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    philliplind please don`t tell me you already have the sets, which should be obvious if oyu are at least level 70, and tried to get them again...

    reply to the posts above: Okay, thx for the info. But i still think that it is best to do the A1 bounties in a group with like level 21

    when each class has all full speed passives and actives available.

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    I feel what is missing so far is some Spear or throwing spear weapons (not the barbarian skill) or some more ranged melee weapon that is based on its size and of course shape-shifter with animal forms. So this would be indeed an interesting class. Regarding the bows, I don`t know if the demonhunter doesn`t already fill this role completely but i also feel there could be some additional nice bow skills that do not feel as "machinegunt-like" ;D.

    And to agree with OP the idea of a hybrid seems very nice.

    (I am fully aware that it is very unlickely to expect one more class but speculating is still fun ;D).

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    Quote from Wakeman»

    Quote from DVDMaster68»

    If the devs wanted people to do this more than once a week they could have:

    a) give a reward each time you set a personal best (that beat the timer). Since you have to beat your own best time there is diminishing rewards.

    B) have multiple challenge rifts available at the same time -- one for each class, each lasting a week, each changing on a different day of the week. This turns them into daily events, but doesn't punish the person who only plays a couple time a week.

    Support a) . Blizz really needs to add this kind of incentive for people to play this mode more than once a week.
    a) is a really nice idea.
    i dont like B) because it would maybe force people who do not want to play challenge rifts (especially with these builds). I think one per week is nice, if you can get rewards by beating your own timer.
    And i do not understand how they were not able to even make the first challenge rift a bit more interesting. I think they make the builds upon some automatic algorith?!. But still... . Also it would have been smarter to make the first challenge rift a necro run with an almost viable build to help the noobs
    getting into it. They had almost one year for challenge rifts.
    And sorry to put this here but i also think the new rifts are designed horribly. They look really nice but it is like with most of the new areas they don`t fit very well into D3 fast pased playstyle, like too many dead ends, not enough big areays. The fnew greater rift level has the same problems.
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    I think the next blizzcon will define if D3 goes into maintenance or not. I think the small blizzard team has to first catch up on things like primals (multiple 1000+ post threads on possible changes that didn't get any response), gems in inventory and other "smaller" stuff that has to be fixed that they were not able to do because of the time investment for the necro dlc.

    Maybe they decide up on how good the necro dlc sells if they put more time into d3.

    But lets first enjoy 2.6 for a while ;D.

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    The ban threads at the end of each season are a MUST. We will never stop "whining" (lol) until the last botter has been kicked (what is of course not possible). And I cannot pay respect to people who encourage any form of cheating in any game.

    I can still not believe how people can openly defend botting and not feel ashamed.

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    I have to clarify things again since some people here were confused even though it was said before. Don`t tell others "scroll lown the leaderboards there were people banned", when you don`t know what is going on. If you clear a GR and you are in the leaderboards with the team, but the team member clears a higher GR with another team, he will not be listed in your team. This is good because otherwise you would see one person like 10 times on the leaderboards depending on how teams he would join.

    I think that blizzard did not ban this season was stupid. Now that it is too late and nobody cares about the leaderboards of "last" season, they should at least ban two times this season.

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    Quote from horrax1»

    in those test IMO the hydra wiz wasnt optimized for max RG dmg as well. So as Bagstone said we cannot predict like anything right now.

    What I think you're right is, that probably what fits in best with the FB WD will be used.

    But in the end people will just copy the rank1 spot like they do every season. Like brainless chickens and then complain in forums that there is only 1 choice. But well I should get over this fact. It's just the way it is... :P

    Lol just 5 minutes ago i had a kid on the battlenet forums complaining about just one build being viable and how much better it was "in the old days" (what ever he is refering to here). People (lets say 90%) don't get how many builds and build variants you can play while not beeing too inefficient...
    and on the other hand they also don`t get that it is not possible balance this game in a way so that the top 5 in the leaderboards will not result in one build. Funny enough that we see at least two builds in the top 10 for almost each class.

    Sometimes i wish we did not have all these information we have. Imagine how much fun diablo would be without knowing what build is the best and just testing everything ourselves. I think that is why the PTR is so much fun for me (and how unefficient we would be at the same time without knowing ;D).

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    Quote from overmindvic»

    Hello All

    I know that the most efficient way of getting an ancient item with the right rolls is to reroll it untill you get one. But to be honest I really don't like doing bounty runs. For me it is too much forced and not 'aRPGious' enough. I should be able to find my upgrades via rifts and GR runs, at least that is more fun to me. And now the question: do you think that avoiding bounties compleatly could still be somehow viable in terms of getting desired loot? Or would it take too much time?

    All polite answers appriciated :)


    I think nobody is a big fan of bounties. But you can think this about yourself. What item do you need? If it would be for example a perfectly rolled furnace. You should do bounties. The droprate for this item is so low and if you make bounties, say 4 t13 bounties in one hour you will have the chance to reroll this item 12 times. The chance to get an ancient furnace is very high. And this is just --one hour-- of playing.

    But if you take for example the average bracers (lets exclude good secondary rolls, as needed for some builds) you will get ancient and good one easily just by farming.

    So what i do most of the time is getting my ancient weapon per bounties relatively early in the season (for some its even easier to do this with death breaths (e.g. DH dagger (50% chance to roll) and then just farm.
    Later bounties will become important. I just played solo this season. My crusader has paragon 1050 and i am solo rank 70 with a 95 GR rift and i did just like 30 bounty runs this season (all to get a good shield, which i did not get ;D).

    So short: If you do not want to do bounties, then just play. you can still do relatively well. Just for the weapon it might be important. But on the otherh and it does not hurt that much to do some bounties a week (especially since next season nobody can fail to hand in :D).

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    I am also frustrated. Why was adressed almost in each post here.. :D.

    But i think the idea of challenger rifts while leaving the paragon system as it is, is somewhat good.

    Dont get me wrong the system isnt good. But it would be a ton of work to rework everything ( they clearly do not have the manpower (I think the higher devs said something like "prepare cool stuff for blizzcon" and nobody had even time for the balance patches) but having this the few grinders that still exist can still be

    better (sure just because of paragon, but what else is there) and at the same time a competition without paragonlevels / items can have a place.

    It depends on how much fun these challenger rifts are.

    I think the biggest problem is that they let build up such a hype about a new expansion or a new game (why not posting "sorry wont happen this year but we still have stuff"), so everyone HAD to be disappointed.

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    posted a message on blizzard doesnt love diablo anymore.
    Quote from Enslaved2184»

    Diablo is dead, I killed it in Act IV.

    haha :D
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