where are you getting the idea that Nike is the #1 supporter of Muslims? That doesn't even make sense. Do you mean they donate the most money to mosques, that they personally fund Muslim people, or that they invest in Muslim-run countries/companies? You can't just throw such a vague and relatively meaningless fact into an argument for no good reason - so what's your reason?

    A Jihad? Seriously? The Muslim world is going to hold a Jihad against Nike? Yeah - right. Not only does the Muslim world as a whole not condone any Jihads, Jihad doesn't even always refer to a "holy war" as most people in the West incorrectly assume. I believe it means "struggle" and there are many personal ways in which to experience Jihad.

    At most one small group of Muslims might announce their hatred for Nike (who, btw, is a terrible organization that has and does abuse international child labour) - but how is this different than any other group announcing a hatred for any other organization? Should PETA or GreenPeace be denounced for hating companies that do animal testing? Should we assume that all Americans are associated with these groups and that they all believe the same way?

    I'm glad you're at least open to listen to reason - but you've really got a long way to come. The American government and media has done an awful lot to skew your impression of foreign nations and exotic religions. The amount of xenophobia bred into Americans from birth is just shocking.

    I sincerely hope you do some more research on Islam, the Middle East, and the world in general before you make any more such statements. I'm not going to go into anything further about Christianity or America or the idea that change is somehow evil, but I want to ask that you seriously consider your stance on all these points and really ask yourself where your beliefs come from and whether or not real facts validate them.

    Thank you!

    I appreciate the response...if not necessarily the tone of it. Please note that it is not my intention to offend anybody, but my remarks are not baseless.

    I would argue that Christianity is a society. Society can be defined as "a large social grouping that shares the same geographical or virtual territory, subject to the same political authority and dominant cultural expectations." So shouldn't a group of peoples, all sharing the same basic beliefs be considered societal? (Wikipedia definition) I would also argue that living in an area that has for the past I-don't-know how long been a pure theocracy, that being Islam was a given, and that violence and oppression severly limited a) the choice to no longer be a Muslim, or b ) the opportunity to learn anything that did not fall under Islamic doctrine (ie hearing about Christianity...or any other religion for that matter).

    I certainly agree with your point that stated that America, Britain, N Korea and China all have been/are bullies. I certainly don't agree with everything we do in the US...and certainly don't agree with N Korea's and China's policies. But I do believe that Islam has a leadership akin to what a nation has...a ruling elite if you will.

    The thing with Nike happened in the early 1990's. Nike came out with a design on the back of some of their shoes that the Islamic people were angered about. It vaguely resmembled the Arabic character for Allah. Here is what Nike's symbol looked like this
    and here's what Allah looks like:
    (if the picture doesn't show, simply go here

    Now, when I was at school a few years ago, we had a speaker come and talk to our class. I don't rightfully recall his religious affiliations, but I do recal him being of Middle Eastern descent. I don't remember his name off the top of my head, but I feel reasonably confident I could get it without too much trouble. Anyway, he had done extensive research and had 3 or so books regarding the Islamic "Nation" and how they do what they do. According to him, there is what could be considered a ruling elite to Islam and after Nike made their shoes, they essentially told Nike that they were going to purge the company. Nike of course immediately appoligised and recalled the shoes and no longer sold anything bearing that particular logo to areas such as Saudi Arabia, and then started supporting Islam financially. This inclueded schools, playgrounds, and the like as well as helping fund spreading the word of Islam. Towhit, the point I was attempting to make was that Nike as a corperation was the number one entity supporting Islam.

    Thank you again for the response as it really did make me think about what I had written and the wording I had used. I've actually spent a fair amount of time drafting this response (in part due to computer availability). On a side note, and don't take this as me slapping you in the face or anything, its something that I simply ask you to consider to consider and maybe even reflect on. I consider myself a Christian, and a rather conservative one at that, to the point that I sometimes disagree when people refer to themselves as "Christian." You refered to yourself as an agnostic athiest. In my opinion, and you can take it or leave it, that is a direct contradiction of tearms. I think it was Dr. Gregory House who refered to agnostics as "Lazy Athiests." Now, I don't necessarily agree with that either, but I do believe that the term "agnostic" means you don't know what to believe and you are looking to find what to believe in. Stating directly afterthat that you're an athiest says that you have already made up your mind. Just something to think about. Feel free to pm me if you're ever interested in discussing it.

    Ok. I'm done now.
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