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    posted a message on If you get free 800 stat points, where would you put it?
    800 free vit cuz i only need 800 total vit on my char in softcore and dont die in sub mp5 with farming gear

    that would allow me to skip all vit on all my gear. if its free, hell yea :P

    if i was to choose vit or str (barb) on any piece of gear tho, id take the str
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    posted a message on The Raoha Route: The bar has been raised even further, 30% faster then Alkaizers Route!! [outdated]
    arret crater level 2
    keeps level 2
    rakkis crossing

    alk = 50~ exp/hour
    old new = 65~
    new new = 75~
    wat i got from the vid. tbh i kinda like the idea of this new run. very fast and jam packed. no stack farming at the start
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    posted a message on The Hammerend build!
    i run duelwield

    bash-4+ fury for mp5 and whatever. frenzy smite for ubers
    hota-smash for stupid high single target and .8 coeficient. nearly unlimited fury vs 1 target. unlimited vs 2 targets. also, the aoe is quite easy to hit 2+ mobs with once u learn it
    br-into the fray for unlimited smashes/tons of fury/ToC support
    ToC- cuz being zerked is just tooooo goood
    rend - bloodlust main tanking ability/aoe presence

    mp10 viable
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    posted a message on MP 8 Three Elites at Once Solo Act 2
    god damn, stop posting your mediocore videos then looooosing your aboslute shit when pple tell you that your using inferior and coutner productive mechanics (2h with ww, loh at 80k dps, no thrive on chaos). fuck, welcome to the internet and life. If you put yourself out there (ie posting a video AND THEN making it sound like the biggest thing since sliced bread) you are going to get attention. If u ran a superior build, people wouldnt bitch at that, and then they would say "HEY, YOU DID WHAT ANY BARB SHOULD DO, THAT WAS PRETTY COOL THO SEEING HOW U MANAGED 3 ELITES AT ONCE, GRATS".

    ontop of that, your just an rude, hot headed, low self esteem internet kid who posts low quality videos and looses his shit at the first scent of negativity, its really tiring. please stop

    You want to find out how inferior your build is? go do ubers mp10 solo. hf and adios
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    posted a message on Bye Bye Tornado Gaybarian welcome.. DESTRUCTION
    ^^. I generally ok with saying "wow thats gay" or stuff like that, but the tone this guy used and the use of it in a derogitory way is just uncalled for. I would have been more inclined to try your build but fuck you sir, fuck you.
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    posted a message on 1.0.4: The end of Critical Mass?
    well. I feel this guy is kinda getting singled out here (which he isnt helping his own cause), but id like to support his opinion.

    I myself am a wwspeced barb. I do think its overpowered and does deserve a nerf /cry. Anyways, to the point.

    This guy seems to be pushing the fact that blizzard is nerfing cmww due to its high proc rate with legendaries. The current proc rate is .25 which is getting halved in 1.04. I think thats a little much of a nerf but ive yet to use it so, we shall see. This guy, however, pushes the fact that a cmww can have 1-8 tornados going at once? well, lets do some basic numbers here with my current knowledge set on ww barbs because i am not comfortable enough with the mechanics of cm"ww".

    So, some forum poster did a huge theory crafting session on runlikethewind and posted his numbers. he found that it is possible to have 1 tornado from sprint proc 30 times with enough ias. Im expecting the average person is more along the lines of 15-20 (which is where im at). So, that is giving you 5 procs a second lets say. if u can get 4 tornados on a single mob (lets just deal with a single target for now), that is 20 procs a second. I have a 48% unbuffed crit chance, 61% with buffs (my gear isnt that great either). So, 20x.61=12.2 crits per second x .2 coeficient = 2.44 procs per second. Now, we must take into account that you can get up to 6ish tornados at once, someone could have higher ias easily if they wanted, more mobs, higher crit chance, ect. I run opca which i belive is a good indicator of my proc chances as its a cooldown, and agaisnt 3 mobs, i can cast it every 4 seconds with ease, agaisnt 1 target its harder but enough.

    What i think this guy is trying to do is use the logic for the change to the cmww wiz (procs like a mofo) and applying it to the wwspec barb which can proc like a mofo.

    I have to add this in even though offtopic a bit. I thought the ww spec was op ezmode until i tried to get 2 buddies to run the spec with my same exact gear and they couldnt pull it off after 5 hours of practice each. they couldnt genorate fury, they couldnt sustain it, they didnt understand the sequences, and would end up just bashing 90% of the time. Also, when i was explaining the build, i thought i was writing a fucking novel haha. It really makes you take into account the amount of things you must process and execute for this build to work. For the cmww spec, ive seen the crappiest players making it work
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    posted a message on 'New' member?
    you know, i never did one of these threads lol :P i might one of these days...
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    posted a message on Oh, the customization they've got in store...
    hope so :)the more i see this game, the more i like it. Like, for most games, its all about winning and being the best, but for this one, i just want to play it for it. have fun, go with the story, build as i go.

    ill do the nit picking later.
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    posted a message on Just wanted to share something with everyone

    i got this in my email from a buddy and thought it was really cool. minus the first few min, its is just breath taking. take a look. sit back and relax.
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    posted a message on d3 news - how many times you check
    i forgot what days off were cuz of school. i forgot what life was like when i found this site :P.

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