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    posted a message on Patch 2.4.1 | All Witch Doctor Set Dungeon Mastery Guide | UPDATED (Videos)

    Helltooth was hardest for me, random spawn mobs, grouping them and then go fast to make things on time. I will be free to add for helltooth you should go with Mara neck and don't think on that poison goal. Arachyr is the easiest, for Zuni you need portion of speed to make it on time, is still easy and Jade was walk in the park for me, don't know how;)

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    posted a message on Patch 2.4.1 | All Mastery Set Dungeon Guides (video) | UPDATED

    Thanks for the videos mate, really great job there! I use most of them and currently sitting 6 dungeons away from wings (2/4 Barb, 0/4 Monk). Some are super easy and some are too much annoying. Thanks to your guides I lower stress with theorycrafting and focus on clearing them. I must add that on some of them, no matter how good you or your gear is, you depend too much on RNG. Tnx again mate and see ya in sanctuary...

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