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    edit: There used to be something here but now there isn't because I'm a fool and always miss that there's a 2nd page and someone already said what I was going to say.

    Also I'm going to buy a pair of black socks tomorrow after work so I won't be lame, like Shatterer.
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    I was thinking for the more "clothy" types of armour, something around the likes of "Fitted," such as "Fitted tattered vest,' and maybe all fitted armour would be the equivalent to how robes and stuff would fit you... although now that I think of it, you'd be pretty lucky to find anything that was salvaged from the corpse of a monster and have it fit you perfectly... ok what about "Loose Kilt" or? haha...And I think there is a need for armour types - you don't want everything in the game to read "Plate this" and "plate that" do you?

    Oh, and all armour should have sizes. "Size 31 waist pants" - a perfect fit for the Monk, but that Barbarian should make a couple laps around the blood moor first before he can wear them. Also he will lose stamina potions. Wow, I've gone way off topic. I'm posting this before it gets any weirder...
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    posted a message on If Blizzard was a toy brand name, what kind of cool toys would they have?
    Deckard Cain doll that when you pull the string he says: "Stay a while and listen!" And that's all he says. Every single time. Nothing else.
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    Well, I was watching some Diablo 3 vids today and I noticed that the inventory design has changed over the past couple years. So, I've taken my artistic skills and put in a lot of time to make this high quality comparison. One thing to note is just the overall design and look and how it has changed - I actually like the most recent one the best, the one from the Artisan video. The next thing to note is that they started with the character having gloves and belts, but now they have pants and belts merged as a single item slot, and wrists (separate from gloves). Soooo, I'm basically posting this just wondering if anyone has noticed this, and if not, well, shame on you!


    Hmmmm ok it won't let me embed the picture, so just click the link.

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    O HAI! Okay so I have this crazy idea for those of us who have the LOD expansion. I am proposing having a weekly get-together in Diablo II expansion where we start completely from scratch going through all the quests and acts together with brand new characters. And I stress NOT being rushed or anything like that. Just 1 night a week where some of us would get together, start a game, work through the quests and acts and just have a good ol' chit chat mixed with some monster smashing. This is something me and my friends would do when we needed a good Diablo fix. None of us would get ahead of the other, if one person had to leave, we'd leave the remaining quest for the next time, or we'd complete it and help the other guy complete it next time or something. Of course there won't be any such rules but I just thought it would be cool to have a group of characters around the same level, and to see who might want to do this 1 night a week kinda thing. I just loved going through the act where its a struggle the whole way with our lower level characters, but that's what made it fun. I hated when that stupid high level character would come in and be like "Oh I'll help u guys clear through the acts fast" and I was like "nooooo!! don't be a fun-stealer!"

    Anyways... I mean I know SC2 is out and all that, but you can spare an hour or two 1 night a week right?

    Thoughts, opinions, and trolling is most welcome. Feel free to stay a while, but you don't have to listen (but at least comment).

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