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    posted a message on Please devs end your solo play hatreds been pushed to

    Solo play this season is not as bad as it was before. Since XP was nerfed GREATLY in higher rifts.

    Still solo play lacks everything, it's slow and boring. And it's still at least 1/2 effective than group play.

    That is why I love solo, wish it could even be slower since it is way to fast to level. I wish for the old days when it took a few hundred hours of game time to max a character level now it almost pointless to even have the max character level since it takes almost no time to get there.
    Part of the reason the End Game is boring is it is too easy and too fast to get there.
    Story mode is pointless now since for the most part it is quick bounties to get some mats, gear, and nightmare keys. Then the rest is Rifts and Grifts.
    Things are handed out too fast.
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    posted a message on Have you reported botters before

    Sorry to bring that back since those days it was quite annoying and it felt like it did no good to report them, since they are back the very next time you logged back in.

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    posted a message on Why Diablo 3 Becomes Boring (Video)
    How many copies did D3 sell. Any company would be happy with a quarter of the sales the game got heck they would be happy with 1/10th the sales Diablo 3 has.

    Also the other games from Blizzard makes money, make that buckets and buckets of money.

    Diablo 3 is one of the largest selling PC games of all times. Let me restate that it is one of the largest selling PC games of all time.

    You guys make it sound like it was one of the worst selling games of all time and the devs have to go begging on the street for change so they can eat.

    Sorry I sound upset. but this is just getting to me.
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    posted a message on end game fun
    Come on RoS is only about 6 months old and seasons was just added. Diablo 3 is not an MMO.

    What is more needed is more gear options and hopefully some better and more affixes for all gear types. We also need to tweak more in the skills since most players are only using a few skills.

    Adding more areas will not do that much since a few hours of playing it people will state we need more.
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    posted a message on Does a seasonal character occupy a regular character slot?
    I am likely to delete all the characters when ladder starts and then again when the next season starts.
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    posted a message on No, just no, we don't want to use Hydra.
    Hydra has been my favorite spell since Diablo I and still is.
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    posted a message on Jerks in Public Rifts
    How about everyone has to pay the full price for a rift. As soon as the player enters the rift the toll is paid.
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    posted a message on Vendor or salvage blues and rares now?
    Also if you are looking to play the Crusader then it would be real nice to have a good stockpile of mats since Crafting helps out a lot with a new character.
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    posted a message on Loot 2.0 did not change a thing
    Quote from Twoflower
    Quote from Pietrak

    4) You exhibit oracle skills about RoS, while anything that will be bad with RoS will be fixed and patched in due time. The way itemization has been reworked (according to what the devs told us over the last months) it's natural that it's hard to find and upgrade now. The system was not designed for finding lvl 60 instant upgrades, but for providing a good experience for RoS endgame.

    Hey, that was a nice one :) Specially the one about me being an oracle and not seeing how it all will be fixed. It made me grin, thumbs up.

    Well maybe my point was kinda hidden in all that spam by people who dont read my posts. The thing is this :

    IMO the main problem in the diablo series ( and most other arpg ) is that you have no real endgame. you level up, you gear up, and then there is nothing left to do. My point is that it doesn't matter if you level and gear up by Ah or by playing, you still reach the same end point of nothing to do. That's what I think is the main problem of the game and loot 2.0 doesnt change a thing about that.

    What I would have loved to see are more things to do at endgear. Pvp, weekly or monthly competitions, ladders, races. Things that keep you busy after you decked out your char. Blizzard had quite a few new ideas in WoW that they keep working on to keep old players busy. I just dont see that in Diablo.

    So really, cut the offensive crap and don't be a douche.
    Sorry but there are people here who deserve nothing but offensive crap hurled at them. When I post this :

    Quote fromTwoflower» Half of you didnt even read what I wrote and just serenaded your old "he just bought items for money and now is butthurt" shit.
    and in the VERY NEXT post some idiot writes :

    QuotefromCobearz» because he paid to win and now its no longer good.

    then sorry, he is garbage. Dont shoot the messager :)
    The Diablo games and most ARPG's never had end game and should never really have end game. To me End Game means the game is done and is time to move on to another game or to restart with another character.

    The thing with DIablo II is that the item hunt did help make the game last longer after defeating Hell and if your character is in the 90's. But that was more for finding some specific gear for a new character build you want to try out or maybe for some PvP if you are into that.

    In DIII Vanilla (Pre loot 2.0) Items did not really have that much unique or useful affixes except for the over powered ones and then the Auction House just added extra headaches to it since it was usually just easier and faster to search for the item on the Auction House. So for the loot finders it became kind of a big downer. And when the Auction House was getting too flooded with high end gear than Blizzard had to tone down the item drops or at least the chances for some of the higher end gear so for the self find players it became more of a downer. There was some good changes made over the patches but still not that many that had the impact on the main op affixes.

    With loot 2.0 it made it that much more for the self find character and improvements to items since Auction House will no longer be with us in about a few weeks. Tonnes of interesting affixes have been added and they might look weak if just looking at the paper doll but they can be very strong if you use certain skills or other items that complement it. In the PtR I made a Lightning Barb and lost quite a bit of DPS on the paper doll but the character seemed to do more effective and more fun to play. I actually removed most Crit from that character as well as not using Skorn.

    Maybe you just need some time to adjust to loot 2.0
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    posted a message on ROS and PTR Closing Tonight
    I have replaced all gear on the 2 characters I was using. I do not have the super duper greatest gear but still I was looking more oddball gear and builds. I think I am only using a couple legendaries and most of the gear is dropped rares or crafted rares.
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