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    The sounds of chains echoed through the dimly lit corridor. Flickering light entered through the tall double wooden doors, followed with laughter.

    "Let's go back to my room," a man's voice said through the doorway.

    "Alright, lead the way, sweetie," a females voice replied.

    The couple walked through the doorway and down the hall. The man, a simple mortal lead an obvious succubus to his room. The fire on Angriel's head was barely lit, but grew more intense as they approached the mortal's chambers. He opened the doors and removed his jacket throwing it onto a nearby chair. He loosened the tie around his neck and sat down on the chest at the foot of his bed. Angriel quickly surveyed the room before closing the door quietly behind her. The mortal motioned for her to come toward him and she did.

    "Now where were we?" she spoke softly to him, entrancing him more.

    "Right about here," he replied taking his shirt off and starting to unbuckle his pants.

    Angriel's hair exploded into a pillar of fire as she drew her demonsteel sabre. She shoved it into the man's chest and let his body fall limp against hers. She grabbed his head, holding it against her breasts as she gave the blade a sharp, gruesome twist. Moans of pleasure whispered from her mouth while she ripped her sword from his chest. She licked the blood from her blade and let his body fall onto the bed. She sheathed her blade and bent over leaving a bloody kiss upon his cheek.

    "I'm sure you would have been good too," she spoke to him, "But I have been hungering for so long, I could not-" she was cut off. A tugging sensastion pulled her back away from his corpse and through deminsions.

    She appeared in the center of a grand hall, surrounded by a few other demons. Sitting at the front on his masterfully crafted throne was Namphiel.

    "What?!" she shrieked looking around the hall, "How can you do this to me, Namphiel?! Can I not relish in the slaughter of my mortal lovers?!"
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    It’s a nice sunny day and you just got out of work. Time to go home and relax, maybe throw some burgers on the grill and chow down. You leave the office and walk out to your car in the parking lot. You’re almost to your car when someone pops out from behind a car and snaps your picture. That was odd, you think to yourself, until you turn around and see someone else with their arms outstretched toward you, mumbling about brains. You’ve just been the victim of a zombie attack.

    In a handful of games you kill zombies, by the hundreds, for hours. But when do you get to play as the zombie? And when do you get to do it in real life as well? Never... Well, that’ll soon change with Junction3 and ScyberDragon’s Zombie Attack Game! In this picture posting game, you go out and zombie attack whoever. Your friends when they’re not expecting it, strangers, their grandma, and even their dog? Continue reading for the rules and point systems, and then get some quality pictures of your best zombie attacks.

    Rules –
    The goal is to have someone take your picture while you’re about to zombie attack someone else. You’re not supposed to actually attack them or cause any kind of bodily harm, just make it seem like you’re about to.

    Please blur out the face of the victim to protect their privacy.

    - Try to not draw attention to yourself, until after the attack. Pictures are void if the victims (including pets) are looking at you.

    - Do not stage pictures

    - Do not use duplicate pictures

    - Do not zombie attack babies; it’s just not a good idea.

    - Multiple submissions of pictures is allowed and encouraged.

    - Please include which category your picture belongs to (i.e. sleeping, regular, pets, etc.)

    - If you get into any kind of trouble, just be cool and hopefully they’ll just yell at you.

    - You cannot get double victims while attacking someone in a crowd.

    - Player's scores cannot drop below zero.

    Obviously this game relies on an honor system and we both hope that people will play this game for fun, since that’s what it really comes down to. Try to not draw attention to yourself, until after the attack.

    Point System –
    Sleeping – .5pt
    Regular (typical people) – 1pt
    Middle Aged (older people) – 2pts
    Pets (animals) – 3pts
    Elderly (really older people) – 4pts
    In a Crowd (at least 5 additional people) – 5pts

    Bonus Points System –
    Suits/Uniforms (work clothes) – +1pt
    Double Victims (one zombie, two victims) – x2.5
    Double Zombie (one victim, two zombies) – x2
    Zombie on Zombie (Zombie attack on another zombie attacker) – x2
    Make-up/Dress-up Attack (Face paint, ratty cloths) – Instead of gaining points, subtract equivalent points from another member

    Half points will be represented by a hand emblem,

    For every one point that is given, a member will receive an arm emblem,.

