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    While 2011 release for D3 looks very slim to none. I'm not too down by it.

    This is going to be straight out brawl with D3.
    I think this one looks more interesting.....

    Btw... awesome graphics.
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    I wanted to open a discussion regarding the dungeon system. As of now, I'm sure blizzard has implemented many dungeons to make the game fresh every time we play. That includes tons and tons of randomization. But what worries me is the "difficulty" factor of the game. Once we get to a certain point, I think the game will just feel "slicing through butter". Maxing level 60, with Level 14 Gem with unique gears. What next?

    "I will assume, through tons of grinding and trade you have succesfully gained all these gears. Perhaps you had to kill Diablo 1000 times. The point is, you can walk through hell. After all, why couldn't you? Blizzard is adjusting this game so that people with moderate gear can finish it. So you should easily wipe out Diablo and his minions in act 4".

    What I find troubling is Blizzard has laid out 14 different gems, and 10 tiers of sets and more. I'm sure Blizzard intended us to finish through act 1 ~ act 4 with moderate gears, and not the best gear you could possibly find in the game with max level 14 gems all socketed in your gear.But what if, you do obtain all these epic gears. With level 7 Skill runes, and level 14 gems, with one of the best items that the game has to offer. Do... I just PvP?
    Is there no more PvE part of Diablo 3 that I can resort to?

    I personally think WoW succeeded because it had that "Motivation" factor. People wanted the best gear, but yet it was still hard. And even if they had obtained the best gear in the game, the game by no means becomes "EASY".
    While I like to kill those pity demons in 1 shot, it always shouldn't be that way.

    My small idea on end game
    Hell monster in act 1 ~ 4 randomly DROPS 4 Player CO-OP Dungeon Key:
    - Level 50
    - Level 55
    - Level 60
    P.S - These keys are very rare, and only drop from bosses/champions/unique bosses

    The "Party Leader" and his team will stand by the gate of hell or wherever the Key says to go in the description.
    When the party leader enters, the group will automatically put inside these co-op specified only dungeon.
    These hell cards are equivalent to "Ubers" from Diablo 2. Meaning, intensified strength of monsters and health.
    There are generally more "swarm" feeling and are often very hard. You would need a great team of 4 players, serving each of their critical character role very well.

    Why Dungeon Co-op is important:
    Firstly, Blizzard has all the freedom in the world to scale them seperately from the normal act 1 ~ act 4 story line.
    These dungeons may or may not have story line, but it does not matter. What Blizzard should focus is bringing the best monster design, so that each class will have to perform at their best. Even with the top gear, this dungeon will seemingly be "hard" and not easy by any means.
    Just like "Uber Tristram". Not many classes could finish them, except for Paladin because he was OP.

    I didn't have enough time to write the details, which are currently lingering around my head.
    But you get the point.
    End game need not be so "EASY". There are many ways to make the end game more appealing than killing the same boss 10000 times. Which is probably what Blizzard has already done.


    P.S - The reward of killing monsters and bosses in this dungeon is not to give better lewts. I don't encourage the system where, Higher level = More lewt because of these dungeons. But the reward will be "Honor points". Blizzard has told us that there will be something that players will strive to reach.
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    posted a message on May 9th Conference Call
    I just fear that we'll hear "there won't be a beta till 2012"...
    Dun dun dun... and people will soon agree with me that Blizzard is slow as a turtle.
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