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    posted a message on Hey guys/gals...Special announcement!
    I think you can't use the $5 on the game itself. You get it after the purchase of the game, which means you have to buy something else in order to use the gift card.
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    posted a message on The Wait is Over -- PTR Patch 1.13
    People are complaining??? Seriously?

    Any other company would have stopped patching and balancing 3-5 years ago. Most companies do not put legacy teams on games that are 10 years old. Not only that but Blizzard has a sequel in the works and they are still improving D2.

    Plus being disappointed about a patch that is still in public testing is lame. Its not even final yet.

    Blizzard makes no money (maybe from that ad banner) from battle.net play and a new patch isn't attracting a whole lot of people to purchase the game. And those who do are only paying $20.

    I guess what I'm saying is, if you want more content, wait for D3.
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    posted a message on Skill System Changes to Affect Respecs
    I love this thread.

    "What we don't know about something unknown"

    Haha. Classic Blizzard.
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