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    posted a message on Will you make 2 of 1 class?
    I will definitely be making 2 characters. I don't want to play half way through the game with a certain build and then completely swap everything out to play the rest with another build.

    I want to play from START to FINISH with the same playstyle. If it doesn't work get rid of the character.

    Of course there's hardcore that you have to factor too. So I would preferably like to make at least 15 characters......

    DAMN YOU BLIZZARD!!!!!!!!!!
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    posted a message on Suicide booths?
    You cannot get out of depression by trying to... since you have lost all motivation to do anything. Would you not simply feel that trying to do anything about it will not work and that it will be a wasted effort - just like your entire life that you believe was wasted and if it continues will be wasted?

    I have friends who have become depressed. I never know what to truly do, but I try to cheer them up with whatever I can. If I can pin them into a corner I would have long discussions with them that normally end with them feeling at least a little better. I understand, only somewhat though, what depression is like. It is near impossible to do anything yourself because of lack of motive and you would not seek help for the very same reason.

    I do see why they would want to commit suicide. I do see why it makes sense to do so, in their eyes. I believe that if everything is truly lost and that remaining alive would really put you through further and more terrifying pain, then suicide is definitely a viable way out. But holding on for just that little longer, just long enough to allow someone who cares for you to notice the intent, and stop you, is what depression is to me. But that's how I see it, not how it is. I know I'm wrong, but it's the easiest way to look at it in my current mind set.

    But then the problem arises when no one would notice, even with you holding up your flag of surrender. This is when I think suicide should be carried out. It is sad, very very sad. No one that loves nor cares for you, and absolutely nothing to keep you here. It is painful just thinking about such an emotional strike upon someone. Why would this person even care, after such a powerful realization, to go to a freaking designated booth to commit suicide?

    Because it's ILLEGAL to kill yourself outside of such a booth? Yeah, because obviously they give a shit about such a thing.

    The booth will simply increase the amount of suicides through quick decision because it would not give the time that humans are naturally providing themselves to find a reason to live.
    If someone has the motivation to get up and go to a booth to commit suicide then they are not really making a proper decision. If they really wanted to die, they'd find the closest and easiest method of doing so.

    One of the stupidest idea I've ever heard of.

    I know that with everything I do, there will always be many others who could do it 10x better than me. My solution is to simply stay and try to help those around me with whatever I can. I know I have effected a few lives quite hectically. It may be selfish thinking but it is pretty much what gets me through my teenage years at the moment. I have never tried to learn anything for my sake, but for the sake that maybe I can teach it to someone in the future and effect them positively with it.

    No clue why I'm even typing here, considering I'm just a babbling idiot in most eyes, but I guess I just need to keep myself occupied? ^^
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    posted a message on Anonymous: The Plan
    Well that was a huge waste of 10 minutes of my life...

    But the comments are a lot more interesting indeed!
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    posted a message on Feels Good Man
    Welcome! :wd:
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    posted a message on I just watched Pirates of the Caribbean
    It was alright I guess. Not a re-watcher though. Was expecting it to be really good... disappointing...
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    posted a message on Poll; will we see unicorns?

    Secret Unicorn Level for sure though.
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    posted a message on whats your favorite flash game?
    Epic Battle Fantasy Series
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    posted a message on Facebook can get seriously annoying
    Facebook is indeed annoying...

    It effects lives quite hectically though. My parent's marriage was ruined because of it, but I suppose it's how you use it, not the actual tools fault.

    Still, if no one uses the tool right then how the fack are the ones who want to use it properly going to use it?

    I have yet to reap a positive result from Facebook... except maybe a few laughs from other morons here and there, otherwise it is more of a curse than anything else...
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    posted a message on [Movie] Sucker Punch
    I'll watch this (only coming out tomorrow) soon and enjoy it simply because I'll have friends to talk to during the apparently boring bits. I love a movie with a good story, especially if it's confusing or simply terrifying (looking at Silence of the Lambs, Clockwork Orange...). Visual appeal can definitely cover a bad design too though, for me at least, and this movie looks like it might pull it off, even though after reading a review I'm already confused with the seemingly no sense making story...

    Cyborg Nazi Zombies... Dragons... Orcs... Chicks kicking their ass...

    That sounds so awesome...
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    posted a message on who likes diablo
    Quote from Puttah

    I've liked it and would do it again if I could. I'm actually quite surprised how many of my friends don't know anything about Diablo...

    Only way my friends know about Diablo is that my Maths Teacher has it on his desktop(Just the DII Icon) so I kind of have a fear of telling anyone that I have an obsession with Diablo (Besides the fact that some of them think I'm Spanish and would probably take that the wrong way) due to the fact that it would lead me into a hole I would never be able to live in.

    But since I made a facebook account just to be in contact with my GF I thought I'd make it to get in contact with wife as well...
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    posted a message on The Story Ending of Diablo 3
    Quote from DesmondTiny

    I'm sure theres been other games where you kill angels in.

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    posted a message on What are you listening to right now?
    Need to watch some of these, never heard of many of the bands.

    What am I listening to RIGHT NOW?

    Song changed while I was gone.


    I know they're old, but my whole playlist is as old as my dad so yeah...
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    posted a message on Will Jay Wilson Pull another "We're not done yet" ?
    Either way, I expect this year to be the most epic Blizzcon EVAR.

    It better be...
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