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    I read these boards from time to time, but never felt the need to post anything until now. Reading the orange highlights might save this thread from some flaming/hate. :P So, here goes.

    I've been reading random thread about some ideas people have that could be the 5th class. Many suggest rangers, raiders, marksman, rogues, thieves, archers, etcetc. Sound very familiar, yes? But what I haven't heard(and I don't see much in a quicksearch either) is the possibility of the 5th class bearing possibility similarities to the


    NINJA (For lack of a better name)
    Some people will debunk this fairly fast because they are thoroughly convinced that the 5th class HAS to be some kind of masterful bow&arrow type class. Well, who said ninjas can't use bows? Ryu Hayabusa uses a bow in at least one of his games(though not very effectively). I'm not saying the 5th class WILL be ninjas, but definitely possess similarities(so, in a sense, somewhat similar to the assassin as well). Ninja is just probably the closest I can think of to this type of class, without reusing the term assassin. I can see how a toned down but more assassination-based skill tree related to ninjas can be very possible. Here are some possible skill trees based on this type of class.

    Ranged Assassination - Includes skills that have to deal with ranged weaponry, but not to the extent of the amazon's multi-shot. Easily alter skills to affect the projectile only, that way this tree can apply to throwing daggers, throwing axes, bows, crossbows, and javelins. Example skills: Cripple, slow, bleed, blind, critical/crushing blow, piercing(crowd control?), knockback, disable, immobilize, disorient, confuse, apply(to ranged attack) poison/explosive/other, etcetc.

    Stealth Movement - Includes skills that have to deal with the class' movements. Example skills: Charge(like paladin), teleport kick/punch/stab/etcetc, reverse-charge(to get away) + throw/shoot ranged weapon, split-image(or something related?), possibly some crippling, bleeding, blinding, disabling, immobilizing, or disorienting attacks. Maybe even feature tools like smoke bombs or something. Heh.

    Closer-Quarters Combat - I think it'd be neat if they made this a hybrid of weapon-based melee skills as well as shield-as-weapon skills. This would fit well with the throwing weapons, since they are one handed. Would clash a bit with the bows/crossbows though. I'm at a lost for what types of skills, however. All I can really come up with are the skills featured in Diablo II and/or other classes have them.

    Traps - Always possible, but doubtful.

    Summons/Pets - Also possible, but doubtful.

    Poison - I would've liked this idea, but again not very original and the WD already uses poison.

    Bloodlust or Fury - Wouldn't be a bad idea. Considering that there's an alternative mana system, possibly use that for this class too? Perhaps the class' only gets filled up by deaths(blood) instead of just blows like the barbarian might make it interesting. A series of skill and combo buildups with finishing moves/releases?



    Edit: Spelled Ryu's name wrong. Lawls.
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