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    When Diablo 3 was first announced I read every news story on it and new pretty much every piece of information that was announced, but i have pretty much completely stopped reading up on news and I haven't even watched any beta videos.

    I can't tell if this is because I am not interested anymore, or if I just don't want it to be spoiled, it is probably a bit of both.
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    This site is giving away free beta keys in a fun even that everybody can join in on. I don't see why you feel the need to criticize that. Obviously people are going to be disappointed when their picture, or the picture they liked the most doesn't win, but you should just be happy for the person who did win and enjoy the funny pictures.
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    posted a message on Ultimate Random Chat Thread [URT] v4
    Life just involves lying around in a circle waiting for little food pellets to start rolling around. You wish they would be evenly distributed among the the remaining four, but the others just start chowing down. In order to keep yourself alive, you are forced to eat as much as you can as fast as you can, and hope that will be enough to keep you alive until the next feeding time.

    So hungry...always so hungry.
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    posted a message on Good sc2 players need help!
    I am about the same level you are, my advice may not be great, but here goes.

    After watching your replay, these were some flaws I found:

    You built 2 evolution chambers and they sat dormant for a long while only to be used once, however this isn't a huge deal since you had so many minerals.

    You had too many minerals. You were building all roach/hydra and gas was your limiting factor so you have to throw in a mineral drain as well or its just going to stack up. I would have probably built some zerglings throughout the game and maybe another hatchery in your main.

    Scouting is important. You had a ton of overlords (and a lot of overseers for some reason) just sitting around doing nothing. Spread them around the map some. You had the xel-naga watch towers, so you could see the middle but that really doesn't mean much since he did drops. Also you sent your army on a suicidal attack, you might want to send in an overlord first so that doesn't happen.

    He was a giant blue turtle, so gain map control. This goes with more scouting, but if you see him being highly defensive then expand some more. You could have taken the entire right side of the map without him even noticing. However when you do expand, make sure to use that base. Your third base did nothing for a long time, then it only mined minerals when you really needed gas.

    You also might want to try harassing some. Get some mutas or zerglings to attack every time he thinks about leaving his base. This will make him become even more defensive which lets you really easily expand.

    And try to produce more. I had the production tab open for the game and there were long periods where you were producing nothing. You had the supply, larva and resources, but I guess you were lacking motivation or something.

    And don't be afraid to change your plans. You seem to have been set on going roach/hydra, but I bet if you would have thrown some banelings at his marines/marauders he would have been most upset.

    Well, that is all I've got. As I said, I am not that much better than you (especially as zerg), so if something I said seems stupid, it probably is, so don't listen to it. Besides that, just watch your replays, watch day9 or other castors if that helps you and play more.
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    posted a message on I got pics and vids of you. Yes, you!
    Skynight is easy.

    I had a good plan for Scyber, but it didn't go so well. I know 2 things about him,he is from Columbus and he is Asian. So naturally, I was searching through Columbus in google street view looking for any asian person (because the first one I found would obviously be scyber). The only problem is, I could not find any asian people about the streets of Columbus, so I had to settle with assuming he is hiding in some stereotypical building.

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    Well it said that every demon hunter had a story similar to the one that Abd al-Hazir met. Meaning that they all had their entire town destroyed by demons with everybody they knew killed. If that doesn't give somebody motivation to kill demons I don't know what will.

    And the cinematic trailer is here if anybody missed it.
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    What I got from that was that the universe makes perfect sense and it follows the same rules throughout (the laws of science) but we don't see it because we don't understand the laws of science enough.

    But that is just my interpretation of what he said and it could be completely false. I am mainly just posting this because I am kind of bored and this discussion is interesting so I would like to keep it going.
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    posted a message on Maybe Blizzard took a turn
    honestly I'd prefer a cyborg dinosaur ninja class than a healing class in Diablo

    I thought I was alone, but I'm glad somebody else agrees that Umpa needs to become a cyborg and then he will be the perfect candidate for the 5th class.
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    Christians believe homosexuality is wrong, homosexuals believe christianity is wrong (or at least their stance on homosexuality).

    Not all Christians believe that homosexuality is wrong. Not even all Christian churches believe that homosexuality is wrong. It just depends on how literally you take the bible.
    And as for homosexuals disagreeing with Christians who say they are sinning, if somebody says your are going to hell you probably don't want to agree with them.
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    I just downloaded The Hell mod for Diablo 1 and since I am in the Diablo spirit I decided to join this forum.

    I like secret messages.
    If you catch this then we already have something in common.
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