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    posted a message on Monk advice, I come in peace
    Hello monks,

    I have spent the last eon being a hellecopter on the barb side. I would like to mention a damn good helicopter at that!

    Anyways, thats not the point of this post, the point is, ive been putting my monk off for a long time. Not that i didnt like him, its just barbs are tooooooooo OP to pass up for a farming tool. Now that my barb can farm effectively and is starting to make some gold, ive pulled out THE MONK!!!!!

    Im going with the standard ToC sweeping wind build and would like to plow through a3 (solo) and stand my own in a3 in party play.

    Today, i scrapped up some gear for my monk and took her for a spin, died a lot at first then got better but i felt my dps was way to low and wasnt doing my part in my party.

    what key stats should i look for
    What sort of weapons should I look at
    how much resist should i have in mind
    playing tips
    minimum stats/good stats


    PS, i prefer FAST attackspeed much more than slow attackspeed hence using that dagger instead of a 1.2 mace with 800 dps and socket
    also, i have inner sanctuary skilled since i was playing party and a +16% damage for the enite party in fights is pretty big imo :)

    thanks, and i come in peace :P
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    posted a message on Budget Build
    ress all

    in that order for any barb build.

    for ww barb

    res all (550+ for a3)
    loh (900 minimum a3)
    crit chance
    vit (30k hp)
    str (gravey)
    crit damage (gravey)

    cant speak to any other build as im not well versed in them
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    posted a message on Reaper Build
    LOL i think im missing something here.... as in the point of the post
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    posted a message on Infinite Multishot Build
    what will you do when targets are spred, ie cant hit more than 3 at once per shot, or their is only 1 elite left?

    ive tried something along these lines and it just... doesnt work so well
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    posted a message on New to WW Spec.
    i say this to about everyone:
    4.6k armor
    550+ res all, preferably 650ish+
    900 loh minimum, 1500 is gravey

    the minimums make the build hard, but it will get the job done if played correctly. To rememedy this, use overpower crushing advance for another 35% damage reduction *huge*. This will force u to use a mighty weapon main hand (which makes fury managemnt smoother) and warcry>sprint>battlerage>sprint then carry on :P

    the gear is only half the battle tho. the play style is key. The basics are... quite simple, but the depth of the build is huge. little things you can do in your play style to conserve fury, extend bezerk, gain fury, control mobs, ect is important for undgeared people or people sacrifiing survivability for dps
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    posted a message on WW Barb Questions (Help Please)
    Quote from Benedicte

    Mighty weapons are not that bad for fury generation, but you'll need a lot of Crit chance on your armor for compensation :)

    i run a mighty weapon 24/7 atm cuz i got a lucky drop on it. I find fury management much easier with it. currently at 40% crit chance with passives, without br/bezerk
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    posted a message on Battle Rage: Marauder's Rage vs Bloodshed rune (Contains math)
    ^^ that % changes based on skills. tornado sprint has a 20% chance. hota smash has an 80% chance
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    posted a message on Does +%Crit Dmg on follower help you?
    im trying to get my follower to 10k dps. so it doesnt directly cary over the stats to ur char (other than xp gf and mf and ^^ stated) but if they can add dps, that helps :P
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    posted a message on WW Barb Questions (Help Please)
    dont sell ur monk gear..... just dont :(

    if their is one thing i miss atm its having more than 1 char that can face roll a3

    the advantages of a ww barb are:
    godly tanking
    spin2win mentality
    imo low gear requirements (got a friend through a4 inferno without much problems with an 18 mill budget

    the weaknesses are:
    the fury management can be a pain
    single target is meh

    just started a game of HoN. ill finish this later
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    posted a message on Kind of stuck on what to do gear/spec wise
    anyone else notice the 8% block helm with no shield? LOL
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    posted a message on Rend instead of WW for Tornado barb?
    ^^ genious

    the best thing ive done with charge is mercles strike+br into the fray + hota smash + shout + insantiy+leap. between shout+leap+short cooldown charge and 50% crit chance.... its pretty funny. dont have much dps.... and duel wielding and i can melt elites in 4 player a3 in 1 insantiy. just endless 400k smashes all over :D:DDDDDD

    and yes... 2h may be superior... but i cant stand 2h weps with their slow ass mofokin attackspeed. that... and the slow attackspeed makes u quite vulernable. i feel if i had 1-2 seconds between each smash... id be dead. the consistent heals from lifesteal+smash keep me alive in most cases
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    posted a message on Archon build - farming act 3
    i level paragon for the +stats and exp. 200 free vit (at level 100) with 30% life means i can drop a ton of vit from my gear and pump dps easier
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    posted a message on Am I ready for Act 3 farming?
    Quote from Hexipox

    Quote from ScaledWurm

    Thanks for your useless post. See when you are an adult you have to go to work. I just finished Act 2 then had to come to work so I figured while at work I would ask to see what other people's opinions were so I could learn from their trials and tribulations. I am sure that since you are so good at doing everything on your own that you have never used google for a search when you could just as easily venture out into the world on your own and see what you can find.

    Doing a search on google is finding our on your own. Asking someone is skipping the search on google - or for the matter; here, there are plenty posts here that talk on this issue.

    Your post is as dumb and useless as my advice is good.

    See when you grow up, since you wanted to make this personal, you go to work and you hate wasting your time on posts like this :)

    I tried to encourage you to test out for ya self, its a much better learning curve to try, fail figure out the possible solution. if none occur, come here and ask, someone might have a solution to help you. I would gladly post a long post on the subject if you had just tried first.

    Hello sir, would you kindly step outside and go fuckyourself become you arnt wanted here:) thx bye
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    posted a message on Am I ready for Act 3 farming?
    yep. also, i forgot to mention. if u run overpower, u will NEED a mighty weapon main hand. U can either weapon swap as an axe with the same stats will give u more dps wiht weapon masters or just do what i do (900 dps mighty weapon with socket emerald) and just wield it 24/7

    warcry>sprint through mob>cast br asap>sprint>swap to axe

    the last part can be skipped if u want to just use a mighty weapon.

    http://us.battle.net...14/hero/6471308 current setup. I baught the gloves for 1mil (previously a 9.5% crit chance 100 str, 50 vit) and the helm is my first set drop ever 2 nights ago, blew myfucking mind. was doing a3 without dying in 1hour - 1:30 before them (helm was 150 str/vit 4% crit chance

    o! with the overpower build, use the superstition passive as ur 3rd passive. helps u incase u run out of fury get it back in 90% of the situation. sit in plauged, lighting, deso,lazer, molten for a split second and u have enough to sprint agian :P
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    posted a message on Am I ready for Act 3 farming?
    yes. switch ur weapons tho. put ur mace in ur main hand and ur axe in ur off hand. it has higher damage ranges
    also, upgrade ur rubies. thats easy
    you may want more res all, but just play safe
    actually... maybe not. ur rings/amys suck flat out... I baught myself 50+ res all, 3.5% crit chance rings for 1mill pre patch (prob less now) and an 8% crit, 60 res all amy for the same price pre 1.04. recently upgraded to 500 loh, 60 res all, 8 crit chance + str and damage amy for 10 mill pre patch.

    These easy upgrades will give u the crit chance u DESPERATELY NEED and the res all that u could use.

    for a little gravey, get better weapons to increase ur farming speed

    If you are really struggling, put ww on ur left click (use shift to spin and dont click on mobs), and put in overpower crushing advance. pop it on every cooldown. I can stand in 5 lazers, plagu, deso,electicall that, u name it with 4.2k armor, 600 res all, 900-1500 loh. no problem
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