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    I was stumbling around on some archives sites, and i stumbled upon this post from diablo3.com. It's not the site that most of us associate with the name today, but this site in fact back in 2008. I was in middle school at the time, in computer class, and had been searching for months for any kind of confirmation for a sequel to my all time favorite game at the time, diablo 2.

    diablo3.com was a site that I looked at every once in a while when I thought about it, but I remember this day in particular. As I was saying before, I was in computer class that day and I happened to go on the site and seen this news update right on the front page. I was literally jaw-dropped as this post put a definite guarantee in my heart that they were going to make diablo 3. After that experience, I had followed this site religiously since that post, until the day d3 was released. Thank you diablofans.com :)


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