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    posted a message on Anyone else feel like the Teleport skill needs a lot of work?
    It's so finnicky. I'm constantly getting stuck on stairs and random objects, not just trying to teleport through walls. And the only rune I'm ever compelled to use is Wormhole because the cooldown is too high for just one Teleport on the other runes.

    And with the redesign of Dashing Strike on the Monk, I feel like they really need to work on Teleport.
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    posted a message on Hi guys just some Reaper of souls Thoughts/Theorys
    There are too many hostile natured posts in this thread. Could you at least be a little more constructive and helpful/nice in your criticisms instead of just getting upset at the OP. There are too many posts in here dripping with disdain.
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    posted a message on More then one expansion, Hurray!
    Quote from Indimix

    I came here for this.
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    posted a message on Bring Back Hostile !
    This will never happen, so I won't have to worry about this system coming back in it's original form. At any rate, it was a poor system then, and it would be a poor one now. I couldn't even count how many times people would join public games just to cause mayhem. No thank you sir.
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 Ah Bugs And Loot Server Update
    I was glad the other thread died, please I don't want to see another one.
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    posted a message on How Will the Removal of Snapshotting Affect Monk Builds
    Honestly this is why I never abused snapshotting. I knew it would be altered/removed eventually. It won't affect me or my builds one bit. I'm actually glad to see it go.
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    posted a message on Best build you'll ever play.
    Best build I'll NEVER play.
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    posted a message on Trade windows in D3 like D2
    Just saw game trade windows in beta. Been wondering if they were going to have something like this in here. I didn't get a screenshot though, otherwise I'd share with you guys. Got a screenshot :)

    From Junotekh: Video showing the trading window in action (at 1:48) Video
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    posted a message on DII Characters were disposable.
    Quote from Kildeer888

    Quote from Ethezial

    One thing that I think I'm really excited about in DIII is not having to start over to make a new build. One of the things I really disliked about DII is that your characters were disposable, to a point where you didn't really feel connected to them. You'd level a character, make a build, get bored with the build, and then make a new character, rinse, repeat. Especially when ladder was introduced, and when resets happened, your then non-ladder character pretty much became recycle bin material.

    I think that not having to make as many characters to try different builds will be much better. I like the idea of sticking with the same character for a longer period of time, I'll feel more connected to the character, thus more connected to the game. I really think it will be totally awesome to have a character that you'll stay with, & that you won't just feel like it's a character you will just delete later if you get tired of the build.
    Can you explain to me what you'll do when you reach level 60? Then there's no more leveling up to do. IMO, the only real thing to do is maybe play some pvp if you're into that and then start a new character from level 1. But please elaborate. :)
    When I'm level 60 obviously I'll keep playing to find better gear, probably go through the storyline again, probably some pvp, then when I want another build I'll just change the build and play some more. Eventually I'll make a different class and start on that one. However with the rune system, gems, and crafting, I'll have my hands full for a long time.
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