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    I honestly can't see time as being a problem for this not being updated.

    Surely it took longer to put the watermark on than it took to draw the pony -_-
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    Rogue and I think my D2 one was Necro.

    For D3 I'm going to hope there is a "Make random char" button.
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    No to Dragon. How would we fight the only dragon in the Diablo universe? If he's made of stars and "everything" is shown under his scales, from the past to the present to the future, then wouldn't fighting him be incredibly unrealistic, even from a fantasy world point of view?

    But I think the Diablo world should have something to relate to Dragon. Not a dragon, but something big, bad and powerful to kill. Besides the Prime Evils, of course.

    Then again, the "Sieger", or whatever was shown in the D3 Trailer vid, would it not show that they are capable of making epic boss fights and therefore they will have there own version of a "dragon" run, without the dragon of course, in mind?
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