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    Quote from "Psyxix" »
    How about coconut island? With monkeys and deadly parrots :P Woa this is gonna be so creepy!
    I'm going to have to one-up you and suggest Gullah Gullah Island.
    Battle through hordes of dancing/singing children... right into the hair-raising showdown with Binyah Binyah Pollywog.

    Regardless of what kind of environment we've visited before in the Diablo series, the experience shouldn't be comparable. If the environments in the first gameplay demonstration tell me anything, it's that I will finally be able to feel like I'm progressing through Sanctuary.

    As I stated before, Act 1 felt like a series of plain, grassy, flat areas connected together by a cave system to me. Only when I reached the Monastery Gates and proceeded farther in did I feel like I was really getting somewhere.

    My point being that with these fleshed out environments, I'll finally feel like I'm traveling this great distance. I won't be thinking "How the hell did this jail even function? Why do I have to walk through 5 prison cells to reach the exit?" Thus creating an entirely unique experience from Diablo 2 in that regard.

    So what if it has a forested area? It will look and feel a hell of a lot better than it did on D2. Same goes for the desert. A mine shaft area? That's freaking awesome to me. That shows these people mine for raw materials. These kind of details bring an immersive world closer to fruition.
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    Quote from "deathMars" »
    Bad reasons except for the last one.

    Wtf are you talking about in the first two?

    He's talking about the option to select max players in any given game. The people who want 4 to be the max amount of players in their game can select 4. While the people who want 8 can select the full 8.

    Long story short, he prefers the old system.

    Anyway, we're still unclear how the pvp works, aren't we? Many people are speculating there will be a seperate function for pvp dedicated games, and if that's the case, I'm confident they will up the max amount of players for that purpose.

    In the years and years of playing Diablo 2, I can probably count the number of times that I participated in an 8 player game that was actually questing together on one hand. Most of the time, there would be a guy rushing us whether we wanted it or not, other times there would be a couple of people who came in so they could cow with the exp/drop bonus of a full game, other times it would be someone raiding (killing Diablo and ending the game on nonexpansion for the unaware). And of the 8 player games where we did actually quest together, everyone would type out profanities at eachother with caps lock smashed in because someone was standing in their way in Maggot Lair.
    The point being that I'm 100% supportive of the 4 player max decision. I'm confident that with a smaller amount of people, it will be a friendlier, more productive atmosphere. And hopefully it will cut back on that damned "lone wolf" mentality that was so rampant in Diablo 2.
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    Truth be told, Act 1 didn't come off as much of a forest to me. I mean, I know it was supposed to be a forest but... it looked kinda like a series of grassy flat fields connected by a cave network with some trees peppered in.
    I, of course, took the graphical limitations into account so I always accepted it for what it was.

    But with the improved technology, if they can pull off a convincing creepy ass forest with Act 1, I'd be all for it.
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    It's less like a direct Diablo-esque dungeon romp than Sacred 2 is, so it is sort of hard to compare. Think a little Fable 2...with Zelda scale bosses thrown in...and then throw in gothic, depth, and satisfying difficulty. I would link you to a trailer, but I'm not entirely sure if they're allowed on this forum. You can just search "Demon's Souls" in youtube and watch the official trailer. It should give you a pretty good idea of how the game looks and introduce you to the overall atmosphere (which I think is one of the many highlights of the game).

    Quote from "liquid" »
    The game seems to be great and the twist they did on MP is quite nice but I still wouldn't buy a whole PS3+HDDTV to play this. Not enough replayability, imo (which is a problem to most console games). Still, I wish I could play this on my PC.
    That's understandable. It really feels like a PC game on console...I think that's why I've fallen in love with it as much as I have. If for some reason, a Playstation 3 parachutes from the skies and lands in your living room, I'd suggest picking it up.

    By the way, I wouldn't suggest it to the kind of person who gives up after a couple of deaths. It's designed to kick your ass until you get good enough to kick its ass instead. Ghosts n' Goblins style.
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    I remember the devs talking about how they wanted to make every character in Diablo 3 feel unique to Diablo 3. This being said, one may point to the similarities the Witchdoctor (necro/druid), Wizard (sorc), Barbarian (...barb), Monk (asn, paladin) have with previous classes. In all fairness, I have to acknowledge the similarities.

