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    Diabolical is a hero siege highly based off of Diablo 3 classes, spells, and creeps. But at the same time it will also show some originality and changes, bending it towards my will and creativity. One thing, that both games probably have in common, but one would not expect to really see in starcraft 2, is environment interaction. While there most likely wont be something towards a destructive environment used to slay your enemies, I will have units climbing walls and jumping onto the Lanes. As well as other introductory methods. To the best of my ability the game will also feature many units with special interactions, such as a boomer would blow himself up in l4d. But, at the same time, I wish to stay away from things like the smoker in l4d that makes Co-Op almost mandatory. Not to say a hero siege isn't partially Co-Op.

    Should the name stay Diabolical Hero Siege? What do you want to see in the game?

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    Here's the projects page: http://forums.sc2mapster.com/general/team-recruitment/19143-diablo-3-hero-siege-aka-diabolical-hero-siege/

    I'm only looking for UI art and Modelers

    What would diablo be without traps? Not much different, just diablo without traps. But still! I'm determined to add traps.

    My lanes aren't very linear. Enemies can climb over the wall, jump over from a nearby cliff, or even teleport in! So the hero will probably not feel comfortable in many of the spots. Save the middle. Therefore, I can add an arsenal of traps!

    Here are some of my ideas (Any suggestions to add/improve would be awesome):

    Rolling Banels! (Huge, do not move towards units, just straight!) (Think of other maze ideas I could add.) Walking, snapping, chests! (They set up a trap around them of burrowed zerglings! and drop nice loot on death!) Wizards across from each other on lanes chanting a spell, this spell creates a wall of fire every few seconds! Glue Banel/boomer unit! Dividing the ground traps! (maybe? Just depends on if I'm up to it when I get to it, since it will obviously have its own problems, but it gives players a better reason to have escape spells (Which I made required).

    I'm not sure how diablo 3 does it. But after seeing tiers on their spell lists, I was inspired to make this type of deal. Basically, there are 6 tiers with 2 spells each inside, but you can only pick 1 of those spells. So choose wisely!

    All states of spells are either in alpha or beta, most likely, beta.






    11/12 ( The one remaining is beyond easy though, but I feel like putting it off. XD )



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