    For every tenth point, a member will receive a head emblem, , in exchange for 10 hand emblems.

    You can do pictures that are outside of the point system, but don’t expect special points for your ‘sweet back flip off of a dumpster while I do a spin into a zombie attack on my some random bystander’. You’ll get your points for it being a person, but probably nothing more… maybe rep for a cool picture.

    The leader board will be updated as frequent as possible and will be a running total type of scoring. ScyberDragon and I will award whoever has the most amount of points with rep bi-weekly (cut-off will be 12EST Sunday night) for their efforts of getting great zombie attack pictures.

    Examples –
    <input type='button' class='bbc_spoiler_show' value='Show exmaples' />

    Regular/Uniform - 2pts

    Sleeping - .5pt or

    Elderly - 4pts or

    Pets - 3pts or

    Leader Board –
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    Do you know how fast you were going back there?

    Umm... 65?


    But... isn't the speed limit 65?

    Yes, it is.

    -Super Troopers
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    After discussion with other people...

    Quote from name="Mephisto"s Lament" »
    We have a member named Junction3?
    Quote from Azriel »
    Was I... or was I putting emphasis on the fact that you should have an introduction thread?

    Would it hurt not to make an introduction thread?

    ...I have found out that people do not know who I am, which may or may not be because I never made an introduction thread, nevertheless here it is:

    [Passive-agressive, soft tone]

    So, umm, my name is Junction3 and, umm, I'm guess I'm new around here and all, ya know and I had been looking around, and all, before making my account. Uhhhhh, my one friend at work told be about it and I, uhh, I guess, I decided to make an account so I could, umm, RP with him. So, I, ummm, made my account, right, and I, uhh, well I guess I just joined the RP that he was in at the time, Knights of the Burning Blade. So, I guess that's me, Junction3, and I, uhh, well I guess that's all. Cool to be apart of the, umm, community with you guys. Thanks.

    [/Passive-agressive, soft tone]
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    Wow, you are a really good artist Umpa.
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    Quote from "Nacho_ijp" »
    can i just blow the whole ship??
    You can blow my whole ship ;)
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    B. South, through the Torajan Jungles.
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    I also made my campaign sig for giggles, and Mephy gave me the idea. I guess thanks. :P just to be sure...
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    With news that their ship was being stolen Oltu pushed his way through the zombies to get there as the ground started to rumble and break. A giant metal plated T-Rex broke through the crust of the earth with an ear shattering roar causing everyone to flee, gang members and zombies alike, leaving only the bounty hunters left to fight. To Oltu's suprise, Venom had already come back with the gang leader and Dorf was helping him on board the ship. Once on the ship, Dorf was quick to be back into the battle, jumping into the mouth of the already weakened T-Rex.

    Blindside and Venom had taken advantage of the T-Rex's weak point by shotting it's eyes. Soon after Dorf had been freed of the tightening T-Rex's mouth by John, it fell to it's death with one more simple armor piercing round from Blindside. Hmm, a foe who seemed to be unbeatable was just beat within matter or seconds, Oltu thought to himself, having done nothing to assist, Peculiar.

    Oltu then channeled his energy at a half destroyed building next to the T-Rex, until the building split from it's base. The spliting metal of the building's frame rang out in the calm after the battle as it came crashing down on the T-Rex's body, filling the air with dust and debris.

    "Just want to make sure," Oltu said light-heartedly.
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    Venom... my coma... Oltu thought to himself as flashbacks of hazy events flashed before his eyes.

    "...Venom..." Oltu said aloud remembering the past, "I remember you now. You always were a good student. I remember hearing about my coma, but they never told me what happened. And how is your sister now-a-days?" Oltu asked reliefed by a familiar face.
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