    However, that being said, the chances of the next class being a javelin-tossing, spear-wielding, guided arrow shootin' class with a new name slapped on (rogue) seems sort of like a rash assumption.

    Ok, let me hurry up to my point. The beauty of the Barbarian is his ability to use essentially all melee weapons ranging from a short-range axe to a long-range lance. Sprinkle in the more varied and useable skills that are being introduced in Diablo 3 and you have an all-around fighter with room for player creativity. The hideousness of a proposed comeback of an Amazon-clone is its limitations. Three basic weapon choices were forced upon the player. Bow/Xbow (same thing, eh?), Javelin, and Spear (which shared many skills with eachother). It fits the lore and theme of the Amazon which I can only assume would mean it wouldn't change drastically if they brought back that specific class. Also, lore-wise, wouldn't it be a little iffy for there to be a male rogue?

    What is the missing archetype in Diablo 3 and what could fill it in?
    This "jack of all trades" theory people are talking about is sounding more and more plausible. The ability to specialize in all ranged physical weapons (which someone else has already brought up) seems like both an obvious and original concept. My personal prediction is a desert-themed raider. Someone who could use spears and pole-arms as well as throwing axes and bows.
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    Quote from "toller1" »
    The angel class would be cool. And there former human so that can relate. i would love that:thumbsup:

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't humans the result of Nephalem (offspring of demons and angels) interbreeding? I figure the power gap between, for example, the Witch Doctor compared to an Angel is sort of steep. I'm not saying Blizzard can't force it into the game, but I don't see how it would work, lore-wise.
    Sorry to be a killjoy.

    Back on topic, considering Diablo is sure to make an appearance in Diablo 3, I wouldn't be surprised if there is indeed a hell area.
    However, I also don't think it would be too much of a stretch to think the story (and the slaying of Diablo himself) could conclude in the final expansion. If that's the case, I'd assume that they would hold off on a true Hell area until then. That will essentially keep fans on a cliffhanger (and probably piss them off).
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    Quote from "waddlez" »
    they are obviously Baal tentacles as they have combined to become captain planet
    That's what I've been saying for the past three years but people have a surprisingly hard time accepting the possibility that Captain Planet is canon in the Diablo universe.
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    Hey everyone, first-time poster, long-time reader.

    While there is already a post somewhat concerning it, I wanted to point out the PS3 exclusive Demon's Souls.
    An American port is scheduled early October (as well as a limited edition) but the Chinese and Korean versions (both include full English spoken dialogue/text) have been available for import for some time.

    Anyway, it has been the game I've been occupying myself with while I wait for the new Diablo 2 patch and, ultimately, Diablo 3.
    When my imported copy came in, I was pleasantly surprised at how it reminded me of the Diablo games... but still remaining very independant from the franchise.
    The game is a 3rd person Action/RPG dungeon crawler. It is extremely skill based (learn enemy patterns, how to block, how to parry, enemy weaknesses, when to avoid conflict, etc. or you will die fast) and very unforgiving. However, despite the initial difficulty, it only strengthened my resolve to complete that particular area. Replayability comes in the form of "New Game+." After you complete the game, your character is carried over into a New Game with upscaled difficulty, drops, and experience gain. Think Nightmare/Hell difficulty. This can repeated infinitely (if I'm not mistaken).

    The equipment and overall aesthetic of the game is a pleasing mix of traditional and stylized. While the normal weapons in the game are very realistic (bardiches look like bardiches), the uniques are insanely creative (i.e. a knife that is in the shape of a giant demonic fish hook).

    The character customization mainly consists of player-controlled stat allocation ala Diablo 1 and 2 which dictate the equipment, assignable spells, health/mana, and damage bonuses. Essentially if a player starts off with a Soldier class, he can allocate stats into Magic and Willpower to become a Soldier/Mage hybrid.

    There is online multiplayer as well which is done in a way that is unprecedented (too much to really describe; I suggest looking up youtube videos or reading articles). Most importantly, it supports Coop, PVP, and PK. Believe me, the PVP and PK is extremely fun. (PVP and PK is actually encouraged to more evil-aligned players).

    [God, Sony should be paying me for this rant...]

    Anyway, guys, I have the utmost confidence that a fan of the Diablo games will find something to enjoy in Demon's Souls. If you have a PS3 or are planning to pick one up, you owe it to yourself to have this game.
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