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    Well now, I'm surprised. I was like, "WHat??!" But I kind of like the look of the Monk. I like Blizzard, they were fooling everyone who thought the new class to be revealed was going to be the Ranger class.

    And then I go onto this thread and I find more haterz :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykxqzKH5BIc

    Guys, seriously. Blizzard is doing the best job of any game company taking into consideration what you have to say. But they will be deterred from listening if all you have to do is whine and complain. Grow up! You don't get everything in life.

    Monk not creative enough? Lame? Your entire life is lame. You sit on a computer checking the forum every day for more information on the game that you will buy multiple copies of and play non stop. However, you completely troll, complain, and even THREATEN to not buy the game! Hah. You need to work on your bluffing skills...

    All of us will buy the game. It's the best out there. One class won't make that big of a deal. I HIGHLY doubt you will hate all of the classes. And you know what? In the expansion you get TWO more classes.

    Grow up, Quit your whining, and enjoy the information like everyone else, instead of your constant, pointless, criticism.
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