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    Quote from ScyberDragon

    Just so everybody knows and understands the setting of this RP, here is the intro to our story. Please take the time to read it. If you have any questions, please ask it in THIS thread.

    It was the year 2084, the year the entire planet cried out in despair as mankind plundered, raped, and destroyed nearly all resources on the planet. Food was scarce, space was at a premium, and governments struggled to feed their ever growing populations. Only a few areas remained livable by man without the aid of any technology. However, man was not going to take this defeat lying down. In the face of this devastation, companies arose, some eagerly wanting to fix their wrongs while others were merely looking to profit off of the misfortune of the masses.

    No company was bigger in what was coined as "Reverse Earth" technology than Global Tech Industries. While many viewed them as a corrupt company draining every last dollar from their consumers, nobody could deny their impact on the planet. They created products that filtered even the most contaminated waters, created new housing that used only the sun's energy to power them, and numerous other technologies to help reforest, repopulate, and correct the many errors humans had made. None of this could have been done without their leading scientist Dr. James Hartford. Although he worked for GTI, his work was motivated only by the ideas of helping out mankind. Dr. Hartford was on the brink of an Earth changing invention, one that could create mass from nothing. His intentions were to use the machine to create food and water for everyone on the planet making life's necessities abundant and available for everyone.

    Ten years have since passed and the world has drastically changed. Life was no longer a struggle for most and the planet itself was being reborn; inhabitable areas became renewed with life, toxic water supplies were being purified, and various species of animals were being brought back from the brink of extinction. All of this paled in comparison to what was to be the best thing to happen to the planet and its people who lived on it. Dr. James Hartford's new machine was finally finished. It was to bring in the new century of hope, prosperity, and innovation.

    On July 10th, 2094 the miraculous machine was to be unveiled. People from all of the world came to marvel at this new technology. Hundreds of thousands of people came to see the machines first creation. The spectacle was unlike anything else that the planet had witnessed. Dr. James Hartford proudly walked up the platform as everyone in attendance cheered. With a flick of a switch, the machine came to life. Gears turned, lights came on, and the intricate machinery gave off a low buzz. The machine which was the size of a three story building, the top a giant globe of energy that it used to pull off the transformation. Everyone watched, unsure of just what exactly they were waiting for. Minutes passed without any results but nobody lost their hope in what the machine had promised them.

    While everyone in the crowd continued to watch in awe, Dr. Hartford knew something was not right. This was taking far longer than his tests concluded. That's when it happened. The sphere of energy began to shake violently. The crowd began to run in fear as the ball grew out of control. The raw and pure energy ripped through the machine below it as it continued to increase in size. Dr. James Hartford stayed on stage, unsure of what would happen and unsure of what he could do to stop it. Before there was even time to react, the ball of energy erupted. Waves tore through the sky destroying everything in its path. Humans, buildings, and even the atmosphere were torn apart. The waves continued to spread through the city, then then state, the country and eventually the whole world felt its power.

    It is now 2097 and the world lies in ruins, worse so then before. It was estimated that only ten percent of the world's population survived the devastation. The world has become a place were only the strongest survive. Shelter became something people killed for and food and water were even harder to come by. A few governments did their best to try to police the chaos but few have been even remotely successful. Most areas have come under the control of miscellaneous leaders gaining their control through force and intimidation. The rest of the population wanders the streets looking for anything they can eat or drink and doing their best just to survive. Many have banded together in desperate hope of improving their chances of survival. People from all walks of life, coming together to face this adversity. Man's recent glimpse of hope has been torn apart by this new reality and way of life.


    A word on technology…

    Since we’re playing this in the near future, we have some freedom when creating our characters. That being said, we will still be using conventional ballistics weapons (IE, no lazorz), albeit more advanced versions. Keep in mind that depending on your backstory, your everyday farm boy probably won’t have access to the X-76 Obliterator Cannon, or whatever weapons you want to give him/her. Try to pick weaponry and items that mesh well with your character, so they stay believable.

    Name: (Simple enough, pick a name)

    Age: (Since we’re still normal people in this game, pick a reasonable age)

    Gender: (Doesn’t need to be explained)

    Physical Description: (Basically, write out a description of what your character looks like. Feel free to include whatever you think is relevant)

    Job: (Since our characters are in a modern society, most of their skills and such will come from their job background. Limitations will also come from this. For example, you will rarely see a physicist who is also a body builder.)

    Background: (The backstory of your character. Feel free to include anything in here, but please keep it believable)

    Reason for joining: (What brought your character to band together with the rest of us)

    Equipment: (This is where anything from weaponry to clothing would go. As well as any utility items your character possesses, such as a matches or shit like that.)

    Text Color: (Choose something different from everyone else to help us distinguish who is talking)
    My guy would run around with a flaming erection.
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    Bad Ass.
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    Quote from xkain

    Just a random scenario that came to mind.

    Wizard's Slow Time + Monk's attack skills = Awesome?

    Discuss! Just been thinking about fun combos to play with.

    edit; posts from below:

    Quote from "Rawrior" »
    There is a part in this gameplay video of the monk/wizard/barb in co-op where the wizard uses her slow time and the monk spends a little time fighting in it.(leaving it though to kill the baddies out of range.)


    Quote from "xkain" »
    Nice find! It happens twice in the video: 6:33 and 6:55, for anyone that wants to skip ahead. Awesome.

    Oh damn. Yeah, I agree.
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    Quote from FistOfZakarum

    If you haven't seen this movie yet, I urge you to. As soon as I finished the movie I was totally enthralled in the monk once again and my total desire to play with this class sprung up again.

    Movie: Ip Man
    Genre: Action / Drama

    Best kung fu movie I have seen. Ever.

    Enjoy fellow monks!
    I love it! :D
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    Quote from Feltzer

    I was wondering how the formatting will work for naming your character. Will it be such a format where capitols can be in any position in the name, or more WoW style with the forced first letter capitol followed by all forced lower case.
    Well i hope it works just fine haha
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    Quote from ScyberDragon

    You will see/interact with your own artisans and other players will see/interact with theirs.
    Oh bless ya ScyberDragon. I may now rest peacefully at night.
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    Hello all Diablo Fans :D. This is my first post here on Diablofans so I thought I would kick it off with a question that has been boggling my mind ever sense the announcement of Artisans. I am going to try and word this as best as I can. So let's get into this. Regarding the rank of the Artisan, how will this work online? I understand we have received info on how YOUR artisans will rank up over time after salvaging and recipes and how YOUR artisans look will change while gradually climbing the ranks. What happens if I go into a public game? Will the rank of the artisans be based off of the host of the game? Or when I join a public game, will I only see the rank of my artisan with his recipes? I know if hasn't been talked about so if you don't know then that is okay, just take a assumption at it. Thanks :)

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