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    D2 is an old game. Blizzard isn't concerned with support for a 10 year old title and I don't blame them. Bots are a huge problem in D2 because Blizzard doesn't care about fixing it. They have WoW, SC2 and soon D3 to support. Bot control will be at least as good as it is in WoW which is next to perfect when compared with D2. No way D3 will have the bot issue to the magnitude D2 does. Off topic: arenas are geigh and PK promotes natural selection.
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    It's better than the VERY under powered barbarian of D2. LoD expansion raped the barbarian.
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    Seriously, No PK is geigh. Really geigh. Show me someone that doesn't think it's fun to go hostile and pwn a bunch of fools while they're trying desparately to complete whatever quest and i'll show you a liar or a n00b. Arenas are geigh, having pvp as only a consentual thing it too limiting. IT'S FUN TO KILL UNSUSPECTING NOOBZ. Just imagine if sex had to be consentual...
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    Recently bought the Nook and decided to re read the Diablo books on it. Just got done and it led me to wonder, with there being two different authors, are all the books are canon? I would have to imagine that to be the case or else it would be an even thinner story than it already is in it's entirety. Awesome stories but lets face it, my love for all things Diablo may have me a bit bias, I don't see these books as ever being read by anyone that hasn't played the games. In terms of depth Sanctuary just isn't Middle Earth. So please someone tell me (with reference sited preferably) that it is all canon so I have a more complete world to drool over until beta.
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    PK is dead. Diablo RIP.
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    I can't remember with Diablo 2 if we had confirmed skill trees pre-release. I am hoping so for Diablo 3, the skill planners we have thus far are a fun way to kill a few minutes but they are hardly complete and leave a lot to be desired (having a variable represent the amount of damage a skill does as points are invested into it just doesn't tell you anything useful). I feel like the game will start off at a faster pace (i'm sure all Diablo purists will agree that the series should be action packed with minimal down time) if we are able to consider our skills a few months before we get underway with the game as opposed to waiting until the game is released and gaining a level and having to learn how each skill will be influenced by our investment of our hard earned skill points, that, to me, is a headache. I'd much prefer to have an idea of the character I'm creating before I dive in. Does anyone remember if we had that information before Diablo 2 was released and more importantly has there been any mention anywhere that we may have this before the release of Diablo 3? Get at me.
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    Quote from VladDracul

    I just through something together real quick but I am pretty confident it would beat your build first to 5.
    Now this build is very very incomplete but using that skill calculator I saw no point in adding 14 more points into skills like inspiration or death proof because it never added anything beyond the first point. Regardless your build is primarily a typical BvB build and relies on WW for his damage, my build however relies on Criticals and maintaning distance and picking my shots. You may have more defense then me but I can hit you when you can't hit me and when I hit you, odds are I am hitting harder.

    - Inspiration (1/15) Mainly for the crit
    - Damage Increase Skill (15/15) +150% of dmg
    - Damage Reduction (15/15) 203% less damage when 50% life or less
    - Seismic Slam(1/1) Should pose to be a good range attack and since all you seem to have is WW, I could easily poke at you with this for good damage.
    - Seismic Effect (10/15) Added damage to Seismic Slam

    - Battle Rage (1/1)+Damage and Crit
    - Perseverance(1/15) Increase duration of cries and ignore pain
    - Iron Skin (3/15) For BvB usually id get more defense but it really depends how well they make defense in this game, I only put 3 in so I can get to the next tier of skills.
    - Battle Cry (1/1) Increase Defense
    - Critical Hits (15/15) +300% Critical Damage
    - Ignore Pain (1/15) Reduce damage by 79% for 10 seconds
    - Death Proof (1/15) Die and come back with 30% health

    Bad Temper (1/15) Reduce Fury degen by 3%
    Power of Berserker (15/15) Increase Berserker skill damage by 95%
    Terrifying Shout (1/1) Increase damage by 30%
    Strong Constitution (1/15) Health Regen 10health per second
    WhirlWind (1/1) Main attack beside Seismic Slam
    Relentless Attacks (15/15) Increase WhirlWind damage by 75%

    Poor guy, you didn't look at death proof then, with each skill point added the percentage of life you revive with is increased. Life is important cause you know..the duel is over when you run out of it all...
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    Blizzcon will be the next time we have any information that anyone cares about. Once SC2's release is out of the way the information should start flowing, at least I tell myself this to retain any semblance of sanity. All the collective Diablo fansites are so under stimulating with the lack of updates of any importance that I feel like i'm under going some sort of sensory deprivation torture. I'm dead with boredom, the release was announced too far in advance, get a necromancer to summon my soul when the game is released provided the burning hells haven't frozen over by then....high heavens deliver me from my torture...
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    Hey folks, first post, likely to be an unpopular one. I do FULLY realize the many, many, many obstacles posed when speculating on an unreleased title epecially something as specific as character builds. We’ve seen a rough, interactive version of the barbarian skill tree that allows point allocation to any given skill provided any skill point expenditure prerequisites have been met in that specific skill group, the three types being Juggernaut, Battlemaster and Berzerker. I’m sure my nerdiness is riviled by more than a few members here that have spent time tinkering with these talent trees, trying, probably in vein, considering how little we know about the final game mechanic, to fine tune thier characters even at this early date (well not really that early conidering how long Blizzard has been working on this project) in development. This is the purely for fun speculative build i’ve made for a PvP-styled barbarian with efficiency against other barbarians as the primary objective:

    *Damage Reduction – 15/15 (Whenever the Barbarian is below 50% health, all damage is reduced by X%.)
    *Battle Rage – 1/1 (The barbarian enters a rage which increases damage done by 100% and increases Critical damage by 30%. Lasts for 15 seconds.)
    *Iron Skin – 5/15 (Toughens the Barbarian’s skill, increasing his/her armor.)
    *Battle Cry – 1/1 (A battle cry that increases the armor of the Barbarian and all other party members.)
    *Shield Specialization – 15/15 (Increases the Barbarian’s chance to block with a shield and the amount of damage he can block.)
    *Ignore Pain – 15/15 (Reduce all damage taken for X seconds.)
    *Death Proof – 15/15 (The barbarian overcomes death. Upon receiving fatal damage the Barbarian is kept alive and gains back 30% of his maximum hit points. The effect can not occur more than every 300 seconds.)
    *Power of the Berserker – 15/15 (Increases damage of all Berserker skills by X%.)
    *Whirlwind – 1/1 (Become a cyclone, delivering multiple hits to everything in your path.)
    *Relentless Attack – 15/15 (Increases the damage of Frenzy and Whirlwind by X%.)

    Note: Based on 99 skill points not taking into account skill points earned as quest rewards. Any additional skill points gained as reward of quest completion I would put in “Destroy Armor” and enhance with “+to skills” items. If you’re wondering how I can choose skills when thier effect is represented by an “X” then go to the Diablo skill planer that will give you a number for most skills and show how thier effects are enhanced with each skill point added to the particular skill. Feel free to critique my build or this post in general and to share your builds. Just trying to see if anyone else has been thinking along the same lines as me or if it's back to the drawing board. Shield specialzation will be the PvP build for sure, willing to make a friendly bet even, any takers? The skill planner can be found here: http://diablo-3.gamersunity.de/text707/skillplaner.html
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